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Today was sooo much more

Today was sooo much more than a good day! Here's to the future and new lucky socks! #tru #newyear #trume

MARK AUGUST 26th on ya ca

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TRU (band) (The Real Untouchables), USA rap group TRU (police unit), Tactics and Rescue Unit of the Ontario Provincial Police Teen Research Unlimited, a youth research company in Chicago, Illinois, USA Thompson Rivers University, in British Columbia, Canada TRU is the IATA airport code for Cap. FAP Carlos Martnez de Pinillos International Airport in Trujillo, Peru Transuranic waste Transformer Rectifier Unit An abbreviation for Tomb Raider: Underworld Toys "R" Us

Tru (restaurant) truTV Tru (play), about Truman Capote Tru Calling, TV series Tomb Raider: Underworld, an action-adventure video game Tru (mobile network) Tru by Hilton, a hotel brand from Hilton Worldwide Turoyo language, ISO 639-3 code

At the age of only 12 years old, Tru witnessed the murder of her mother, Elise Davies. Later in the series, it is revealed that Carl Neesan (Wade Andrew Williams), the hitman who killed her was hired by Tru's father, Richard. After her mother's demise, Tru, her younger brother Harrison and older sister Meredith were abandoned by their father and little has been revealed about who raised them from that point on.

Tru possesses the power to relive the current day when a corpse asks for her help to turn back the clock in order to save his/her Life, or help someone whom the corpse affected in some way. Mostly triumphant, Tru has on occasion been unsuccessful in saving lives, sometimes because of the interference of Jack Harper and sometimes because the corpse was not meant to live. On some occasions her power changed. An instance of this was when a group of five corpses all asked for her help at the same time. Other times her day rewound more than once on an already rewound day, as in "The Longest Day" and "Grace". In "The Last Good Day", when a dead woman asked Jack Harper for help, Tru finally discovered what Jack saw when a corpse would ask her for help. She described this as a Dark Feeling which she would never want to experience again.

Although both can relive days, it has never been said who is evil, Tru or Jack. Jack has always been portrayed as evil, which Jack denies, although at certain times Jack has broken the rules of preserving fate, such as to make Luc die to teach Tru a lesson. While Tru claims that she is saving people who were taken before their time, Jack claims that he is merely preserving fate, and that if Tru saves someone who is meant to die, she creates a ripple effect in fate.