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Here it is, my Jaeger-LeC

Here it is, my Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Date. My most desired watch for 2017 is here! It's simply perfect. Look at that dial. Wow! This might be a long honeymoon with this one. One cool note about this model; they're only making these for one year. Extremely happy to have this one. If you're wanting one of these, I highly recommend you begin your chase now. #jaegerlecoultre #jaegerlecoultremastetcontrol #jlc #watchporn #wristporn #watchuseekdailywatch #watchuseek #wristsleeve #wristshot #monochrome #hondinkee #horology #watchesofinstagram #instawatch #swiss #swissmade #swisswatch #watchnerd #newwatch #newtoy #fridaywatch #wornandwound #quillandpad #watchofthenight #lecoultre #jaeger #sectordial

"Nuovi linguaggi

Trittico "Nuovi linguaggi : Amore" Ingredienti e procedimento?!? Allora....fai cuocere un pane a forma di cuore. Fatto?! BENE Fotografalo e prendi della carta stagnola per poi fotografar il tutto. Fatto?! BENE Prendi due manichini di legno (un' omo e na' donna) e mettili in diverse pose e inizia a fotografarli. Fatto?! BENE. Vai al pc per la modifica delle foto e scegliere la combinazione che pi ti entusiasmi. Fatto?! BENE Stamapa la tua combinazione in tipografia, poi ritaglia e incolla il tutto sulla tela. Fatto?! Ehmm BENE Applica le pietre in punti dove vuoi far risaltere l effetto 3D poi puoi iniziare a dipingere... E li AUGURI!!! Trittico "Nuovi linguaggi : Amore" Tecnica mista con collage pietre e acrilici. Cm 150 x 110 #handpainted #handmade #LivePainting #art #arte #lugano #style #cool #fashionblogger #logo #fashion #luxury # #styles #lucalamarca #milano #collage #surrealism #zurich #ascona #swiss

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Swiss is a member of the Star Alliance. It is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, with headquarters at EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg near Basel, Switzerland, and an office at Zurich Airport in Kloten, Switzerland. The company's registered office is in Basel. The airline uses the IATA code LX that it inherited from the Swiss regional airline Crossair (Swissair's code was SR). The ICAO code is SWR, inherited from Swissair (Crossair's was CRX), in order to keep international traffic rights.

Swiss was formed after the 2002 bankruptcy of Swissair, Switzerland's former flag carrier. Crossair had 40% of its income come from the defunct Swissair. The new airline's losses totaled US$1.6 billion from startup until 2005. Swissair's biggest creditors, Credit Suisse and UBS, sold part of Swissair's assets to Crossair, the regional counterpart to the transatlantic Swissair. At the time, both Swissair and Crossair were under the same holding company, called SAirGroup. Crossair later changed its name to Swiss International Air Lines, and the new national airline started its operations officially on 31 March 2002. The airline was first owned by institutional investors (61.3%), the Swiss Confederation (20.3%), cantons and communities (12.2%) and others (6.2%). Swiss also owns subsidiary companies Swiss Sun (100%) and Crossair Europe (99.9%). It has a total of 7,383 employees. According to Marcel Biedermann, the managing director of intercontinental markets for Swiss, there were three possibilities: stay independent as a niche carrier, shrink to an unrecognisable level, or attach onto another airline group. The last choice was taken. Swiss talked to Air France-KLM, British Airways, and Lufthansa. However, Swiss was tied up with debt and an uncertain future, and seemed to be an unattractive investment. After merging with KLM, Air France said they were too busy to deal with Swiss joining them. British Airways was open, and Oneworld partners thought Zurich Airport would be a viable alternative hub for London Heathrow. After almost a year of disputes, Swiss was finally accepted into the Oneworld airline alliance, after having been blocked by British Airways, which competes with Swiss on many long-haul routes. On 3 June 2004, Swiss announced its decision not to join Oneworld because they did not want to integrate their current frequent flyer program into British Airways' Executive Club. Furthermore, Swiss thought the relationship was one sided, where British Airways sapped out the benefits of the airline, but they would get no return.