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 I was really eager to tr

I was really eager to try out @kissbobobras push up stick on bra because I've always struggled with sticky bras *just sticking there* and not giving me any cleavage so I'm excited about this! You can purchase on Amazon #kissbobo #straplessbra #invisiblebra #pushupbra #ad

Hi everyone  So I see @ki

Hi everyone So I see @kissbobobras everywhere and I decided to check it too Did you try it ? I need to say it is perfect for any style ,special backless dresses or shirts.I was wearing it on this photo shooting other day because It is so hot here in Dubai so I didn't want to wear anything under this shirt so this bra helped me get this look I have something under it is so comfy so you get my approval Just be careful to apply it ,to apply it really really good And you can find it on Amazon sale right now just for $8.99 @kissbobobras Cao svima kako ste mi ,dosta vas me je pitalo sta mislim o ovom grudnjaku I napokon sam ga nabavila da isprobam Moram reci da imate moje odobrenje,super je za bilo koji stil, pogotovo haljine I majice bez lea . Ja sam ga neki dan nosila ispod kosulje da dobijem look kao da imam nesto ispod , jer je ovde toliko vruce da zelim sto manje stvari na sebi Samo budite pazljivi da ga lijepo stavite I da se lijepo zalijepi jer ne zelite da vam spadne u pola frke Volim vas puno sve pisite mi da li ste ga probale I nosile love you all :) #kissbobo #kissbobobras #straplessbra #invisiblebra #love


{U-SHAPE} PUSH UP BRA ====================================== PAB Fabric U-Bra (PUSH UP) (RM79.90) PROMOTION 2RM139 To Order / For more details: (Colour: Nude, Black) (Code; PAB-NB09) (Cup Size: A|B| OR C|D) READY STOCK FREE SHIPPING GUIDANCE HOW TO WEAR GUIDANCE HOW TO CLEAN ----------------------------------------------------------- IMPROVED VERSION ! Super Low U Cut Design Conceal your bra under Low Cut Dress Built in PUSH UP Padding Transparent side wing for better secure Better Fit Better Shape for Asian ----------------------------------------------------- ALL: ALL Padded Bra () >Fuller Shape Instant One Size Up! ALL Push Up Bra () >Extra Omphh,Enhance cleavage, more lifting! Light & Thin () >Extra light, comfy! Bra Casing #PABBRA #beautyone #stickonbra #invisiblebra #malaysiastickonbra #nubra #siliconebra #pushupBra #paddedbra #straplessbra #eggcase #bracasing #FREESHIPPING #READYSTOCK


NEW ARRIVAL PATRICIA DRESS 200.000 #evestorepatricia Tersedia dalam 3 warna dan 4 ukuran GREEN S/M/L/XL PINK S/M/L/XL WINE RED S/M/L/XL material: polyster Sleeve: spaghetti straps Silhoutte: bodycon Cocok untuk pesta prom and wedding! . #straplessbra #brapesta #braparty #jualbodycondress #jualbrapesta #jualbrainvisible #pushupbra #jualbralette #jualanbra #freebra #dressbodycon #jualpushupbra #transparanbra #jualdressbodycon #bralette #bodycondress #jualtanktop #straplessbramurah #dressmurah#jualseamlessbra #jualbratempel #jualdress #jualfreebra #lacebra #laceinner #lacebralette #lacebra #bodyconmurah #jualtanktop


NEW ARRIVAL PATRICIA DRESS 200.000 #evestorepatricia Tersedia dalam 3 warna dan 4 ukuran GREEN S/M/L/XL PINK S/M/L/XL WINE RED S/M/L/XL material: polyster Sleeve: spaghetti straps Silhoutte: bodycon Cocok untuk pesta prom and wedding! . #straplessbra #brapesta #braparty #jualbodycondress #jualbrapesta #jualbrainvisible #pushupbra #jualbralette #jualanbra #freebra #dressbodycon #jualpushupbra #transparanbra #jualdressbodycon #bralette #bodycondress #jualtanktop #straplessbramurah #dressmurah#jualseamlessbra #jualbratempel #jualdress #jualfreebra #lacebra #laceinner #lacebralette #lacebra #bodyconmurah #jualtanktop

Babes, I am soooo happy w

Babes, I am soooo happy with my new strapless, backless and adjustable bra from @kissbobobras!.#ad (Doing the happy dance) Just bring on those OTS tops, backless dresses and tank tops! Those visible bra straps were seriously working my last nerve and made me avoid wearing any cute summer tops. I've tried numerous other strapless bras but find that they all dig into my skin just to stay in place. Also, none of them give that gorge pushup effect like this bra does. You seriously have to try it yourself, but let me warn you -- once you try this bra, you won't want anything else! It's the ideal solution to our girlie bra strap dilemma. To order your own, just go to or simply type in'Kissbobo'on Go ahead girls...Spoil those boobies. #kissbobobra #kissbobo #straplessbra #invisiblebra #bra

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#repost via @stylebyraysagarcia " Friday moodCheck out this amazing bra @kissbobobras on Amazon (on sale) how to make any style perfect at ease. @kissbobobras has become my perfect partner in crime, because it's backless, strapless and drawstring to offer the most perfect fit #kissbobo #kissbobobras #straplessbra #invisiblebra #bra"

It's not every day that I

It's not every day that I get to slap on a dress and head out for a night on the town. In this instance, just for an hour or so. I got to get all jazzed up and headed to @uptownminneapolis and I was only gone for a little over an hour. Had a total blast! And as I walked into the house once getting home I noticed everything was silent. And normally it's a loud and glorious madhouse. I'm used to the kids hearing the quietest peep and running to the door to greet me when I've been away for even a short amount of time. But the chaos was missing. So, I walked to the kitchen and beheld the most glorious sight. My husband and our crew of 5 were sitting out on our back patio eating hamburgers and enjoying one another's company. Laughing, chatting, grabbing for condiments. Food all over the ground and huge smiles on faces. My heart lept with anticipation to join them. I opened the patio door and had 5 littles instantly scream and run to me at the door with hugs and kisses galore (mind you, I was gone for only 1 hour .) As I kissed my husband hello, he asked if I had fun (and of course, I did) and he said if I wanted to head back out, I could. I looked at him, and the beaming faces surrounding the table and replied, "There is no place I'd rather be than right here, right now." Look at all the blessings around you in this very moment and be thankful to God for all the good things. By the way, I've had this dress for YEARS and could never wear it because frankly... #brastraps. And then the loveliness of @kissbobobras found its way to me. And if you've ever heard of my analogy of a nursing moms "blessing" post breastfeeding ... just imagine a garden hose. So #kissbobobras have been awesome and now, I can wear my fav dress (while keeping the hoses in place .) You can get them right on @amazon + they are on sale right now! #kissbobo to the rescue! #invisiblebra #straplessbra #adhesivebra

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Following the Ottoman defeat at World War I, the Ottoman capital Constantinople (modern Istanbul) and much of Anatolia were occupied by the Allies, who planned to share these lands between Armenia, France, Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom, leaving for the Turks the core piece of land in central Anatolia. In response, the leader of the Turkish nationalist movement, Mustafa Kemal Atatrk, established the headquarters of his resistance movement in Ankara in 1920. After the Turkish War of Independence was won and the Treaty of Svres was superseded by the Treaty of Lausanne, the Turkish nationalists replaced the Ottoman Empire with the Republic of Turkey on 29 October 1923. A few days earlier, Ankara had officially replaced Constantinople as the new Turkish capital city, on 13 October 1923. After Ankara became the capital of the newly founded Republic of Turkey, new development divided the city into an old section, called Ulus, and a new section, called Yeniehir. Ancient buildings reflecting Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman history and narrow winding streets mark the old section. The new section, now centered on Kzlay Square, has the trappings of a more modern city: wide streets, hotels, theaters, shopping malls, and high-rises. Government offices and foreign embassies are also located in the new section. Ankara has experienced a phenomenal growth since it was made Turkey's capital in 1923, when it was "a small town of no importance". In 1924, the year after the government had moved there, Ankara had about 35,000 residents. By 1927 there were 44,553 residents and by 1950 the population had grown to 286,781. Ankara continued to grow rapidly during the latter half of the 20th century and eventually outranked Izmir as Turkey's second largest city, after Istanbul. Ankara's urban population reached 4,587,558 in 2014, while the population of Ankara Province reached 5,150,072 in 2015.

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