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The venue was constructed for the 2013 Mediterranean Games within 248 working days. It has a covered area of 5,000 m2 (54,000 sq ft). Seating capacity of the sports hall is 1,000. It went in service on June 10, 2013 during two friendship matches played between the local men's and women's volleyball teams. The sports hall hosted the men's volleyball tournament events of the 2013 Mediterranean Games from June 21 to 27 while the final matches were played at the much bigger Servet Tazegl Arena.

Dilik began her sports career in the youth team of Eczacba VitrA, and transferred later to Vakfbank. Her next club became Fenerbahe, where she played three seasons. For the last two seasons, she was loaned out to Saryer Belediyesi. For the 201415 season, she returned to her club Fenerbahe.

2015 Turkish Super Cup - Runner-Up, with Fenerbahe Grundig 2014-15 Turkish Cup - Champion, with Fenerbahe Grundig 201415 Turkish Women's Volleyball League - Champion, with Fenerbahe Grundig 2014-15 Turkish Super Cup - Champion, with Fenerbahe Grundig 2016-17 Turkish Cup - Champion, with Fenerbahe

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