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The creators of Tattoo Life @gilrios1 and @sandikane15 got to chop it up with the legendary #mopremeshakur about his tattoos and his personal relationship with #2pac this first season is one you don't want to miss!!! -------------------------------------------------------------- #tattoos #guyswithtattoos #tattooshop #tattoosofinstagram #tattoostudio #menwithtattoos #boyswithtattoos #traditionaltattoos #tattoosketch #tattoostyle #tattoosnob #tattoosleeve #instatattoos #lovetattoos #barbersarehiphop #hiphopfashion #westcoasthiphop #hiphopproducer #iamhiphop #hiphopvideo #hiphopnews #westcoasthiphop #khiphop #HipHopLives #NewYorkHipHop #california #hiphopjunkies #hiphopislife

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Several ferry operators, Viking Line, Linda Line Express, Tallink and Ecker Line, connect Tallinn to Helsinki, Mariehamn, Stockholm, and St. Petersburg. Passenger lines connect Tallinn to Helsinki (83 km (52 mi) north of Tallinn) in approximately 23.5 hours by cruiseferries. Helsinki, Finland Mariehamn, land Stockholm, Sweden St. Petersburg, Russia

The final song on U2's debut album Boy (1980) takes its title, "Shadows and Tall Trees", from Chapter 7 in the book. Iron Maiden wrote a song inspired by the book, included in their 1995 album The X Factor. Blues Traveler wrote a song called "Justify the Thrill", in which a small part of the lyrics are in reference to the book: "The pig's head on a stick does grin. As we teeter on the brink. He's singing you are all my children. My island's bigger than you think."

He is regarded by some historians and journalists as the best player of the dead-ball era, and is generally seen as one of the greatest players of all time. Efforts to create a Ty Cobb Memorial in Royston initially failed, primarily because most of the artifacts from his life were sent to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York and the Georgia town was viewed as too remote to make a memorial worthwhile. But ultimately, on July 17, 1998, the 37th anniversary of Cobb's death, the Ty Cobb Museum and the Franklin County Sports Hall of Fame opened its doors in Royston. On that day, Cobb was one of the first members to be inducted into the Franklin County Sports Hall of Fame. On August 30, 2005, his hometown hosted a 1905 baseball game to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Cobb's first major league game. Players in the game included many of Cobb's descendants as well as many citizens from his hometown of Royston. Another early-20th-century baseball game was played in his hometown at Cobb Field on September 30, 2006, with Cobb's descendants and Roystonians again playing. Cobb's personal batboy from his major league years was also in attendance, and threw out the first pitch. In addition to the aforementioned film, Ty Cobb's legacy also includes legions of collectors of his early tobacco card issues, as well as game used memorabilia and autographs. Perhaps the most curious item is a 1909 Ty Cobb Cigarettes pack, leaving some to believe Cobb either had, or attempted to have, his own brand of cigarettes. Very little about the card is known other than its similarity to the 1909 T206 Red Portrait card published by the American Tobacco Company, and until 2005 only a handful were known to exist. That year, a sizable cache of the cards was brought to auction by the family of a Royston, Georgia man who had stored them in a book for almost 100 years.. The new baseball stadium at HampdenSydney College is named Ty Cobb Ballpark.