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If you were to have told

If you were to have told me a few weeks ago that we could spend an entire day at a modern art museum, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed. But managed just that in Bilbao at the fantastic @museoguggenheim. We listened to buskers outside, watched massive bubbles being blown and saw these incredible tulip sculptures by @jeffkoons before we even reached the entrance. And inside we wandered between massive steel structures, watched ticker tape videos and saw fin de siecle French masterpieces. And even the boys were kept enthralled. I think these might have been my favourite piece though. Aren't they stunning? Are you a fan of modern art? Or do you try to avoid it at all costs? #modernartlover #guggenheim #verybilbao . . . . . . #igersbilbao #igerseuskadi #bilbaoclick #living_destinations #lookatthatview #travellingourplanet #neverstoptravelling #liveintrepid #globelletravels #wheretogo #totravelistolive #curiouslittleexplorers #showthemtheworld #kidstravel #untoldvisuals #katedittravels #vacationmode #wearetravelmums #familyjaunts #passportstories #travelwithchildren #travelingwithkids #awanderfulchildhood #thefuturekept #explorerkids #passportready #welltraveledkids


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My small team and I will

My small team and I will be on vacation from Monday August 21st through August 29th. I hope that you savor every last bit of summer and that over the past few months you have been able to swim, sun, smell, and experince all the unique beauty that makes summer special. I am looking forward to a road trip adventure down the breathtaking northwest coast, seeing family, taking in the majestic beauty of the Pacific Ocean, and even a bit of camping (!) I know this beauty will inspire me for many months to come. I may take photos down the coast- maybe not. For me this is all about not planning and seeing where things go. In the next few weeks, make memories that will last a lifetime. xx, Francoise #summer #summer2017 #wanderlust #travel #roadtrip #westcoast #gratitude #vacation #vacationmode #vacationtime #monday #goodmorning

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Chess games may also be played with a time control. If a player's time runs out before the game is completed, the game is automatically lost (provided the opponent has enough pieces left to deliver checkmate). The duration of a game ranges from long (or "classical") games which can take up to seven hours (even longer if adjournments are permitted) to bullet chess (under 3 minutes per player for the entire game). Intermediate between these are rapid chess games, lasting between 20 minutes and two hours per game, a popular time control in amateur weekend tournaments. Time is controlled using a chess clock that has two displays, one for each player's remaining time. Analog chess clocks have been largely replaced by digital clocks, which allow for time controls with increments.

Prague-born Wilhelm Steinitz beginning in 1873 described how to avoid weaknesses in one's own position and how to create and exploit such weaknesses in the opponent's position. The scientific approach and positional understanding of Steinitz revolutionized the game. Steinitz was the first to break a position down into its components. Before Steinitz, players brought their queen out early, did not completely develop their other pieces, and mounted a quick attack on the opposing king, which either succeeded or failed. The level of defense was poor and players did not form any deep plan. In addition to his theoretical achievements, Steinitz founded an important tradition: his triumph over the leading German master Johannes Zukertort in 1886 is regarded as the first official World Chess Championship. Steinitz lost his crown in 1894 to a much younger player, the German mathematician Emanuel Lasker, who maintained this title for 27 years, the longest tenure of all World Champions. After the end of the 19th century, the number of master tournaments and matches held annually quickly grew. Some sources state that in 1914 the title of chess Grandmaster was first formally conferred by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia to Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Tarrasch, and Marshall, but this is a disputed claim. The tradition of awarding such titles was continued by the World Chess Federation (FIDE), founded in 1924 in Paris. In 1927, the Women's World Chess Championship was established; the first to hold the title was Czech-English master Vera Menchik. It took a prodigy from Cuba, Jos Ral Capablanca (World Champion 19211927), who loved simple positions and endgames, to end the German-speaking dominance in chess; he was undefeated in tournament play for eight years, until 1924. His successor was Russian-French Alexander Alekhine, a strong attacking player who died as the World champion in 1946. He briefly lost the title to Dutch player Max Euwe in 1935 and regained it two years later. Between the world wars, chess was revolutionized by the new theoretical school of so-called hypermodernists like Aron Nimzowitsch and Richard Rti. They advocated controlling the center of the board with distant pieces rather than with pawns, which invited opponents to occupy the center with pawns, which become objects of attack.