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- Fort Bando Vol.2 - Isla

- Fort Bando Vol.2 - Island World Vol. 2 Pt. 1 out of 3 || @_Murder.Com_ TV || Well Hello Subscribers On this week's Islands From Above ( Thanks for voting BTW ) I went on a suicide mission to take this shot.. Full Savage Mode to cross the waters of Maine. As you scroll down on my feed you can see this place called Fort Gorges right? In that shot I was well over 5000 ft distance ( close to 1 mile ) with the drone, I was happy with that shot and I wanted to call it quits but I said to myself.. Nope..Not done yet and I went closer and closer.. I was losing signal and I was shitting bricks but I said to myself Savage Life Damn It Get it .. This lookdown is Gold as I was watching it on my screen the seagulls flying on top of it .. as I was checking the voltage and percentage of the battery plus the wind speed I went back .. slowly and telling the drone " Come on you are getting closer.. Come on get back" As I see a Tiny Dot I was like yess let's go bring the Gold Back . So if you want to attempt a suicide mission make sure your drone battery voltage is between 3.8v and 4.2v .. any lower than that don't even think of going pass your area of visibility because a Booboo might happen. Enjoy this week's Islands from Above as I will show you some from all Over the World. If you love the story behind this leave a comment and say Hi to your boy but If you don't read shit just say "Dopeness Brah" as usual .. Quadfather Out . . . #all2epic #moodytoning #vscogood_ #weekly_feature #murderdotcom #igersusa #pr0ject_uno #mainesmidcoast #thedscvrr #ig_unitedstates #mainething #newengland #ignewengland #leagueoflenses #scenesofnewengland #usaprimeshot #visitmaine #mainetheway #natural_maine #ig_urbex #themainemag #naturalmaine #folkvibe #scenesofME #maineisgorgeous #igersmaine #igersnewengland

Y yo que me rea de mi per

Y yo que me rea de mi perro porque cuando lo paseo va corriendo de rbol en rbol buscando sombra... Pues ahora s lo que se siente. bamos refugindonos del calor de una sombra a otra, aunque fuera debajo de una farola, o de un mini balcn con una puerta bonita como esta #Crdoba #ElZoco #Cordoba #Cordobaesp #Cordobaespaa #igersCordoba #patiosdeCordoba #thebarcelonist #somosinstagramers #instagrames #hallazgosemanal #lugaresimperdibles #girlsborntotravel #Iamtb #kissmylook #zaraddiction #bloggersdelmundo #volandoalfindelmundo #Andalucia #ok_andalucia #andluciagrafias #asiesandalucia #igersandalucia #andalucia_monumental #total_andalucia #girldiscoverers #thedscvrr #azuleando #brandyspain

Formentera, Baleares,  Nu

Formentera, Baleares, Nuestras vacaciones estn terminandopero para rematar el verano nos falta una escapada playera Hace ya cuatro aos que no visitamos un lugar que nos encanta No es Formentera pero es otro paraso De este ao no pasa que disfrutemos de l junto a unos muy buenos amigos que saben bien de lo que os hablo En breve os cuento dnde nos vamos _______________ Formentera, Baleares, Our vacations are ending but to finish the summer we are missing a beach trip Four years ago we visited that place for the last time It's not Formentera but it's another paradise This year we'll enjoy it (as always) with some very good friends who know very well what I'm talking about I'll tell you soon! #formentera #illesbalears #unapeinetaenmimaleta #lifeisajourney #bestplacestogo #igersformentera #dametraveler #darlingescapes #globelletravels #thedscvrr #sheisnotlost #nosotrasviajamos #wearetravelgirls #summerholidays #iamtb #lugaresimperdibles #igersspain #formenteralovers #travelblog

Y del #whitesummer del ao

Y del #whitesummer del ao pasado yo me acordaba de las banderitas rosas (vase en stories) y de una caravana super bonita que se llamaba "Martina". Lo primero obviamente no estaba, pero hemos encontrado la super caravana y la mejor forma de celebrarlo ha sido comernos un cupcake #whitesummer2018 #pals #whitesummermarket #whitesummer18 #lugaresimperdibles #thebarcelonist #somosinstagramers #instagrames #hallazgosemanal #girlsborntotravel #iamtb #thedscvrr #girldiscoverers #zaraddiction #kissmylook #bloggersdelmundo #descobreixcatalunya #paissatgesdecatalunya #clikcat #catalunyagrafias #gaudeix_cat #catalunyafotos #zaraaddiction #igerscatalunya #imatgescat #catalunyaenfotos #ok_catalunya #catalunyaexperience

This Is insane. Great  by

This Is insane. Great by @perpetualsaudade who also wrote the great words below. Tag a friend who'd love this dive too!!!! After seeing multiple posts over the last few days of the manta ray dive on Hawaii's Big Island, I found myself watching my own videos of that experience. This is definitely in the top 10 moments that I'll cherish for the rest of my life. There's a feeling in moments like these that remind me of what this world is supposed to be about. It's not about money or fame. It's not about division and isolation. We're not meant to experience all of the hurt and pain that we bring to one another. That isn't our purpose here. We are meant to love one another. We are meant to be one body and mind that works together toward common goals that promote unity and peace. We, both humans and animals alike, are meant to live harmoniously with all that this planet attempts to offers us. #destinationearth #diver #womenwhoexplore #padiwomen #underwater_world #thegreatoutdoors #alohaoutdoors #nature #earthofficial #venturehawaii #adventureculture #girlgetoutside #theglobewanderer #scubadivingmag #love #happy #unrealhawaii #sheexolorers #thedscvrr #glimpseofhawaii #underwaterphotography #shewentwild #sheisnotlost #sportdivermag #scubadivingwomen #natgeoadventures #sportdivermag #womensdivedsy #scubawonders #divepix @scubadivergirls @scubawesome @scubadivingnews @scubadiverlife

Just in the wick of time.

Just in the wick of time. Always have the camera ready as wick - ed shots can come up at random moments. A shopkeeper was selling oil lamp wicks outside a main temple in Khatmandhu and the sun lit them up like little party favours ! #thetravelwomen #takemehere #travelnow #withoutwalls #totravelistolive #explorenation #gltlove #femmetravel #citizenfemme #girlsvsglobe #girlsmeetglobe #sheexplores #lifeunscripted #globelletravels #shetravelz #travelvibes #travelandlife #candlesticks #travelpix #mytinyatlas #chasinglight #thetravelogue #thedscvrr #visualsgang #moodygrammers #seetheworld #travelgirlsgo #roamearth #meettheworld #travelideas

Pusing dan panning pa

. . Pusing dan panning pala berbi . . Panning pala berbi, pala berbi wo-0-0, . . Pusing pala berbi, pala berbi Wo-0-0 . . Panning pala babi, pala babi. . . Pala babi lak ndas-mu hmmmm . . ..#photography #photos #fotografia #photograph#picture #pictures #pictureday#pic #pics #explore#mdplindonesia #views#cinematography #explore #exploring #exploremore #thedscvrr@thedscvrr #beautifulday #good #art #photooftheday #livefolkindonesia@folkindonesia #fotos #indonesia #lovephotography#thediscoverer #thediscoverers

#High there, #Rainbow! .

#High there, #Rainbow! . . . . . . . . . . . . #ShotOniPhone #madaboutsingapore2017 #passionpassport @passionpassport #yoursingapore @visit_singapore #thisissingapore @singaporetoday #instasg @instasg #exploresingapore @exploresingapore #hypebeast @hypebeast #streetdreamsmag @streetdreamsmag #way2ill @way2ill_ #highsnobiety @highsnobiety #streetshared @streetshared #artofvisuals @artofvisuals #illgrammers @illgrammers #visualambassadors @visualambassadors #ig_color @ig_color #fatalframes @fatal.frames #beautifulmatters @beautifulmatters #theimaged @theimaged #exploringtheglobe @exploringtheglobe #minimal_people @minimal_people #sgig @sgig #fittysense #singapore #culturetrip @culturetrip #earthpix @earthpix #MadeWithOOWA @oowalife #thedscvrr @thedscvrr

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The Voidoid, a novella written in 1973, was finally published by CodeX in 1993. It was reissued in 2009 by 38th Street Publishers with illustrations by Kier Cooke Sandvik. Early poetry collections by Hell include I Was a Spiral on the Floor (1988) and Across the Years (1992), both published by Soyo Publications. Artifact: Notebooks from Hell 19741980, a collection of Hell's punk-era journals, was released in 1990 by Hanuman Books. In 1996, Scribner published Hell's first full-length novel, Go Now, set in 1980 and drawn largely from his own experiences. Hell released a collection of short pieces (poems, essays and drawings) called Hot and Cold in 2001. His second novel, Godlike, was published in 2005 by Akashic Books as part of Dennis Cooper's Little House on the Bowery Series. Also published in 2005 was Rabbit Duck, a book of 13 poems written in collaboration with David Shapiro. More recent works include Psychopts (2008), a collaboration with artist Christopher Wool, as well as Disgusting (2010) and I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp (2013). Hell's nonfiction has been widely anthologized, including a number of appearances in "best music writing" collections. The Toilet Paper Columns (2007) compiled his columns for the Colorado alternative magazine Toilet Paper, while Massive Pissed Love: Nonfiction 2001-2014 was issued by Soft Skull Press in 2015. Hell's archive of his manuscripts, tapes, correspondence (written and email), journals and other documents of his life was purchased for $50,000 by New York University's Fales Library in 2003.

1972 AF-100 Bee Baa: a fuzzbox with four knobs on the rear panel AS-1 Sustainer: the ancestor of today's compression/sustain pedals. Rhythm 33 TR-33: drum machine intended for mounting underneath a piano or organ keyboard Rhythm 55 TR-55: tabletop version of the Rhythm 33 Rhythm 77 TR-77: an update of the Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-7L., also known as the Hammond Rhythm Unit; essentially an expanded Rhythm 55 1973 AD-50 Double Beat: an early multi-effects pedal, combining wah-wah, fuzz and a simple phaser AG-5 Funny Cat Harmonic Mover & Soft Distortion Sustainer: envelope follower (auto-wah) pedal AW-10 Wah Beat: wah-wah pedal EP-10 Combo Piano: Japan's first fully electronic piano EP-20 Combo Piano: Japan's first fully electronic piano RE-100 Space Echo: tape-based delay effect RE-200 Space Echo: tape-based delay effect SH-3 Synthesizer: earliest Japanese example of a "classic" monophonic analog synthesizer SH-1000 Synthesizer: Japan's first commercial monophonic analog synthesizer keyboard 1974 EP-30 Roland Piano: the world's first touch-sensitive electronic piano. RE-101 Space Echo RE-201 Space Echo: one of the most popular tape delay-based echo machines ever produced SH-3A Synthesizer: monophonic analog synthesizer with a new VCF and VCA SH-2000 Synthesizer: a pressure-sensitive preset monophonic analog synthesizer designed to compete directly against the ARP Pro Soloist (19721977) 1975 AF-60 Bee Gee fuzz pedal AP-2 Phase II phaser pedal AP-7 Jet Phase: phaser pedal with four 'Jet' modes alongside two conventional phasing modes Revo 30: the "Revo Sound System" family was intended to imitate the sound of a Leslie rotary speaker system Revo 120 Revo 250 RS-101 Strings: the first appearance of what would become Roland's trademark Ensemble effect SH-5 Synthesizer: analog synthesizer with innovative features System-100 Synthesizer: Roland's first attempt at a modular analog synthesizer TR-66 Rhythm Arranger: nalog drum machine Jazz Chorus-60 JC-60 Guitar Amplifier: 60 watt Roland Jazz Chorus-120 JC-120 Guitar Amplifier: two channel, 120 watt amplifier equipped with two 12-inch (30 cm) speakers, built-in stereo chorus, vibrato, reverb, and distortion effects and a 3-band EQ per channel, renowned for its super-clean sound and durability, it has remained in production for over 35 years. 1976 DC-50 Digital Chorus: analog chorus ensemble similar to Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble (which derived from the chorus/vibrato circuit of the JC-120 amplifier). Because it is a BBD-based chorus it would today be advertised as "analog". May also have appeared as the Multivox CB-50. RS-202 String Ensemble Jazz Chorus-160 Guitar Amplifier System 700 Synthesizer: Roland's first professional-quality modular synthesizer 1977 GA-series 20, 30, 40, 60, 120W guitar amplifiers GB-series 30, 50W bass amplifiers JC-60A and JC-120A Jazz Chorus guitar amplifiers DC-10 Analogue Echo RE-301 Chorus Echo: an RE-201 Space Echo with two additional features: sound-on-sound recording (allowing it to be used as a looper) and an analog chorus circuit GS-500: guitar synthesizer system MP700 Piano MPA100: Amplifier for the MP700 VK-6 and VK-9: Hammond-style drawbar organs, predecessors of the clonewheel organs MC-8 MicroComposer: early digital sequencer, Roland's first product to utilize a microprocessor. GR-500 Guitar Synthesizer & GS-500 Guitar Controller: Roland's first commercial guitar synthesizer system. 1978 Cube 40 guitar amplifier (40W) GA-series 50 guitar amplifier (50W) JC50, JC200 and JC200S Jazz Chorus amps RD-125L Revo RD-155L Revo SB-series 200 bass amp (200W) DC-20 analogue echo DC-30 analogue delay GE-810 graphic EQ GE-820 graphic EQ PH-830 stereo phaser RV-100 reverb RV-800 reverb MP-600 Combo piano MRS-2 Promars monosynth RS-09 Organ/Strings keyboard RS-505 Paraphonic Strings SH-1 monosynth SH-7 monosynth SH-09 monosynth CR-68 Human Rhythm Player CR-78 CompuRhythm: user-programmable drum machine Jupiter-4 JP-4: Roland's first self-contained polyphonic synthesizer Roland VK-09 Electronic Organ: early attempt to emulate a Hammond organ 1979 SH-1 monosynth SH-2 Synthesizer: dual-oscillator monosynth System 100-M Roland Studio System: semiprofessional modular synthesizer, fully modular successor to the System-100 VP-330 Vocoder Plus SDD-320 Dimension D: rack-mounted stereo chorus effects unit. 1980 CR-8000 CompuRhythm VK-1 Combo Organ: clonewheel Hammond B3 emulator TR-808 Rhythm Composer: One of the most popular programmable analog drum machines; its distinctive analog sounds, such as its cowbell sound and its kick drum, have become pop-music clichs, heard on countless recordings. GR-300 Guitar Synthesizer & Roland G-303 and G-808 electric guitar synthesizer controllers SH-09 Synthesizer: small single-oscillator monosynth; reduced-function SH-2 1981 VK-09 Electronic Organ: Hammond emulator MC-4 MicroComposer: successor to the MC-8 TB-303 Computer Controlled Bass Line: synthesizer with built-in sequencer; manufactured from late 1981 to 1984 TR-606 Drumatix: programmable analog drum machine designed to be used with the TB-303 Jupiter-8 JP-8: 8-voice programmable analog synthesizer after the hugely successful Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Oberheim products SDE-2000 Digital Delay: Roland's first digital effects unit 1982 Juno-6 Polyphonic Synthesizer: Roland's first synthesizer with digitally controlled oscillators. Juno-60 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer: Roland's first synthesizer with digitally controlled oscillators and memory Roland G-505 & G-202: third generation of Roland electric guitar synthesizer controllers. These Strat-style guitars came with the matching GR-700 and PG-200 pedal boards, which also work as a regular guitar effector as well as a MIDI synthesizer bank SH-101: keytar with an optional "neck" modulation attachment 1983 JX-3P Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer: first Roland synthesizer to support MIDI Jupiter-6 JP-6: 6-voice programmable analog synthesiser PG-200: programmer for the JX-3P, MKS-30 and GR-700. DXY-100R Expandable Intelligent X-Y Plotter MC-202 MicroComposer: monophonic analog synthesizer/sequencer similar to the TB-303 and SH-101, featuring 1 voltage-controlled oscillator with simultaneous saw and square/pulse-width waveforms MSQ-700 Digital Keyboard Recorder: world's first MIDI-compatible sequencer TR-909 Rhythm Composer: drum machine popular during the early 1990s. The world's first MIDI-equipped drum machine, Roland's first to use digital sample playback combined with analog sound synthesis CMU-800R Compu Music: controlled by Apple II or C64. CMU-810 Compu Synth: monosynth 1984 MKB-1000 and MKB-300: world's first dedicated MIDI controller keyboards MPU-401: interface for connecting MIDI-equipped devices to a computer MKS-80 Super Jupiter: rack-mounted eight-voice analog synthesizer, commonly used with the MPG-80 programmer unit Juno-106 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer: programmable (128 patch memory locations), digitally controlled six-voice analog synthesizer, with MIDI and the ability to transmit button and slider information through SysEx TR-707 and TR-727 Drum Machine: The TR-727 was essentially the same as the TR-707, except it had Latin-style sounds JX-8P Polyphonic Synthesizer: one of Roland's last true analog synths; replacement for the Jupiter 8 but featured a sleek, low profile appearance to compete with the popular digital Yamaha DX-7 G-707 Guitar Controller and GR-700 Guitar Synthesizer 1985 Alpha Juno: Two analog polyphonic synthesizers, the Alpha Juno 1 (JU-1) and the Alpha Juno 2 (JU-2), notable for their 'Alpha Dial' that simplified the user interface Octapad (Pad-8): A set of visually distinctive electronic drum triggers 1986 Super JX Polyphonic Synthesizer JX-10: Roland's last true analog synth, the JX-10 was ostensibly the circuitry of two JX-8Ps in a single synth. However, subtle differences in sonic architecture and electronic components give the JX-10 a slightly different sound than the 8P. Also produced in rack-mounting form as the MKS-70. RD-1000 Digital Piano: Roland's first digital piano to feature their SA Synthesis technology. Featured an 88-note weighted, wooden keyboard with three-band EQ, chorus and tremolo. One notable user of this is Elton John from 1988 to 1993. Also produced in rack-mounting form as the MKS-20. HS-80: Same as the Roland Alpha Juno 2 (JU-2), but with built-in speakers. Branded as "Synth Plus 80." S-10 Digital Sampling Keyboard: basic 12-bit sampler and keyboard combo, capable of sampling up to 6 seconds of audio, with sounds stored on QuickDisks. It also had rudimentary analog filtering and ADSR MKS-100 Digital Sampler: rackmount version of the S-10 MC-500 Sequencer: stand-alone sequencer and MIDI recorder. 4-track recording in real or step time and 16 midi channel multitimbrality, a dedicated rhythm track, a built-in 3-inch DS/DD Floppy disk drive with 100,000 note capacity and a large LCD screen. 1987 D-50 Linear Synthesizer: Roland's first all-digital synthesizer, implementing its Linear Arithmetic synthesis (a form of sample-based synthesis combined with subtractive synthesis). The D-50's descendants include the D-5 (1989), D-10 (1988), D-110 (rack version of D-10) (1988), and D-20 (1988) MT-32 Sound Module: also using Linear Arithmetic synthesis, it was supported by many PC games in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a high-quality music option until support shifted to General MIDI sound cards 1988 U-110 PCM Sound Module: Roland's first rompler, a rack module intended to exploit Roland's large library of samples and contained good representations of acoustic instruments. Designed to compete with E-mu's Proteus line, the U-110's successor U-220 found its way into many professional studio racks of the day. E-20 Synthesizer: Roland's first entry into the auto-accompaniment keyboard market, going head to head with Yamaha and Casio. The E-20's descendants include the E-70, E-86, G-800, G-1000, G-70 and E-80. MC-500mkII Sequencer: successor to the Roland MC-500, with Turbo software, 8 tracks of recording, 100,000 note capacity, real-time track muting and more. Storage on 3-inch DS/DD floppy disk drive. 1989 R-8 Human Rhythm Composer: drum machine with velocity-sensitive pads W-30 Music Workstation: sampling workstation keyboard (DAW) D-70 Synthesizer: 76-key synth. Successor to the U-20. Combined the U-20 ROM with advanced D-50-like filters Octapad II (Pad-80): successor to the Pad-8. 1990 1990 HP-3700 Digital Piano 1990 MC-50 Sequencer: dedicated sequencer similar to the MC-500 series, featuring 40,000 note capacity, up to 8 songs, 8 phrase tracks, a 3-inch DS/DD Floppy disk drive, separate rhythm track and temp tracks, 32 channel MIDI and FSK sync 1991 1991 SC-55 Sound Canvas: the world's first General MIDI synthesizer 1991 JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer: digital synthesizer with analog style interface 1992 M-160 MkII line mixer MA-7 & MA-20 micro monitors DIGITAL RECORDERS DM-80 multitrack disk recorder system HOME/ACCOMPANIMENT PRODUCTS RA-90 real-time arranger GUITAR SYNTHS GR-1 MASTER KEYBOARDS A-30 MIDIkeyboard controller AX-1 keyboard controller PC-150 keyboard controller PC-200 MkII keyboard controller PIANOS EP-9 HP-2900G HP-3800 HP-5700 HP-7700 Micro Grand KR-650 Intelligent Piano RHYTHM PRODUCTS FD-7 hi-hat control pedal KD-7 kick trigger unit MDS-7 drum stand PD-7 drum pad R-70 Human Rhythm Composer R-8 MkII Human Rhythm Composer TD-7 sound module SAMPLERS SP-700 sample player SEQUENCERS MC-50 MkII Micro Composer MT-200 music player SOUND CANVASES SC-7 GM module SC-33 Sound Canvas SC-155 Sound Canvas SCC-1 GS/GM soundcard SYNTHS & HI-TECH CM-300 GS sound module CM-500 GS/LA Sound Module JV-30 16 Part Multitimbral Synthesizer JW-50 Music workstation JV-80 Multi Timbral Synthesizer: A sort of simplified and more user-friendly D-70; spawned a whole family of synthesizers based on its architecture and sample set. The JV-80 also came in a 1U rack spaced unit, the JV-880 Sound Module. SR-JV80 Sample Wave ROM Expansion Boards: the JV-80 and JV-880 could be expanded. These expansion boards could add up to an extra 8mb of wave sample ROM, increasing the number of patches that could be played and accessed. During the next eight years, the SR-JV80 expansion boards would also be integrated and adapted to the JV, XP and XV line of Roland keyboards and sound modules. The boards have been used in many movies, TV shows, plays and popular music during the last two decades - John Williams used various Roland JV products with the SR-JV80 expansions boards; Jerry Goldsmith had a JV-1080 with various SR-JV80 boards. The SR-JV80 expansion boards sample wave ROMs were done so well, that Roland decided to continue to use them in the SRX line of expansion boards well into the 21st century. DJ-70: sampling DJ music workstation and synthesizer keyboard that featured the first scratch wheel pad. Storage on 3-inch DS/DD Floppy disk drive 1993 SC-55mkII: minor upgrade to the Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas. It features increased polyphony (28 voices), more patches (raising the total number to 354 instruments and 10 drum sets), and improved audio-circuitry in the form of 18-bit audio (versus 16-bit in the original SC-55) MC-50mkII: successor to the Roland MC-50. Equipped with slightly advanced features for editing and general use. 40,000-note internal capacity, with the built-in disk drive, you can store approximately 150,000 events on a 3-inch DS/DD Floppy disk drive. JD-990 Super JD: A rack-mount version of the JD-800 synthesizer with expanded capabilities JV-90 Expandable Synthesizer: a JV-80 with 76-note keyboard, expandable to 56 voices JV-1000 Music Workstation: a JV-90 with a built-in MC-50mkII so as to be a fully-fledged workstation 1994 RD-500: "professional" digital piano with 88 weighted keys, 121 high quality sounds and built-in digital effects MS-1: 16 bit AD/DA conversion, First portable digital stereo phrase sampler, with R-DAC (Roland Digital Audio Coding) S-760 Digital Sampler: 16 bits with resonant filters JV-1080 Super JV 64 Voice Sound Module: Roland's 64-voice Super JV synthesizer module, it used the JV sample set with the JD series filters and a fast RISC processor for very smooth envelopes; four expansion slots AT-70 Organ: Roland's first home organ, "Music Atelier" and its little brother AT-50. 1995 XP-50 Music Workstation, 64 Voice, 4x Expansion: Basically a JV-1080 with a MRC-Pro sequencer VG-8: the world's first guitar modeling system 1996 VS-880 Digital Studio Workstation: Roland's first digital studio workstation providing recording, mixing and CD-mastering DJ-70mkII: Successor to the DJ-70, with more powerful features, including a DJ sampling music workstation, which featured a scratch wheel pad. It is essentially an S-760 sampler with a keyboard. Storages on 3.5" DS/DD floppy disk drive MC-303 Roland's first non-keyboard drum machine, sample-based synthesizer, and sequencer combination bearing the now-generic term Groovebox. Featuring a full 8-track sequencer XP-80 Music Workstation, 64 Voice, 4x Expansion: JV2080 with a MRC Pro Sequencer . 64-voice music workstation. 4x expansion instead of the 8x the JV2080 has. This is the pinnacle of the JV Series in Keyboard version AT-90 Organ: the pinnacle of Roland's home organ "Music Atelier" series and smallest brother AT-30 1997 VK-7 Organ: groundbreaking Hammond organ clone, which introduced the "Virtual ToneWheel" physical modeling technology JP-8000 Analog Synthesizer: Roland's first virtual analog synthesizer. Its technology was more similar to conventional PCM synthesis, such as in a JD-800, rather than the virtual analog synths of today that digitally model the behavior of analog oscillators V-Drums: digital drums incorporating silent mesh drum heads that realistically reproduce both the natural feel and sound of acoustic drums JV-2080: updated Super JV module This is the pinnacle of the JV Series in module version. AT-80 Organ: top-class home organ in Roland's home organ RD-600: successor of the RD-500 1998 SP-808: table-top sampler, multi-track recorder, and effects processor MC-505: successor to the MC-303 with a more powerful synthesizer and sequencer JX-305: similar to the MC-505, but with 61 keys EG-101: "Groove Keyboard" 1999 AT-90R Organ: successor models. AT-60R, AT-80R, and AT-30R. XP-30 Expandable synthesizer: simpler version of the XP-50 and XP-80 without a sequencer, comes standard with 1406 sounds. 2000 XV-3080 Sound Module: Essentially a Super JV module updated to 128-voices, and taking SRX expansion boards XV-88 Keyboard: Essentially a XV-3080 module with an 88-key keyboard and 4 expansion slots XV-5080 Sound Module: True next generation synthesizer module and basis for the Fantom series of workstations. New high bit-depth samples, 128-voices, takes SRX expansion boards, and capable of loading sampler data Handsonic HPD-15: First electronic percussion pressure-sensitive multi-pad. Playable with hands and/or fingers (without sticks). Divided in 15 zones, with 2 ribbons controllers, 1 internal sequencer and 1 infra-red sensor named D-Beam VG-88: Successor to the VG-8. Guitar synth with GK 13-pin input that models many guitars, amps, speakers and effects 2001 AX-7 Keytar: Successor to the AX-1. A keytar noted for its aesthetics and design. AT-90S: Successor models. AT-80S, AT-60S, AT-20S and AT-10S. RD-700: Successor of the RD-600. RD-700 is Rolands first Expandable Stage Piano. 2002 MC-909: Successor to the MC Groovebox series and also the flagship to all MC Groovebox series machines, featuring a full 16-track sequencer, SRX board upgrading, Built-in larger LCD Display Screen and built-in sampling. Supports 1 SRX Expansion card. AT-15: Baby of the "Music Atelier" home organ product range. And AT-5. 2003 V-Synth Synthesizer: 24-voice analog modeling synthesizer. 2004 AMPS, MIXERS & SPEAKERS CM30: Cube monitor. Cube 60: guitar combo. CB100: bass combo. DM10 and DM20: digital monitors. DM2100 2.1: monitor system. DS5 DS7 & DS8: digital monitors. Micro Cube: guitar amp. DIGITAL ACCORDIONS FR-5 & FR-7 DIGITAL RECORDERS & MIXERS MV-8000 v2 update and MV8 VGA expansion option. VS-2000CD digital recording studio. VS-2480DVD digital recording studio. VS-8F3 plug-in effects expansion board. EDIROL PRODUCTS DV-7DL Pro and DV7DL video-editing systems. FA-101 Firewire audio interface. LVS-400 video mixer. P1 photo presenter. PCR-1 USB MIDI controller/audio interface. UA-1000 USB2 audio interface. UR-80 control surface. VMC-1 video optimiser & video media converter. GUITAR SYNTHS GK-3 divided pickup. GK-3B divided bass pickup GR-20 guitar synth. HOME/ARRANGER KEYBOARDS EXR-3/EXR-5/EXR-7 interactive arranger keyboards. ORGANS Atelier AT-45, AT-60SL, AT-80SL & AT-90SL. PIANOS DP-900. F-50. FP-2. HP-101/HP-103/HP-107 digital pianos. HPi-7 digital piano. RHYTHM PRODUCTS CY-8 trigger pad. FD-8 hi-hat pedal. KD-8 trigger pad. PD-8 trigger pad. PD-105 and PD-125 V-Pads. TD-3 V-Drum module. TD-3 V-Drum kit. TD-6V V-Drum module. TD-6KV V-Tour Series kit. TD-20 V-Drum sound module. TD-20K V-Pro Series kit. VH-12 hi-hat. SYNTHS & HI-TECH Fantom X6/X7/X8 keyboard workstations. Fantom XR synth module. Juno D synth keyboard. SP-606 Groovesampler. VC1 D-50 card for V-Synth. Fantom-X Synthesizer: Music workstation and professional synthesizer expandable to 1 gigabyte of sounds. AT-90SL Atelier: Successor models AT-80SL and AT-60SL. 2005 Micro Cube Amplifier: Roland's first portable amplifier. Allowed for AC adapter or battery use. Seven input effects, delay, and reverb options. Fantom-Xa: Entry-level Fantom-X. The A stands for access. 2006 MC-808: The latest MC-series, featuring a full 16-track sequencer and 512 MB more memory, and double the polyphony of the MC-909. First MC Groovebox series with motorized faders and built-in sampling, no velocity-sensitive pads, no SRX board as an add-on as seen on MC-909. SH-201: Roland's first affordable analog modeling synthesizer. Juno-G: Entry-level workstation based on the Fantom-X. 2007 MV-8800: Successor to the MV-8000. Production station with 24-bit sampling capabilities. Has new built-in color LCD display. VG-99: Successor to the VG-8 and VG-88. Guitar synth with GK 13-pin input, multiple channels and innovative hands free controls that models a huge number of guitars, amps, speakers and effects. 2008 Fantom-G: Music workstation with onboard graphical MIDI sequencer. Juno Stage & Juno-Di: Entry-level workstations based on the Fantom-G and the successors of the Juno-G 2009 AX-Synth Keytar: A keytar, successor for the AX-7. The most notable change is the addition of an internal synthesizer. AT-900 Organ: the AT-900, AT-800 and AT-900C, the next generation of Atelier organ consoles, successors to the AT-90S and AT-90SL. The full line of Music Atelier: AT-500, AT-300, AT-100, and AT-75 were introduced later on. V-Piano: the first digital piano to rely solely on physical modeling technology. 2010 MPX-90: desktop metal printer strikes metallic surfaces with a precision diamond-tipped stylus Juno-Gi : The older brother of the Juno-Di SH-01 Gaia : Analog modeling synthesizer 2011 Jupiter-80: Flagship performance synthesizer, combining Roland's SuperNatural acoustic modeling technology with a virtual analog engine. ATELIER Combo AT-350C: A Combo version of the "Music Atelier" home organ product range. Can be coupled with any of Roland's MIDI pedal keyboards to make it a complete organ. 2012 Jupiter-50 Synthesizer: A reduced JP-80 with three parts instead of four and a smaller non-touch screen. Integra-7 Sound Module: A sound module that's a rack version of Roland Jupiter 80-50 and which contains sounds based on their new SuperNatural technology and all of the sounds of the XV-5080 sound module. 2014 FA06/FA08: The new & affordable Fantom music workstation with sounds derived from Integra-7 sound module. Aira TR-8: Rhythm Performer, based on the drum-sounds of the TR-808 and TR-909. Aira TB-3: Touch Baseline, based on the bass-sounds of the TB-303. Aira VT-3: Voice Transformer. Aira System-1: Plug-Out Synthesizer, based on the System 100, System 100M, and the now almost mythical System 700. RD-800: successor of the RD-700 series 2015 Boutique: line of small modern representations of classic Roland Synthesizers, consisting of: JU-06, JX-03 and JP-08. The series are in module form, and are able to slot into an optional keyboard K-25m, which features 25 velocity sensitive keys. 2016 On September 9, 2016, Roland celebrated 909 Day, in honor of the TR-909 drum machine. During this 24-hour event they debuted new products and held artist performances from different cities around the world. System-8 Plug Out Synthesizer TB-03 Bassline Synthesizer TR-09 Drum Machine VP-03 Vocoder BOSS Katana 100/212, Katana 100, Katana 50 and Katana-Head Guitar Amplifiers V-1SDI HD Video Switcher DJ-808 DJ Controller, DJ-99 DJ Mixer and TT-99 Turntable TD-50K, TD-50KV and TD-1KPX V-Drum Kits TD-50 Drum Sound Module, KD-A22 Kick Drum Converter, PD-140DS V-Pad Snare, CY-18DR V-Cymbal, MDS-50K Drum Stand, MDS-50KV Drum Stand EC-10M Ej Cajon Mic Processor BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor AE-10 Aerophone Wind Instrument GP-607, FP-90, DP-603 and RP-501R Digital Pianos FR-4X and FR-4XB V-Accordions