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Kennt ihr diese Tage, an

Kennt ihr diese Tage, an denen einem alles zu viel erscheint? Nun ja bei mir sind es schon fast zwei Wochen Chayenne kmpft seit fast 3 Wochen mit ihrer Augenentzndung und es scheint so, als mssten wir doch bald in die Klinik. Eine unserer Ratten hat auf einmal drei Tumore am Bauch. Dann habe ich vor einer Woche einen neuen Nebenjob angefangen. Theoretisch wollte ich in einer Woche ein Praktikum beginnen, welches ich fr mein Studium absolvieren muss. Und dazu kommen die Sorgen, die man sich um das Geld macht, falls eine Operation bei der Maus dazu kommt. Das alles schwirrt seit Wochen in meinem Kopf herum und ich wei nicht, wie ich abschalten kann. Aber es luft ja meistens eh so, dass alles auf einmal kommt. Ich habe das Gefhl, fr nichts Zeit zu haben und doch zieht sich ihre Augenentzndung so in die Lnge. Ich entschuldige mich schon im Vorraus, falls es die nchste Zeit hier etwas ruhiger wird, aber schaut doch mal bei @smartie_thewienermix vorbei. #horse #pferdchen #pferdemdchen #pferdeliebe #zuviel #meinkopfplatzt #gefhlschaos #amende #daumendrcken #bittenichtsoteuer #smartie #wienerdog #germanshepherd #meinebabys

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Also known as the tenore di grazia, the leggero tenor is essentially the male equivalent of a lyric coloratura. This voice is light, agile, and capable of executing difficult passages of fioritura. The typical leggero tenor possesses a range spanning from approximately C3 to E5, with a few being able to sing up to F5 or higher in full voice. In some cases, the chest register of the leggero tenor may extend below C3. Voices of this type are utilized frequently in the operas of Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini and in music dating from the Baroque period. Leggero tenor roles in operas:

Much of the film version was shot at Carnforth railway station in Lancashire, then a junction on the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. As well as a busy station being necessary for the plot, it was located far enough away from major cities to avoid the blackout for film purposes, shooting taking place in early 1945 before the Second World War had finished. At two points in the film the station location is indicated by platform signs referring to local destinations including, Leeds, Bradford, Morecambe and Lancaster. Nol Coward makes the station announcements in the film. The station refreshment room was a studio recreation. Carnforth Station still retains many of the period features present at the time of filming and remains a place of pilgrimage for fans of the film. However, some of the urban scenes were shot in London or at Denham or Beaconsfield near Denham Studios where the film was made. The poem that Fred asks Laura to assist him with is by John Keats: "When I have Fears that I may Cease to Be". The quote Fred recites is, "When I behold, upon the night's starr'd face, Huge cloudy symbols of a high Romance...." In addition to the verbal reference to Keats, there is a visual reference to an Arabic love poem. In Stephen Lynn's apartment, a wall hanging is prominently displayed twice. When Laura enters, there is a shot of it over the dining table. Later, when Stephen confronts Alec, it is seen over Alec's left shoulder.

Brief Encounter was acclaimed upon its release. It was voted one of the 10 greatest films ever made in two separate 1952 critics' polls. Today, the film is widely praised for its black-and-white photography and the mood created by the steam-age railway setting, both of which were particular to the original David Lean version. The film was a great success in the UK and such a hit in the US that Celia Johnson was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.