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Besttt sisters 

Lolo Besttt sisters Kareena : Newww Herrrr smileeeee WOW OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Kareena I wanna kill myself , I can't breathe so so so soooooo.... cuteeee I love youuuu soooo muchhhhhhh you can't imagine how much I love youuuuuuu look at her beauty OMG WOW The most beautiful woman on the world QUEEN I adore youuu I will make anything for youuuu , I want to see youuuuu beboooo I LOVE YOUUU the cutest you are my everything , my dream & my Oxygen QUEEN OF BOLLYWOOD PRIDE OF INDIA DIVA DIAMOND I can't describe youuuu I hope from my god to protect youu can't say anything everything in Kareena is Gorgeous Amazing & Adorable If I see you I will fall on the ground I will die Bebo is the best actress & the best woman , If I write from here to 82366282 years I will not finishhhh , and that's just a dot on the see #sama from #Palestine #samafanofkareena #fangirl #queenofbollywood #diamondofbollywood #kareenakapoorkhan #kareenakapoor #kareena_kapoor #bebo #queen #love #l4l #ki&ka #udtapunjab #veerediwedding ... @bebomanon @nogaeladl @therealkarismakapoor @kareena.kapoorr @kareena_loove @kareenakapoor.arabiic @kareenakapoorteam #saifalikhan #diamond #diamondofbollywood #taimuralikhanpataudi @rujuta.diwekar @rheakapoor @pompyhans #indian #aamirkhan #khan @bebo__fc @kareenakkhanfc


Newwww Newwwwwww Cupcake Kareena kapoor khan Queen of everything & acting OMG ( natural beauty) she is the most beautiful women on the world words can't describe her beauty She is the queen & the Empress of the world no one love her more than me she is my everything & my Oxygen No one can live without the Oxygen so I can't live Without bebo If she request to kill my self , I will not think about that , I will kill myself because she requested that We are born in the same day and same month I'm so lucky I wish that I can see her & I wish that she see my comments on her pics and see my page what I write for her and that just a dot in the see The wonders is seven her smile is the eighth and the rest seven wonders is All kareena the life without Kareena like a planet without Oxygen People say hi while some say bye , others maybe forget you but never will I In the night We will put you Instead of the moon And the morning we will put Instead of the sun to give us the light Can't stop crying Queen of Bollywood Pride of India My queen Diva of Bollywood #sama from #Palestine #samafanofkareena #fangirl #queenofbollywood #diamondofbollywood #kareenakapoorkhan #kareenakapoor #kareena_kapoor #bebo #queen #love #l4l #ki&ka #udtapunjab #veerediwedding ... @bebomanon @nogaeladl @therealkarismakapoor @kareena.kapoorr @kareena_loove @kareenakapoor.arabiic @kareenakapoorteam #saifalikhan #diamond #diamondofbollywood #taimuralikhanpataudi @rujuta.diwekar @rheakapoor @pompyhans #indian #aamirkhan #khan #kapoor

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Ozone is a bent triatomic molecule with three vibrational modes: the symmetric stretch (1103.157 cm1), bend (701.42 cm1) and antisymmetric stretch (1042.096 cm1). The symmetric stretch and bend are weak absorbers, but the antisymmetric stretch is strong and responsible for ozone being an important minor greenhouse gas. This IR band is also used to detect ambient and atmospheric ozone although UV based measurements are more common. The electronic spectrum of ozone is quite complex. An overview can be seen at the MPI Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas of Gaseous Molecules of Atmospheric Interest. All of the bands are dissociative, meaning that the molecule falls apart to O + O2 after absorbing a photon. The most important absorption is the Hartley band, extending from slightly above 300 nm down to slightly above 200 nm. It is this band that is responsible for absorbing UV C in the stratosphere. On the high wavelength side, the Hartley band transitions to the so-called Huggins band, which falls off rapidly until disappearing by ~360 nm. Above 400 nm, extending well out into the NIR, are the Chappius and Wulf bands. There, unstructured absorption bands are useful for detecting high ambient concentrations of ozone, but are so weak that they do not have much practical effect. There are additional absorption bands in the far UV, which increase slowly from 200 nm down to reaching a maximum at ~120 nm.

Ozone generators are used to produce ozone for cleaning air or removing smoke odours in unoccupied rooms. These ozone generators can produce over 3 g of ozone per hour. Ozone often forms in nature under conditions where O2 will not react. Ozone used in industry is measured in mol/mol (ppm, parts per million), nmol/mol (ppb, parts per billion), g/m3, mg/h (milligrams per hour) or weight percent. The regime of applied concentrations ranges from 1% to 5% (in air) and from 6% to 14% (in oxygen) for older generation methods. New electrolytic methods can achieve up 20% to 30% dissolved ozone concentrations in output water. Temperature and humidity play a large role in how much ozone is being produced using traditional generation methods (such as corona discharge and ultraviolet light). Old generation methods will produce less than 50% of nominal capacity if operated with humid ambient air, as opposed to very dry air. New generators, using electrolytic methods, can achieve higher purity and dissolution through using water molecules as the source of ozone production.