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"Wildflower" is not an exact term. Terms like native species (naturally occurring in the area, see flora), exotic or, better, introduced species (not naturally occurring in the area), of which some are labelled invasive species (that out-compete other plants whether native or not), imported (introduced to an area whether deliberately or accidentally) and naturalized (introduced to an area, but now considered by the public as native) are much more accurate. In the United Kingdom, the organisation Plantlife International instituted the "County Flowers scheme" in 2002, for which members of the public nominated and voted for a wild flower emblem for their county. The aim was to spread awareness of the heritage of native species and about the need for conservation, as some of these species are endangered. For example, Somerset has adopted the Cheddar Pink (Dianthus gratianopolitanus), London the Rosebay Willowherb (Chamerion angustifolium) and Denbighshire/Sir Ddinbych in Wales the rare Limestone Woundwort (Stachys alpina).

Adonis aestivalis - summer pheasant's-eye Anthemis arvensis Anagallis Agrostemma githago Centaurea cyanus Coreopsis tinctoria Dianthus barbatus Digitalis purpurea Eschscholzia californica - California Poppy Gypsophila elegans Glebionis segetum Lantana spp. Papaver rhoeas Silene latifolia Viola tricolor Dimorphotheca aurantiaca Alnus glutinosa Callirhoe involucrata Potentilla sterilis Prunus padus Petasites hybridus Ranunculus ficaria Tussilago farfara Viola riviniana Phlox drummondii Ulmus sp.

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