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Kumpir-Party Kartoffeln m

Kumpir-Party Kartoffeln mit allem fllen was der Khlschrank hergibt: Hhnchen, Mais, Spinat, Karrotte, Quark und und und Das ist doch ein perfektes Sonntagsessen, wenn man nicht einkaufen kann #foodparty #sundaze

My favourite hobby... You

My favourite hobby... You guessed it; catching sunset . . Never a better feeling than that you have accomplished with what you have achieved that day; and the anticipation of what tomorrow may bring. #goodbyesun #hellomoon . . Had an incredible 2 days away at the world famous Elephant Villa. Feeling relaxed and revitalised after a few days away from all humans and just nature as our amigos; what an awesome wedding gift! . . Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, if you are looking to head to Kathmandu, our blog is now live! Check it out; . . Photo captured by @dj_coast2coast . . #sunset #ella #srilanka #tomorrowland #girlswhotravel #picoftheday #instatravel #asiatravels #nofilter #fresh #sundaze #srilankadaily #femaletravel #travelblog #F4f #fwis #bucketlist #girlsvsglobe #sunsetclub #endoftheday#ellasrilanka #travelsrilanka #asia #sidewalkerdaily

Between GOT marathons, we

Between GOT marathons, we were able to squeeze in a little photo shoot of our new textiles for F/W 2017. Couldn't wait to show you guys, what do you think?! From watercolour to real life, this project's been incredible. * * * #hechoandco #shophecho #hechoenoaxaca #hechoenmexico #fall #fallfashion #coloresdemexico #handwoven #macrame #handmade #weave #textiles #slowmade #sustainableluxury #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #scarf #vancity #squamish #fallforlocal #vancouver #vancouverisland #shoplocal #handloom #sundaze #wabisabi #stilllife #mood #sneakpeak #igs_vancity

When you've told your hus

When you've told your husband a million times to not let the outside without a leash because he takes off ... lounging and enjoying my Sunday while Dustin searches the neighborhood for Goose #wivesbelike #alwaysright #sundaze #runawaygolden

I'm sittin' on the dock o

I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay Watching the tide roll away Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay Wastin' time #otisredding #lyrics #relax #bigbearlake #sundaze Love my bffffff @dovie_leroy for being as adventurous as I am

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Label founders Bob Irwin and his wife Mary started the label in 1989. Irwin's skill at restoring old vinyl records for the (then new) CD format, attracted the attention of major labels, who increasingly solicited him to help them re-issue material from their back catalogs. He helped Sony Music release their archival Legacy Records label. Later, his restoration work included early material by the likes of Bob Dylan, Nancy Sinatra, and the Byrds. Irwin also worked at Arista for a time. The first Sundazed releases were 1960s recordings by the Knickerbockers and the Five Americans, and reflected Irwin's personal preference for garage rock and surf music. Later releases included the albums of the Turtles, the Challengers, Liverpool Five, and Jan and Dean's long-lost album Save for a Rainy Day. The company reissued the complete catalog of LPs by New Orleans funk pioneers the Meters on vinyl and CD. The label later ventured into country music, including extensive reissues of Capitol Records albums by Buck Owens and other acts including Jimmy Bryant. Sundazed also issued vintage jazz guitar albums through their Euphoria label. Sundazed also reissued the Columbia Moby Grape albums, but were immediately forced to withdraw the first three albums due to legal disputes. They also reissued Oar by Skip Spence, and released the long-lost Columbia sessions by the group Love. In 2009, they signed Morly Grey to reissue The Only Truth.

Stewart and Bringas became acquainted during the mid-1950s as students at Inglewood High School (about ten miles south of Hollywood). They discovered some complementary musical talents and struck up a friendship. Encouraged by their singing compatibility, they were determined to secure a recording contract. They eventually came to the attention of Arwin Records/Daywin Music in 1962. Actress-singer Doris Day and her husband, film producer Marty Melcher, owned Arwin Records and Daywin Music. Their son, Terry Melcher, had just been hired by Columbia Records as an A&R (artist and repertoire) producer. Arwin Records vice-president Bob Crystal saw potential in Stewart and Bringas' voices, and quickly arranged for an audition at Columbia Records. Following the audition, Terry Melcher signed Stewart and Bringas to a recording contract at Columbia. Their moniker, the Opposites, seemed apropos at the time because Bringas was studying for the ministry and Stewart was a private detective. But shortly before their first release, the name was changed to the Rip Chords. The change was prompted by concerns that the Opposites could falsely imply a positive versus negative image of the two friends. According to Melcher, "Actually, I gave them the name and it was just a play on words. It had nothing to do with the TV show Ripcord (spelled without the h)." The Rip Chords were a vocal group. They were not a band (no musical instruments, although Stewart played limited guitar). Accordingly, Stewart and Bringas needed to be backed instrumentally by studio musicians. These musicians, including guitarist Glen Campbell, drummer Hal Blaine, and bassist Ray Pohlman, and other prominent instrumentalists, were known as the Wrecking Crew.