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It has been ages since I'

It has been ages since I've opened or updated so I thought that I would do that now! For those of you not interested in reading the whole thing, basically I'm here to say I will be hopefully re-configuring my shop very soon so please look for more updates! Keep reading for full update! Hey everyone! Most of you probably know my story and some may already know my future plans for this (I had quite a few people asking what the future of the candle shop was looking like), but for those of you that don't, here's some information on what's going on with me and also with the shop! I had shut down in December looking to take a short hiatus for finishing local orders and worrying about Christmas activities. I planned on opening after the New Year. Things happened and my life took a different turn and reopening in January was no longer an option. During this time, I also had to move from the house I was in, and into an apartment. Things have been back on track for a little while but, while nice, my apartment doesn't have much kitchen space or much storage for my candle shop. I pushed the thought of reopening out of my head for a bit. I really have been starting to miss it even more as of lately, so I have decided to take a few weeks to possibly re-configure how my shop works and go from there. Instead of made to order batches as I had been doing, I will be trying out making smaller batches and releasing them to my shop for sell. Once those sell, I will make another small batch for release. I'm sure as time goes on, I will have to tweak and rethink a lot of the process. It will be like relearning much of this all over again. During this time, expect to see a lot of scents be discontinued and a few new ones added in. I may also have a clearance sale for the scents that I plan on discontinuing because I do have some oil left that I used for blends in most that are getting nixed! Please keep an eye on my shop for more updates! #candles #indie #indieshop #smallshop #onlineshop #Beckley #wv #westvirginia #instashop #soy #soycandles #colorfulcandles #shopupdate #shopnews

Oggi vi parlo di @merciha

Oggi vi parlo di @mercihandy Questa azienda con ironia e freschezza riuscita a trasformare un prodotto apparentemente scontato in un articolo ricercato e sfizioso e da quel momento si sempre messa in gioco con la produzione di cosmetici utili ma allo stesso tempo glamour. Io ho avuto la possibilit di provare tre articoli: gel detergente mani arricchito da vitamina E perle emollienti che igienizza la sciando le mani morbide e profumate. crema mani morbida e vellutata spray rinfrescante viso che emette una sottilissima nuvola profumata Tutti e tre sono in formato travel size, perfetti quindi da portare in vacanza ma anche in borsetta sempre con noi e fanno parte della profumazione "hello sunshine". Ho adorato questa fragranza al. Monoi estremamente estiva e avvolgente. Voi li conoscete? Li avete gi provati? #itworks#natura#advocare#luxurybeauty#vemma#wv#nuskin#visalus#luxurybeauty#fashion#isagenix#organogold#travelblogger#maniebag#nerium#biocosmetics#tonic#workfromhome#enailstore#fashionblogger#cleanceer#multilevelmarketing#beautybloggers#networkmarketing#collaborazione#topinfluencers #mercihandy

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Places: West Virginia, United States postal abbreviation WV postcode area, England Other uses: WV, a prefix for tombs found in the West Valley of the Valley of the Kings wv (software), a software formerly known as MSWordView or wvware Swe Fly (IATA airline designator WV) WavPack, a software whose file extension is .wv Weerodara Vibhushanaya, a military decoration in Sri Lanka Wikivoyage, a collaboratively edited, multilingual, free content Internet travel guide

A Metropolitan Statistical Area represents a regional economy of closely tied cities, towns, and surrounding rural areas with a high degree of social, geographic, and economic integration; and a total combined regional population of 50,000 or more. Metro Statistical Areas are named after the primary city and states within the area. As of 2000, The City of Cumberland had a population of 21,591 and the surrounding area had a population of 102,008. Allegany and Mineral are mountainous, mostly rural areas. According to the 2000 census, more than 45 percent of the people living in the Cumberland region live in rural and non-incorporated areas. The Cumberland Metropolitan Area is geographically isolated by a range of ridges and valleys from the rest of Maryland which is relatively flat. These mountain ranges form adjacent valleys which have served to collect and integrate the regional cities and towns together into urbanized channels that follow the valleys northeasterly. This has served to give the area a unique sense of identity and economic integration. The median household income for the MSA was $30,916 and the average household income was $39,021. The Cumberland, MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area is one of the poorest in the United States, ranking 305th out of 318 metropolitan areas in per capita income.

0.0 miles (0 km) Cumberland, MD 1.1 miles (1.8 km) Ridgeley, WV 2.9 miles (4.7 km) La Vale, MD 2.3 miles (3.7 km) Carpendele, WV 3.0 miles (4.8 km) Wiley Ford, WV 3.3 miles (5.3 km) Evitts Creek 3.5 miles (5.6 km) Bowling Green and Robert's Place 4.4 miles (7.1 km) Corriganville, MD 6.6 miles (10.6 km) Cresaptown, MD 6.6 miles (10.6 km) Bel Air, MD 6.6 miles (10.6 km) Ellerslie, MD 7.0 miles (11.3 km) Potomac Park, MD 8.1 miles (13.0 km) Spring Gap, MD 8.4 miles (13.5 km) Rocket Center, WV 8.4 miles (13.5 km) Pinto, MD 8.4 miles (13.5 km) Eckhart Mines, MD 9.5 miles (15.3 km) Mount Savage, MD 11.5 miles (18.5 km) Rawlings, MD 11.7 miles (18.8 km) Frostburg, MD 11.3 miles (18.2 km) Midlothian, MD 12.7 miles (20.4 km) Fort Ashby, WV 12.8 miles (20.6 km) Flintstone, MD 14.8 miles (23.8 km) Oldtown, MD 13.4 miles (21.6 km) Midland, MD 16.4 miles (26.4 km) Lonaconing, MD 19.8 miles (31.9 km) Barton, MD 20.4 miles (32.8 km) McCoole, MD 20.7 miles (33.3 km) Keyser, WV 24.3 miles (39.1 km) Westernport, MD 24.6 miles (39.6 km) Piedmont, WV 25.1 miles (40.4 km) Luke, MD