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#ugh the sick day continu

#ugh the sick day continues on a lovely 60 degree sunny afternoon, but colds happen and it's gonna be okay. Guzzling down endless hot maple + cayenne + organic lemonade spiked with #chagamushroom extract and a bit of local turmeric slinger @bijabhar amazing multi turmeric n' ginger bev powder

TIL: 1. I don't apply a l

TIL: 1. I don't apply a large enough bead when I caulk the tub. 2. I will probably have to redo it again soon. 3. I need a caulking gun #diy #ugh #redo #tubthumping #caulk

Not the adventure we had

Not the adventure we had planned. I don't want to have these kinds of adventures anymore...And I'm ok. #ugh #cflife #breathe

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Ugh!, a computer game "UGH!" (song), by The 1975 "Ugh" (SpongeBob SquarePants), a 2004 TV episode "Ugh! Your Ugly Houses!," a 1995 single by British alternative music band Chumbawamba "Ugh Ugh Ugh", a song by rapper Juicy J from his 2009 album Hustle Till I Die

The music video was released on 18 December 2015 on the band's YouTube channel. The group is shown performing live under their well-known neon setup. The video was directed by Adam Powell, who has also directed other videos for the group such as "Sex", "Girls", and "Heart Out."

"UGH!" was well-received. Rhian Daly, writing for NME, praised the song as being "bold, brilliant [and] thought-provoking." The song was also praised for its instrumentation, with "uplifting synth melodies" and "a foot-tapping beat you'll be dancing along to in no time," and described as "sound[ing] practically joyous, bright, supple guitar lines rippling like theyre being played on a wobbleboard and a loose rhythm section virtually encouraging finger-clicking, hip-dipping dad-dancing." Carolyn Menyes wrote that "UGH!" also excelled lyrically, "infusing together tight hooks with a lyrical bite."

The game features a caveman who, in order to appeal to his beloved future mate, controls a stone-age muscle-powered helicopter, picking up passengers and flying them to the desired location for money. The player must venture through 69 levels, and must evade natural obstacles as well as hostile Dinosaurs and "Birds" (actually pterosaurs). Collisions with obstacles, hard landings and touching obstacles with the helicopter's rotor inflict damage to the helicopter. Also, powering the helicopter exhausts the pilot, which may be recovered by picking up fruits knocked off Tree with Stone. Stone may be also dropped on a hostile monster, knocking it out for a short time. The Commodore 64 version of the game features a two player hotseat mode, in which two players compete to finish the level, while the MS-DOS and Amiga versions feature a cooperative simultaneous two player mode. The game keeps tracks of the player's progress using level codes; the codes for single player levels are Christian Death song titles, the two-player codes are song titles by Current 93.

In 2013 a remake of the game, called Cave Express, became available as open source software for Windows, Linux and Android. The source code is hosted on GitHub under GPLv3 and the data content under CC BY-NC-SA license.