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Kalimera  Her ne kadar pe

Kalimera Her ne kadar pek duyulmam bir ada olsa da Folegandros'un tarihi de epey gerilere gidiyor. Folegandros'a bundan ok yl nce ilk gidenler Bat Yunanistan'n obanlarym. obanlarn da erkek olmas nedeniyle adann ilk ismi "Poliandros" (ok erkek anlamna gelir) olmu. Girit Kral Minoas'n da bir sre egemenlii altnda kalan ada daha sonra Finikeliler'in eline gemi. Finikeliler aday bir ticaret merkezi olarak kullanm ve adaya "phelekgundari" ismini vermiler. Baz kaynaklara gre ise adann isminin kkeni buradan geliyor. Venedikliler'in de 1566 ylna kadar ynettii ada 1617 ylnda ise Trk korsanlar tarafndan ele geirilmi ve 1821 ylna kadar da korsanlar tarafndan ynetilmi. 1821 ylnda ise Yunanistan'a verilmi. ____________________________________________________ #yunanistan #suyunoteyakasi #travel_greece #wu_greece #gununkaresi #gununfotografi #reasonstovisitgreece #greecetravelgr #topgreecephoto #kings_greece #visitgreece #seyahat #cokgezenlerkulubu #ig_greece #travelphotography #travelblogger #traveldiaries #colorsofgreece #great_greece #great_captures_greece #greecestagram #perfect_greece #igers_greece #syk_folegandros #cyclades_islands #folegandros #greekislands #yunanadalari

You guys have to see this

You guys have to see this!!!! It's the coolest video ever made!!! One shift in a time laps! Unbelievable #EvzonesOfGreece #evzones #evzone #guards #presidential #presidentialguards #pride #greece #greekpride #athens #thisisathens #visitgreece #athina #Repost @theopagones Time Lapse: The changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier. A memorial dedicated to Greek Soldiers killed during war! The tomb is guarded by the elite light infantry, and members of the Presidential Guard. The uniform of the Evzones is the fustanella...a kilt like garment. Yes, real men wear skirts!! #greece #syntagma #unknownsoldier #tomb #memorial #soldier #guard #fustanella #greek #timelapse #war #infantry #uniform #syntagmasquare

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The Greek National Tourism Organization was founded in 1927 with the aim of promoting tourism in Greece. For a time period after its establishment the organization was taken over by various ministries, until it was re-founded in 1950. The agency has helped increase tourism in Greece since the 1950s and advertises the country as a tourist destination. Currently, the agency is the single largest tourism promotion agency in the country, and has 27 offices in 21 countries, on four continents. Since 2005, the organization has been subdivided into Regional Departments of Tourism.

Every year the organization chooses a different theme and motto for its advertising campaigns. Over the years, various successful advertising campaigns have been funded by the organization, including the very successful "Live your myth in Greece" campaign. The 2010 campaign's motto was "You in Greece" and "xx in Greece", and mainly focused on the many opportunities the country provides for tourists, with a variety of different destinations and activities. "You in Athens" and "You in Thessaloniki" were also used to promote the country's two largest cities and centers of culture and entertainment. The 2010 advertising campaign published a variety of promotional TV spots in line with the "You in Greece" poster campaign, which were translated to various languages, including Chinese, Bulgarian, and German. Previous campaign slogans include: "Live your Myth in Greece" (2005) "Greece 5000 years old: a masterpiece you can afford" "Greece: explore your senses" "My Greek experience" (2008; TV commercials using amateur videos) "Greece: Kalimera!" (2009) "Greece: You in Greece" (2010) "Greece: All Time Classic" (2014)

It was formally known as Troupisio. The cave is an old subterranean river consisting of three levels. During the winter when the snow melts it is transformed into a flowing river with waterfalls. During the summer, it dries up, leaving behind 13 lakes.

It is mentioned in the writings of the ancient traveller Pausanias. According to Greek legend, it was in this cave that Melampus cured the two of the three daughters of Proetus, king of Tiryns, Lysippe and Iphianassa. The third daughter, Iphinoe, had died on the way.

Humans started using the cave during the Neolithic Age. It was in continued use throughout the duration of the Bronze Age. It presents significant paleontological and archaeological interests. On the lower level of the cave were found fossilized human bones and various animals including hippopotamus.