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Visual Supply Company was founded by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze in California in 2011. They raised $40 million from investors in May 2014. In 2015, they acquired Artifact Uprising, an artisan photo album company. Visual Supply Company has locations in Denver, Colorado and Oakland, California.

The VSCO Cam mobile app is usable on iOS and Android devices, and allows users to capture photos in the app and edit them for fade, clarity, skin tone, tint, sharpen, saturation, contrast, temperature, etc., in part through the use of filters developed by the company. Users can publish their photography through a journal for the public to see. As of 2015, more than 72 million Instagram posts are captioned with the hashtag #vscocam. While the app itself is gratis, VSCO provides a "VSCO X Membership", which includes over 100 presets, Film X presets and tools, and new monthly additions. These upgrades interact with warmth and character tools that give models the effect of exposure and scanning to analog film.

The emergence of the autism rights movement has served as an attempt to encourage people to be more tolerant of those with autism. Through this movement, people hope to cause others to think of autism as a difference instead of a disease. Proponents of this movement wish to seek "acceptance, not cures." There have also been many worldwide events promoting autism awareness such as World Autism Awareness Day, Light It Up Blue, Autism Sunday, Autistic Pride Day, Autreat, and others. There have also been many organizations dedicated to increasing the awareness of autism and the effects that autism has on someone's life. These organizations include Autism Speaks, Autism National Committee, Autism Society of America, and many others. Social-science scholars have had an increased focused on studying those with autism in hopes to learn more about "autism as a culture, transcultural comparisons... and research on social movements." Media has had an influence on how the public perceives those with autism. Rain Man, a film that won 4 Oscars including Best Picture, depicts a character with autism who has incredible talents and abilities. While many autistics don't have these special abilities, there are some autistic individuals who have been successful in their fields.

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