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Termina (, Tarumina) is the name of a parallel world, or alternate reality, to Hyrule in Majora's Mask. The land has very similar geography to that of Hyrule and many of the characters are identical to the characters in Ocarina of Time. Notably, the Lost Woods appears in both games. The differences are the names of the locations and in Termina, there are four distinct regions, one in every compass direction, and the main town, Clock Town, in the center. Death Mountain and Woodfall are a pair, Ikana Canyon and the Gerudo Desert are a pair, the Great Bay and Lake Hylia, and Snowhead Mountain corresponds to Zora's Domain.

Bulblins (, Buruburin) are a green, horned race, resembling the orcs of classic fantasy. They are cowardly and always fight for the stronger side. They are led by King Bulblin (, Kingu Buruburin), who unlike the rest has the ability to talk. Bulblins usually fight with heavy clubs or flaming arrows, and commonly ride on boars. They first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. At the end of the final battle between Link and King Bublin, he speaks to Link, and Midna responds to this, saying "Link... He spoke". King Bulblin appears as an obstacle in the Bridge of Eldin stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Hylians (, Hairia-zoku) are an elf-like race that make up the main population of Hyrule. They were the first race to establish organized civilization in ancient Hyrule and are born with magic-infused blood, said to be a gift from the goddesses, endowing them with psychic powers and skill in wizardry. Their long, pointed ears allow them to hear messages from these goddesses, though this may be simply folklore. Link and Princess Zelda belong to this race in all games of the series. In some games, such as Twilight Princess, Hylians are referred to as "humans". In Skyward Sword, Hylians live on a floating island known as Skyloft and are accompanied by bird-like species called Loftwings. In "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", much of the Hylian race was wiped out after the strike of Calamity Ganon. Link and Princess Zelda are of the few Hylians who survived.

The Parella (, Parage-zoku) are an aquatic race from Skyward Sword who live in the underwater spiraling caverns of Lake Floria. They are a squid-like race, and look almost like the aquatic Octoroks from Ocarina of Time. Conical spirals seem to be a major part of their design, appearing as both their central body and the shape of their dwellings.