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So glad I'm going to work

So glad I'm going to work today instead of rafting with my hombres #upshitcreek

If you're ev

#upshitcreek If you're ever in Galway city in the summer with time to kill go watch the Atlantic salmon leap at the weir. Mad to think they travel thousands of miles out to sea after they mature and return a year later to the exact same stream where they were born. Using, among other things, the earth's magnetic field to find their way!

When things go to shit, I

When things go to shit, I know @typrescott15 has got my back. Appreciate it brotha #lynchMOB #upshitcreek

I realized too late I did

I realized too late I didn't include a closeup of yesterday's brother's Blue! I usually watermark the art last and ended up removing it temporarily to reorder the pictures, and forgot to re-add it! Anyways, enjoy! Happy Thursday! More art coming today as always! . . . #bluesbrothers #chicago #jakeandelwood #jakeblues #elwoodblues #draw #drawing #comedy #sketch #sketchbook #tanpaper #whitegelpen #brushpen #film #movies #instafunny #joliet #classicfilm #upshitcreek #106milestochicago #chicagoland #sweethomechicago #art #pencil #instaartist #instaart #artistoninstagram #artistofinstagram #neosquirrel

Today's cinematic classic

Today's cinematic classic: The Blues Brothers! What started as an act on Saturday Night Live became the first in a long line of characters to make it to the big screen. It is considered to be one of the greatest movies about my beloved Chicago ever. "Joliet Jake" Blues, aka John Belushi was born and raised in Chicago, and did the cityand blues musicproud with this (subversive) musical. He and Dan Ackroyd took what was originally a warmup act for a comedy show and turned the brother Blues into legends. Fun fact: the mall the Bluesmobile was chased around in was in Harvey, IL, 15 miles south of the city limits. Built in 1966, the mall only lasted a mere 13 years before succumbing to crime in the area (Harvey was rated the most corrupt city in Illinois by Chicago Tribune in 2016). Director John Landis restocked empty stores near the front of the hallways and after shooting, purportedly left the mall in the wrecked state they created, where it was left to rot for the next 3 decades before being torn down. . . . #bluesbrothers #chicago #jakeandelwood #jakeblues #elwoodblues #draw #drawing #comedy #sketch #sketchbook #tanpaper #whitegelpen #brushpen #film #movies #instafunny #joliet #classicfilm #upshitcreek #106milestochicago #chicagoland #sweethomechicago #art #pencil #instaartist #instaart #artistoninstagram #artistofinstagram #neosquirrel

Before we realized we ran

Before we realized we ran out of gas @langthorne caught this pickerel. What an ugly fish with too many teeth. Lesson of the day: Never ASSUME your other half checked the gas tank before leaving the dock. #gonefishing #upshitcreek #thirdlake

"Always missing people th

"Always missing people that I shouldn't be missing. Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance. I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing, But I learned from my dad that it's good to have feelings. When love and trust are gone, I guess this is moving on. Everyone I do right does me wrong, So every lonely night, I sing this song.." #upshitcreek #andimpaddling #gotmetwisted #iloveyou #ihateyou #fucked

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Furthermore, only a select few authors have achieved the status of "classics" for their published works. A classic is any text that can be received and accepted universally, because they transcend context. A popular, well known example is Agatha Christie, whose texts, originally published between 1920 and her death in 1976, are available in UK and US editions in all English speaking nations. Christie's works, particularly featuring detectives Hercule Poirot or Miss Jane Marple, have given her the title the 'Queen of Crime' and made her one of the most important and innovative writers in the development of the genre. Her most famous novels include Murder on the Orient Express (1934), Death on the Nile (1937), and the world's best-selling mystery And Then There Were None (1939). Other less successful, contemporary authors who are still writing have seen reprints of their earlier works, due to current overwhelming popularity of crime fiction texts among audiences. One example is Val McDermid, whose first book appeared as far back as 1987; another is Florida-based author Carl Hiaasen, who has been publishing books since 1981, all of which are readily available.

On the other hand, English crime writer Edgar Wallace, who was immensely popular with the English readership during the early decades of the 20th century (and who achieved fame in German-speaking countries due to the many B movies made in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s that were based on his novels), had almost been forgotten in his home country until House of Stratus eventually started republishing many of his 170 books around the turn of the millennium. Similarly, the books by the equally successful American author Erle Stanley Gardner (18891970), creator of the lawyer Perry Mason, which have frequently been adapted for film, radio, and TV, were only recently republished in the United Kingdombooks such as The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (1937), The Case of the Green-Eyed Sister (1953), etc. Even television adaptations are not enough to save some authors. Gladys Mitchell rivalled Agatha Christie for UK sales in the 1930s and 1940s but only one of her 66 novels remains in print despite a BBC television series of The Mrs Bradley Mysteries in 1999.

In his Ragamalika (191222), based on the classical music of India, French composer Maurice Delage (18791961) calls for a piece of cardboard to be placed under the B-flat in the second line of the bass clef to dampen the sound, imitating the sound of an Indian drum.