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Frederick Stern was born into a wealthy family of merchant bankers, the son of James Julius Stern and Lucie Stern-Biedermann, and the brother of Henry Julius Joseph Stern, Elsa Stern, Violet Stern and Sir Albert Gerald Stern. He studied at Eton college, and at Christ Church college, University of Oxford. He bought Highdown, an estate near Worthing, Sussex, in 1909 and lived there for the remainder of his life. In 1919 he married his wife Sybil, daughter of Sir Arthur Lucas, a portrait painter.

Stern joined the Second Company of the London Yeomanry and served during the First World War. He was Group Commander of the West Sussex Home Guard. He was active in Gallipoli and Palestine and received the Military Cross in 1917. He eventually attained the rank of colonel. He was present at Paris Peace Conference, 1919, where he supported the British prime minister David Lloyd George as private secretary.

Stern collected plants between 1900 1910, working with Reginald Farrer, Frank Ludlow, Joseph Rock, and George Sherriff. In 1914 he financially participated in a plant collecting expedition by Farrer and William Purdom to Yunnan and Kansu. He cultivated some of the novelties collected in Yunnan and Gansu in his garden at Highdown. Other plant hunters sent new plants to Stern, and he acquired an extensive collection of plants from Veitch & Son in 1912. Over the years, Stern introduced many new plants to the garden and created new hybrids of Berberis, Eremurus, hellebore, lily, Magnolia, rose and snowdrop, among which Magnolia 'Highdownensis' (probable cultivar of M. wilsonii), rambler roses 'Coral' (a triploid R. sinowilsonii hybrid), 'Weddingday' (1950, R. sinowilsonii hybrid), and Rosa highdownensis (1928, R. moyesii hybrid). He is also the author that first described the snowdrop Galanthus rizehensis. Herbarium specimens of some of the plants from Highdown Gardens are kept at the Natural History Museum, London. He was chairman of the John Innes Horticultural Institute (1947-1961). He was also vice-president of the Royal Horticultural Society in 1962. He was vice-president and treasurer of the Linnean Scociety from 1941 to 1958. Stern was knighted in 1956 for his services to horticulture. Several plants species have been named in his honour, such as Buddleja sterniana (now B. crispa), Cotoneaster sternianus, Helleborus sternii (= H. argutifolius H. lividus) and Paeonia sterniana.

Stern, F. C. (1946). A Study Of The Genus Paeonia. Illustrated by Lilian Snelling. Royal Horticultural Society. The Tibetan form of Paeonia lutea (1947). Royal Horticultural Society, London Snowdrops and snowflakes: a study of the genera Galanthus and Leucojum (1956). Royal Horticultural Society, London, with E.A. Bowles and Margaret Stones A Chalk Garden (1974) Faber, London