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Tanfana, or Tan, ancient European goddess. Black and Tans, nickname for British special constables during the Irish War of Independence Irish War of Independence, sometimes called the Black and Tan war or Tan war. Tan (surname) (), a Chinese surname. Chen (surname) (), a Chinese surname, pronounced "Tan" in Min Nan languages. Lao Zi, posthumous name "Tan" or "Dn" (), philosopher of ancient China. Tan (state), ancient Chinese viscountcy situated in eastern Shandong Province. Leborgne, nickname Tan, a patient of Paul Broca, on whose autopsy he identified Broca's area.

Tanzania (IOC and FIFA trigram; the ISO 3166 trigram is TZA) Total acid number, the measure of a lubricant's or crude oil's acidity Transaction authentication number in electronic banking Taunton Municipal Airport, IATA airport code TAN, airport in Taunton, Massachusetts Tax Deduction Account Number, Indian tax code

The quartz figurine Venus of Tan-Tan was found in a river terrace deposit on the north bank of the Draa River. Dated between 200,000 and 500,000 BCE, it is considered one of the oldest human-form sculptures in the world, although its formation may actually be natural.

The nearby port, known as Tan-Tan Plage in French; Port of Tan-Tan in English; and El Ouatia, al-Watiyah or in Arabic is about 25 kilometres west from Tan-Tan on the Atlantic Ocean. With a population in 2004 of 6,294 it is the second largest settlement in the province and ninth in the region. Both Tan-Tan and Tan-Tan Plage are on Morocco's main highway, the N1.

Military Tan is the color of the United States Army Rangers beret as well as Canada's Canadian Special Operations Regiment and Joint Task Force 2. Sunbathing When a person sunbathes to make his or her skin darker, he or she is said to be getting a tan.