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Alfa Romeo SZ, a car Rolls-Royce SZ and Bentley SZ, a series of different cars produced 1980-2003 by Rolls-Royce Motors and Bentley Motors Limited SZ cycle-car, a Soviet/Russian microcar series including SZA and SZD SZ, a model from Sony's range of VAIO computers Sprite Zero, a diet soft drink

.sz, the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Swaziland Shenzhou (spacecraft), the Chinese space capsule SunyaevZel'dovich effect, in astrophysics Suzuki groups, a family of mathematical groups Suzuki sporadic group, a mathematical group

In Polish orthography, sz represents a voiceless retroflex fricative //. Although being a different consonant, it is usually approximated by English speakers with the "sh" sound. It usually corresponds to or in other Slavic languages. Like other Polish digraphs, it is not considered a single letter for collation purposes. sz should not be confused with (or s followed by i), termed "soft sh", a voiceless alveolo-palatal fricative //.

Sz is the thirty-second letter of the Hungarian alphabet. Its name is (using English pronunciation with letter romanization) "ess" in the alphabet. It represents /s/. Thus, names like Liszt are pronounced /list/ list. In Hungarian, even if two characters are put together to make a different sound, they are considered one letter (a true digraph), and even acronyms keep the letter intact. Hungarian usage of s and sz is almost the reverse of the Polish usage. In Hungarian, s represents // (a sound similar to //). Therefore, the Hungarian capital of Budapest is natively pronounced (/budpt/), rhyming with standard English fleshed rather than pest. There is also a zs in Hungarian, which is the last (forty-fourth) letter of the alphabet, following z.

All models came with an hybrid graphics system, which features an integrated GMA 950 graphics and an Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 (later replaced with GeForce 8400M) graphics and were the first to be able to switch between the two with a reboot of the system. The chip-sets of SZ series have two basic modifications. There are different BIOS and chipset drivers available. The Napa chip-set line is installed in makes SZ1 to SZ4 and Santa Rosa is installed in SZ5 and up. Most other hardware parts are gradually upgraded with increasing series number. Typically, the original drivers for advanced series are backward compatible with previous variants. Those drivers contain code for earlier hardware variants and can be installed instead of older driver packages. It is particularly useful since earlier series were not designed for Vista or Windows 7 OS. Sony download pages for earlier SZ series don't have drivers for these systems. All SZ series are capable to run Windows 7 OS if proper RAM and BIOS upgrades are performed. SZ peripheral hardware contained: Bluetooth, WiFi, Landline modem, WLAN modem, Ethernet, Built-in web camera, memory card reader, fingerprint reader, audio, TPM module, Sony programmable IO module, ALPS touchpad. The SZ series was superseded by the Z series (high-end, 13.1" screen) and SR series (lower cost, 13.3" screen) in 2008.