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This is my life , this is

This is my life , this is my journey , this is my story , this is my history , this is my human nature , this is my dream , this is why I have survived on my own , I am ALI born biologically by @muhammadali , I am his only SON , I have a story to tell , I need HELP for my LIFE has been under attack since I was a CHILD , I am MAN , SEE MY TRUTH WITH YOUR EYES OPENED . JUSTICE , FREEDOM & PEACE for all #muhammadali #ibnmuhammadali #blood #son #child #birth #dad #olympics #boxing #sports #champion #gold #medal #survivor #real #life #story #freedom #peace #love #help #survivor #justice #world #humanrights #truthseekers #gameofthrones

Pada sebilah rindu
Aku me

Pada sebilah rindu Aku membatu Pada semerbak pilu Aku merayu Pada gurauan bayu Aku tersipu Pada samudera candu Aku mengadu Pada selarik rengkuh Aku berteduh Pada Ngarai sayu Aku terpasung Pada semesta ragu Aku jemu Jakarta, 2 Mei 2017 ~ Taken and narrated by @istiana_nurul In frame @ayushillaby ~ #poem #puisi #karya #nurulistiana #UNBK #hardiknas #Jakarta #hijaber #hijabers #Indonesia #Moslem #diary #love #story #aepublishing #medanberpuisi #peribahasaid #writersofinstagram #writer #author Repost @istiana_nurul

Halli Hallo

Wir ihr seh

Halli Hallo Wir ihr sehen knnt kommen die Bingos heute schon eher on! Das liegt daran, dass ich mich heute anders organisiert habe! Ich vermute aber das das auf gar keinen Fall jetzt jeden Tag so wird...naja #qotd Willst du mal nach Venedig? #aotd Wenn es klappt, klar #bingo #story #bingostory #storytask #germany #bingotask #task #bingos #storybingo @yeah.bingos @momentbegleiter @bingo.goalz @bestbingostorys @idkbingos @wow.bingos @steadybingo @story.task @cutie.helper @farbenozean @bingotasks @holybingos @galaxy.tasks @aloah.tasks @tm_bingo @bingounicornn @peachlyglitter @snappyhelper @slaffybingos @bingomomente @bingoheart @bingo.bubble @bestbingostorys @bingo__queen @bingofavs

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regram @gendhukstory Selamat pagi... Semangat teruss.. Semoga hari ini lebih baik... . Hai kenyataan terindahku... Iya kamu adalah kenyataan terindahku yang selalu kunantikan.... Kamu yang masih dirahasiakan keberadaannya, namanya, dan rupanya... Kini aku menantimu... Menanti dengan dikelilingi kenyataan indah yang lainnya... . Kenyataan terindah akan selalu hadir saat kamu mensyukuri setiap nikmat... Mulai bisa terbangun lagi dan memejamkan mata kembali... . #quote #motivasi #kartunmuslim #karaktermuslimah #deaigndakwah #design #artwork #character #me #muslimah #muslim #story #mystory #design #cartoon #branding #instagram #instalike #gendhuk #gendhukstory #islam #posterdakwah #nikah #nikahasik #jomblo

Barong, una creatura mist

Barong, una creatura mistica, dalla schiena ricurva e con la coda, rappresenta il principio positivo, il protettore dellumanit, la gloria del sole alto, e gli spiriti associati con la magia bianca e con ci che giusto. La vedova e strega Rangda il suo contrario. Governa gli spiriti maligni e le streghe che cacciano nei cimiteri a notte fonda. Il suo habitat loscurit, specializzta nella pratica della magia nera, e detiene la forza distruttiva. Ambedue le figure sono di sostanza terrena, ma possiedono la stessa straordinaria abilit nella magia. In un qualche momento di un passato mitico, il Barong si mise dalla parte dellumanit e, nello spettacolo, combatte dalla parte della gente contro linvadente forza mortale di Rangda. #barong #bali #indonesia #story #mithology

Yazu and Shane 
Yazu is a

Yazu and Shane Yazu is a pure evil anomaly that came from the unintentional creation of chaos caused by a bunch of drunk, childish new gods.Terrified and scared, one of them quickly took action and locked it away inside of a human body prison, sending it away to a hellish realm where souls and spirits are converted into raw power. Laughing and joking, they wiped their sweat and never spoke of it again. Unfortunately, a piece of her escaped before she was imprisoned, and was swept up by an unknowing cherub that was cleaning the gods creation chamber, and thrown into the void, where it landed on planet earth and infected an unsuspecting boy called Shane. Although the piece of Yazu successfully implanted itself, it didn't have any where near enough power to overtake the child and watched the world from his eyes. Shane, a pure kindred spirit who was consistently bullied yet never stood up for himself, had a love for nature and animals. He would always be optimistic and nurturing although he came from a broken home and was picked apart from his classmates. But as the bullying became worse, and a bully killed his animal friend, Yazu's evil energy burst, wanting revenge having grown to like the boy, and mutated him, overtaking him completely and killing several students. Meanwhile, the prison Yazu is locked inside became weaker and weaker, and she soon became climbing the ranks of destroying those in her path whilst continuing to pretend she was nothing but a sad little damsel destined into being converted into energy. I'd write more, but theres just too much. #shane #yazu #OC #characters #story #plot

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In the United States Story, Arkansas, an unincorporated community Story, Indiana, an unincorporated community Story, Missouri, a ghost town Story, Nebraska, an unincorporated community Story, Wyoming, a census-designated place Story City, Iowa Story County, Iowa Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story, an army base in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Story (magazine), an American literary magazine published 19311961 and 19892000 The Story with Dick Gordon, a radio interview program that debuted in 2006 Story, one of the main characters in the 2006 film Lady in the Water Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting, a screenwriting guide by Robert McKee. Story (New Zealand), a television programme The Stories, by Jane Gardam 2014 The Stories, by Joseph Conrad The Stories, by F. Scott Fitzgerald The Stories of Ray Bradbury, by Ray Bradbury 1980 The Stories of John Cheever, by John Cheever 1978 The Story (short film), by John Little 2000

Story, 1970 album by Honeybus Story (Eric Clapton album), compilation, 1991 Story (Amorphis album), compilation, 2000 A Story, 1997 album by Yoko Ono, recorded in 1974 Stories (Gloria Gaynor album), 1980 Stories (A Narada Artist Collection), 1998 compilation Stories (Randy Stonehill album), compilation Stories (Avicii album), 2015 Stories (Mayumi Iizuka album), 2008 Stories (Addison Road album), 2010 Stories (EP), an EP by Chris Brokaw Stories, album by John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers 2002 Stories, album by The Bunny the Bear 2013 The Story, album by Bizzy Bone 2006 The Story (Brandi Carlile album), 2007 The Story (Runrig album), 2016

"Story", a song by Leddra Chapman from her 2009 album Telling Tales "Story", a song by Drake White from his 2016 album Spark "Story", a 2005 song by P-Square from their album Get Squared "Story", B-side of the "Makes Me Wonder" single by Maroon 5 "Stories" (Boney M. song), 1990 single "Stories" (Therapy? song), 1995 single "Stories", song by Trapt from their 2002 album Trapt "Stories", a song from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas "The Story", song by 30 Seconds to Mars from their album A Beautiful Lie "The Story" (song), 2007, by Brandi Carlile from her album The Story "The Story", a song by Limp Bizkit from The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) "The Story", a 1970 song by Derrick Morgan "The Story", a 1982 song by The Passions

Short stories have no set length. In terms of word count there is no official demarcation between an anecdote, a short story, and a novel. Rather, the form's parameters are given by the rhetorical and practical context in which a given story is produced and considered, so that what constitutes a short story may differ between genres, countries, eras, and commentators. Like the novel, the short story's predominant shape reflects the demands of the available markets for publication, and the evolution of the form seems closely tied to the evolution of the publishing industry and the submission guidelines of its constituent houses. The short story has been considered both an apprenticeship form preceding more lengthy works, and a crafted form in its own right, collected together in books of similar length, price, and distribution to novels. Short story writers may define their works as part of the artistic and personal expression of the form. They may also attempt to resist categorization by genre and fixed formation.