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Nau tarz-i murassa - Husain At Khn Tahsn Nau 'n-i hind (Qissa-i Malik Mahmd Gti-Afroz) - Mihr Chand Khatr Jazb-i ishq - Shh Husain Haqqat Nau tarz-i murassa - Muhammad Hd a.k.a. Mirz Mughal Ghfil r'ish-i mahfil (Qissa-i Htim T') - Haidar Bakhsh Haidar Bgh o bahr (Qissa-i chahr darwesh) - Mr Amman Dstn-i Amr Hamza - Khall Al Khn Ashk Fasana ajaeeb - Rajab Ali Baig Suroor

Kimberly is a celebrity stylist from the Bronx, while Alaska works as a director of Artist and Repertoire at Warner Bros. Records and is from Brooklyn; the couple now lives in Harlem, NY. The duo bounce between Los Angeles and New York City as they balance their marriage and careers. Kim dreams of starting a family in Harlem but Alaska's business prevents them from doing that. Alaska and Kim's religious beliefs provide them with a strong balance.

Blair and Jeff were introduced to each other at a mutual friend's pool party. After almost a year of dating, the couple entered a domestic partnership in Savannah, Georgia. Jeff and Blair visit a sex therapist to address a large gap in their sex drives and other issues associated with their 16-year age difference, contrasting careers, and minor personality clashes. Blair is a former European pop star and current entertainment reporter, while Jeff works as a federal investigator.

Tina is an Indian international pop star, and Tarz is president/co-founder of a start-up Internet company, Pandoodle. While the couple have successful careers, they find it challenging to find time together, which they hope to change with marriage. Tarz also finds himself clashing with Tina's father, who follows traditional Indian values. After dating for four years, they married in December 2011. After suffering a miscarriage, their son was born six week premature in June 2013. They also have a daughter named Song Sugandh born in July 2015.

Kathryn left her steady job and city lifestyle after she wed John just six months after they met. Soon after they were pregnant; their son Dean James Lagoudes was born September 24, 2012. The couple now reside in the suburbs and own a Long Island tanning salon.