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Em Pomerode-SC, a Fbrica

Em Pomerode-SC, a Fbrica da Cerveja Artesanal Schornstein possui uma lojinha com diversos produtos para petiscar, alm de souvenirs d marca e as cervejas para comprar. O passeio pela fbrica tambm pode ser realizado, para conhecer os processos de produo. Ao lado d fbrica, o bar oficial possui uma chamin de 30 metros, um smbolo d marca pois em alemo, Schornstein significa chamin. #BlogMeuDestino . #destinosesonhos #fantastic_earth #travelawesome #worldplaces #luxuryworldtraveler #bestplacestogo #sobrelugares #theluxurylife #travelingourplanet #aroundtheworldpic #beachesnresorts #beyondtravels #vacations #essemundoenosso #queroviajarmais #earthtravelpix #fantastic_earth #picoftheday #destinocertopelomundo #igworldclub #theglobewanderer #exploringtheglobe #inspiredbyyou #umaviagem #travelawesome #voegol #mtur

@vinyfotograf_, PARABNS!!

@vinyfotograf_, PARABNS!! Local: Serrinha/BA. Seleo da foto: @julianacouto2 . Siga @zerandobahia E marque nossa tag em suas fotos #zerandobahia. Para receber destaque s seguir a pgina e usar a nossa tag! . . Siga tambm os nossos amigos e parceiros : @zerandobrasilia @zerandochile @zerandorio @zerandoveadeiros @zerandominas @zerandoalagoas @zerandogoiania @zerandosaopaulo #zerandobahia #bahiaemfoto #umcertoclick #ssalovers #dobuzaao #belezasdosuburbio #vidademochileiro #photos_ssa #destinosbaianos #earthvacations #fantastic_earth #destinosimperdiveis #travelawesome #worldplaces #sobrelugares #theluxurylife #travelingourplanet #beyondtravels #yesdiscovernature #essemundoenosso #queroviajarmais #earthtravelpix #fantastic_earth #destinocertopelomundo #igworldclub #exploringtheglobe #umaviagem #travelawesome #wonderful_places

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BIG Congrats ---------------------------------------- Photographer: @brotherside Location: Germany ---------------------------------------- Chosen by: @idan_refaeli ---------------------------------------- Founder & Admin: @idan_refaeli Founder: @kobi_refaeli ---------------------------------------- Feel feel free to check our featured artist great feed and show some BIG love! ---------------------------------------- Tag #big_shotz_travel to be featured! Follow @big_shotz_travel and start exploring! ---------------------------------------- Check out these great accounts: @ig_bliss @bnw_drama @bnw_planet @all_israel @instanaturefriends @colors_of_day2 @macro_drama ----------------------------------------- #Mytravelgram #bestvacations #beautifulplanett #beautifuldestinations #theluxurylife #thebillionairesclub #luxurylifestylagazine #luxuryworldtraveler #thegoldlist #wonderful_places #worldplaces #easytripfinder #worldingram #classofluxury #instatraveller #instatravelgram #instatraveling #worldtravelphotography #greatesttravels #worldtravelpics #instasyon #insta_international #beautifulhotels #beachesnresorts #beautifulmatters #rodeoand5thlifestyle #exploringtheglobe #doyoutravel -----------------------------------------

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Phytogeographically, Poland belongs to the Central European province of the Circumboreal Region within the Boreal Kingdom. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, the territory of Poland belongs to three Palearctic Ecoregions of the continental forest spanning Central and Northern European temperate broadleaf and mixed forest ecoregions as well as the Carpathian montane conifer forest. Many animals that have since died out in other parts of Europe still survive in Poland, such as the wisent in the ancient woodland of the Biaowiea Forest and in Podlaskie. Other such species include the brown bear in Biaowiea, in the Tatras, and in the Beskids, the gray wolf and the Eurasian lynx in various forests, the moose in northern Poland, and the beaver in Masuria, Pomerania, and Podlaskie. In the forests, one also encounters game animals, such as red deer, roe deer and wild boars. In eastern Poland there are a number of ancient woodlands, like Biaowiea forest, that have never been cleared or have been disturbed much by people. There are also large forested areas in the mountains, Masuria, Pomerania, Lubusz Land and Lower Silesia. Poland is the most important breeding ground for a variety of European migratory birds. Out of all of the migratory birds who come to Europe for the summer, one quarter of the global population of white storks (40,000 breeding pairs) live in Poland, particularly in the lake districts and the wetlands along the Biebrza, the Narew, and the Warta, which are part of nature reserves or national parks.

In recent years, Poland has extended its responsibilities and position in European and international affairs, supporting and establishing friendly relations with other European nations and a large number of 'developing' countries. Poland is a member of the European Union, NATO, the UN, the World Trade Organization, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), European Economic Area, International Energy Agency, Council of Europe, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, International Atomic Energy Agency, European Space Agency, G6, Council of the Baltic Sea States, Visegrd Group, Weimar Triangle and Schengen Agreement. In 1994, Poland became an associate member of the European Union (EU) and its defensive arm, the Western European Union (WEU), having submitted preliminary documentation for full membership in 1996, it formally joined the European Union in May 2004, along with the other members of the Visegrd group. In 1996, Poland achieved full OECD membership, and at the 1997 Madrid Summit was invited to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in the first wave of policy enlargement finally becoming a full member of NATO in March 1999. As changes since the fall of Communism in 1989 have redrawn the map of Europe, Poland has tried to forge strong and mutually beneficial relationships with its seven new neighbours, this has notably included signing 'friendship treaties' to replace links severed by the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. Poland has forged a special relationships with Ukraine, with whom it co-hosted the UEFA Euro 2012 football tournament, in an effort to firmly anchor the country within the Western world and provide it with an alternative to aligning itself with the Russian Federation. Despite many positive developments in the region, Poland has found itself in a position where it must seek to defend the rights of ethnic Poles living in the former Soviet Union; this is particularly true of Belarus, where in 2005 the Lukashenko regime launched a campaign against the Polish ethnic minority. Poland is the sixth most populous member state of the European Union and has a grand total of 51 representatives in the European Parliament. Ever since joining the union in 2004, successive Polish governments have pursued policies to increase the country's role in European and regional affairs.