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This day in Tudor history: August 22nd 1485, at the Battle of Bosworth field, Henry Tudor defeated King Richard III, who met his death on the battlefield. One of the major events, during the battle, was William Stanley, favoured by Richard III, switching sides and declaring for Tudor. William was Henry's Mother's husband's brother. William was grandly rewarded and favoured by the new King for this, but was later executed for treasonous acts. Richard III was buried in a car park in Leicester (Well it wasn't a car park then) recently his body was discovered and we were able to tell it was him. Richard III was King from 1483-1485. He was Edward IV's brother and when Edward died, he left the throne to his son, Edward V and Richard as Lord Protector. However, a few months later, Richard had Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV's marriage declared null and void on terms that Edward had been betrothed at the time if their marriage. This made their children illegitimate and Richard the next heir. Richard then had his nephew's, Edward and Richard imprisoned in the Tower of London. The boys were likely murdered, but we don't really know what happened to them. I like to believe Richard escaped, but many have different beliefs. However, Richard was widely remembered as a tyrant and a monster, especially after Shakespeare's interpretation of him in "Richard III" which was widely biased to please the current Queen, Elizabeth I. When Richard died, the House of York and Lancaster were united, ending the war of roses, with Elizabeth of York [Richard's niece] marrying Henry VII, despite the fact she had a better claim than he did, she was Queen consort. This was the end of the War of Roses and the beginning of the Tudor dynasty, which I believe was the greatest, ending in 1603, on Elizabeth I's death. The beginning of the Stuart dynasty. #tudordynasty #warofroses #thisdayinhistory #today #history #richardiii #leicester #carpark ? #edwardiv #edwardv #elizabethwoodville #princesinthetower #york #lancaster #tudor #united #henryvii #elizabethofyork #elizabethi #greatestqueenever #tudorhistory #plantagenets #middleages #england #monarchy #stuarts #thewhitequeen #reign

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Tudor architecture, the final development of medieval architecture during the Tudor period (14851603) Tudor Revival architecture, or Mock Tudor, later emulation of Tudor architecture Tudor House (disambiguation)

Tudor (watch), a brand of Rolex watches United SportsCar Championship, sponsored by the Tudor watch brand in 2014 HMS Tudor (P326), a British submarine Tudor, Mombasa, Kenya The Tudors, a TV series Tudor domain, in molecular biology Avro Tudor, a type of aeroplane Tudor, a name for two-door sedan body used by some manufacturers Tudor batteries, a brand of batteries Tudor Crisps, a brand of potato crisps

Henry Tudor was able to establish himself as a candidate not only for traditional Lancastrian supporters, but also for the discontented supporters of their rival House of York, and he rose to the throne by the right of conquest. His victory at the Battle of Bosworth Field was reinforced by his marriage to Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV, symbolically uniting the former warring factions under a new dynasty. The Tudors extended their power beyond modern England, achieving the full union of England and the Principality of Wales in 1542 (Laws in Wales Acts 1535 and 1542), and successfully asserting English authority over the Kingdom of Ireland. They also maintained the nominal English claim to the Kingdom of France; although none of them made substance of it, Henry VIII fought wars with France trying to reclaim that title. After him, his daughter Mary I lost control of all territory in France permanently with the fall of Calais in 1558. In total, five Tudor monarchs ruled their domains for just over a century. Henry VIII was the only son of Henry VII to live to the age of maturity. Issues around the royal succession (including marriage and the succession rights of women) became major political themes during the Tudor era. The House of Stuart, descended from Henry VII's daughter Margaret, came to power in 1603 when Elizabeth I died and the Tudor line failed. For analysis of politics, diplomacy and social history, see Tudor period.

The Tudors descended on Henry VII's mother's side from John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset, one of the illegitimate children of the 14th century English prince John of Gaunt (the third surviving son of Edward III) by Gaunt's long-term mistress Katherine Swynford. The descendants of an illegitimate child of English royalty would normally have no claim on the throne, but the situation became complicated when Gaunt and Swynford eventually married in 1396, when John Beaufort was 25. The church retroactively declared the Beauforts legitimate by way of a papal bull the same year, confirmed by an Act of Parliament in 1397. A subsequent proclamation by John of Gaunt's legitimate son, Henry IV, also recognised the Beauforts' legitimacy but declared them ineligible ever to inherit the throne. Nevertheless, the Beauforts remained closely allied with Gaunt's legitimate descendants from his first marriage, the House of Lancaster. On 1 November 1455, John Beaufort's granddaughter, Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby, married Henry VI's maternal half-brother Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond. It was his father, Owen Tudor (Welsh: Owain ap Maredudd ap Tudur ap Goronwy ap Tudur ap Goronwy ap Ednyfed Fychan), who abandoned the Welsh patronymic naming practice and adopted a fixed surname. When he did, he did not choose, as was generally the custom, his father's name, Maredudd, but chose that of his grandfather, Tudur ap Goronwy, instead. This name is sometimes given as Tewdwr, the Welsh form of Theodore, but Modern Welsh Tudur, Old Welsh Tutir is originally not a variant but a different and completely unrelated name, etymologically identical with Gaulish Toutorix, from Proto-Celtic *tout "people, tribe" and *rxs "king" (compare Modern Welsh tud "territory" and rhi "king" respectively), corresponding to Germanic Theodoric. Owen Tudor was one of the bodyguards for the queen dowager Catherine of Valois, whose husband, Henry V, had died in 1422. Evidence suggests that the two were secretly married in 1429. The two sons born of the marriage, Edmund and Jasper, were among the most loyal supporters of the House of Lancaster in its struggle against the House of York. Henry VI ennobled his half-brothers: Edmund became Earl of Richmond on 15 December 1449 and was married to Lady Margaret Beaufort, the great-granddaughter of John of Gaunt, the progenitor of the house of Lancaster; Jasper became the first Earl of Pembroke on 23 November 1452. Edmund died on 3 November 1456. On 28 January 1457, his widow Margaret, who had just attained her fourteenth birthday, gave birth to a son, Henry Tudor, at her brother-in-law's Pembroke Castle. Henry Tudor, the future Henry VII, spent his childhood at Raglan Castle, the home of William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke, a leading Yorkist. Following the murder of Henry VI and death of his son, Edward, in 1471, Henry became the person upon whom the Lancastrian cause rested. Concerned for his young nephew's life, Jasper Tudor took Henry to Brittany for safety. Lady Margaret remained in England and remarried, living quietly while advancing the Lancastrian (and her son's) cause. Capitalizing on the growing unpopularity of Richard III (King of England from 1483), she was able to forge an alliance with discontented Yorkists in support of her son. Two years after Richard III was crowned, Henry and Jasper sailed from the mouth of the Seine to the Milford Haven Waterway and defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field (22 August 1485). Upon this victory, Henry Tudor proclaimed himself King Henry VII.