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#alteregoboyfriendsFAentry Taekook AU of @xxerru Do not repost pleaseu, i thought i have no more hair, not to mention i lose some layers because my laptop freezing and no chance to save it. . I might or might not post the nsfw version. . I enjoy drawing this, thanks for holding this event hazel, im trying to get out my comfort zone and this is a challenge to myself. . #btsfanart #taekook #taekookfanart #vkook

SWIPESo me and @wooman95

SWIPESo me and @wooman95 have been planning this mini collab forever and she was more than happy to do alteregoboyfriends concept with me im stoked. She drew her babe jungkook and i drew my babe tete. !!!SWIPE for her version and a close up!!!I mean. U know those latest pics with tetes boobs like peaking....amazing. insfired. Enjoy this boob show. Everyone *laughs evily in hidden* . .everyone i forgot to tag her but the second photo is by @wooman95 please show her some love!. . #alteregoboyfriends #taehyung #taehyungfanart #v #vfanart #bts #btsfanart #btsart #drawing #art #digitalart #digitalpainting #anime #manga #speedpainting #speedpaint #digitalportrait #semirealism #semirealistic #fantasy #wacom #photoshop #taekook #taekookfanart #vkook #vkookfanart #vkookart #kookv #jungkook #jungkookfanart

 Ahhh Bangtan's comeback

Ahhh Bangtan's comeback is next month, I'm not ready, but it looks so gooddd . Since the BTS 2017 Summer Package is finally out I decided to do fanart for Tae and JK I ordered a friend a copy of summer package but I might have to keep it for myself . For more fanart like this, pls follow me on KPOP and ARMY Amino: @/mangamegs . If you like this fanart, pls comment ur favourite #bts era!! . { #taekook #vkook #taekookfanart #vkookfanart #kpop #polaroid }

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