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Co fajnego dla chopakw  C

Co fajnego dla chopakw Czarny krem od #neauvia z trjwymiarowym system frakcyjnym HA. Efekt natychmiastowy. Cera jak u noworodka. Zapobiega starzeniu si skry, dziala leczniczo i nawilajco. Ju niedugo do wyprbowania w pierwszej w Polsce smart klinice tylko dla facetw @makeitisi #mensbeauty #makeitisi #skincare #mens #cream #blackcream #antiaging #skin #mensskin #beauty #beautyguru #warsawboy #warsawgirl #polishboy #polishgirl #polskichlopak #polskadziewczyna #polishman #polishmen #instaboy #instagood #instafit #wawa #warsaw #warszawa

Za oknem mym to jeszcze l

Za oknem mym to jeszcze lato czy moe ju jesie? Zimno, deszczowo, wietrznie czyli szaro buro i ponuro.. Licz e ostatnie dni sierpnia jeszcze mi to wynagrodz A tymczasem moe si bardziej uaktywnie bo niestety Was zaniedbuj #polishgirl #warsawgirl #instagirl #polishstudent #polskadziewczyna #warszawianka #happygirl #happiness #instabloger #summertime #summeroutfit #like4like #likeforlike #spamforspam #spam4spam #blondgirl #style #fitgirl #longhair #stradivarius #holidays #vacation #august #polin #lovewarsaw #lovemylife #photooftheday #photography #pleasefollowme #pleasetakemeback

How long have I been in t

How long have I been in this storm? So overwhelmed by the ocean's shapeless form Water's getting harder to tread With these waves crashing over my head If I could just see you Everything would be all right If I'd see you This darkness would turn to light And I will walk on water And you will catch me if I fall And I will get lost into your eyes I know everything will be alright I know everything is alright Lighthouse "Storm" #bunnydelish #polishgirl #warsawgirl #redhair #blackeyes #eyewings #stripes #sadness #migraine #instamood #warsawlife #tired #wishyouwerehere #wishuponastar #storyofmylife #storm #stormylife #vanity #whenwearesilly

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When faced with a new circuit, the software first tries to find a steady state solution, that is, one where all nodes conform to Kirchhoff's current law and the voltages across and through each element of the circuit conform to the voltage/current equations governing that element. Once the steady state solution is found, the operating points of each element in the circuit are known. For a small signal analysis, every non-linear element can be linearized around its operation point to obtain the small-signal estimate of the voltages and currents. This is an application of Ohm's Law. The resulting linear circuit matrix can be solved with Gaussian elimination.

In Zermelo set theory, the existence of the empty set is assured by the axiom of empty set, and its uniqueness follows from the axiom of extensionality. However, the axiom of empty set can be shown redundant in either of two ways: There is already an axiom implying the existence of at least one set. Given such an axiom together with the axiom of separation, the existence of the empty set is easily proved. In the presence of urelements, it is easy to prove that at least one set exists, viz. the set of all urelements (assuming there is not a proper class of them). Again, given the axiom of separation, the empty set is easily proved.

MEPs in Parliament are organised into seven different parliamentary groups, including thirty non-attached members known as non-inscrits. The two largest groups are the European People's Party (EPP) and the Socialists & Democrats (S&D). These two groups have dominated the Parliament for much of its life, continuously holding between 50 and 70 percent of the seats between them. No single group has ever held a majority in Parliament. As a result of being broad alliances of national parties, European group parties are very decentralised and hence have more in common with parties in federal states like Germany or the United States than unitary states like the majority of the EU states. Nevertheless, the European groups were actually more cohesive than their US counterparts between 2004 and 2009. Groups are often based on a single European political party such as the socialist group (before 2009). However, they can, like the liberal group, include more than one European party as well as national parties and independents. For a group to be recognised, it needs 25 MEPs from seven different countries. Once recognised, groups receive financial subsidies from the parliament and guaranteed seats on committees, creating an incentive for the formation of groups. However, some controversy occurred with the establishment of the short-lived Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty (ITS) due to its ideology; the members of the group were far-right, so there were concerns about public funds going towards such a group. There were attempts to change the rules to block the formation of ITS, but they never came to fruition. The group was, however, blocked from gaining leading positions on committees traditionally (by agreement, not a rule) shared among all parties. When this group engaged in infighting, leading to the withdrawal of some members, its size fell below the threshold for recognition causing its collapse.