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Today I woke up feeling d

Today I woke up feeling depressed, which was really strange for me. I'm usually an anxiety kind guy.. _ And I noticed, that when I'm depressed, it's almost always after a big change, or healing period, or transformation, but before I've learned how to be in the world with my new perspective on life. _ It's almost like a holding ground in between two selves, one disappeared and one seeding into existence. _ So today, I take my depression as a sign of hope and growth, and I rest for now as a new me births into existence. _ Happy lows. _ In light of my day, I did a vlog about Depression, my experience with it and some things that helped me get through it. Link is in the bio! . . . #tb b&w on #35mm taken by the amazing @taylorfox9 . #spiritual#spiritualgangster#mantra#purpose#vibe#soulfood#soulfamily#oneness#youniverse#love#chakra#awakening#tribe#soulfamily#mantra#yoga#healing#vegan#inspiration#spirit#loverevolution#inspirstion#hope#joy#abundance#daily#chakra

This girl right here?? He

This girl right here?? Held it down for a Yout Taught me how to love and accept life from a different perspective Fed me and my Yout Maintained my Mane Heard my cries, confessions, thoughts and concerns Kept it real even when through my tough headedness True Ace Boon right here forreal Wouldn't know what I'd do without you and yours I'm bless forreal Thanks For everything ! Trust .. this is only the beginning #RealWomanWednesday #UAK #GenuineQueen #spiritualgangster #Rayne #Motivator #RoadToGoodLiving #BurningMan #Insider #WomanCompanionWednesday #SoundsGood #thatswhatilike

Calming Love Buddha Heali

Calming Love Buddha Healing Bracelet Made with genuine Rose Quartz & Howlite with pewter Buddha accent. Relieves anxiety, calms, heals broken hearts, opens your heart to new love & teaches patience, helps to eliminate rage, pain and stress as well as helps aid in sleeping. A gorgeous mix of love & calm #hollyholistic #dubaiyoga #yogadubai #rosequartz #howlite #buddha #buddhajewelry #ohm #freespirit #love #crystalhealing #crystalsdubai #crystaltherapy #healingjewelry #dubai #mydubai #meditationdubai #calming #positivevibes #goodenergy #hippiechic #spiritualgangster #moonchild #wellness #wellnessindubai #uaehealthmovement #uaewellnessmovement

Eleven years ago this kid

Eleven years ago this kid made me a mom. We are in the middle of a long stretch away but I had to go scoop him up today for some birthday fun He's my light, my first baby, my mini-me, my challenger. If I'm being real, it's hard on days like today not to worry too much about how my choices will effect his life. But I breathe deep, I love him with all my heart, and I remember wherever he is, that's my home . . . #mrblueeyes #happybirthday #boom #spiritual #spiritualgangster #hippie #moderndayhippie #beyou #bereal #belove #gratitude #inspiration #inspire #noexpectations #nofear #happiness #loveoneanother #allyouneedislove #lovewins #love #life #beautifuldisaster #best #divorce #momlife #singlemomlife #bossbabe #momboss #doyouknowheatherfrick

One. RP: @hiphophoney_


One. RP: @hiphophoney_ We should always encourage others that it's never too late for growth. I'm all for any kind of growth period. Even though I'm still working on myself daily, I try to motivate the people in my life. I will always support and inspire because it's never too late to progress. I want to see everyone succeed and be happy. Just remember you're worthy. "Much success to you, even if you wish me the opposite" -Nas #higherconsciousness #vibratehigher #spiritualawakening #spiritualgangster #encourage #intellectual #emotional #artistic #spiritualgrowth #worthy #determination #mindset #knowledgeofself #knowledgeispower #staywoke #staypositive #positivevibes #positivemind #focused #perception #conciousness #workinprogress #lawofattraction #mindbodysoul #soulfood #elevation #Namaste

"I'm don't have TIME!" I'

"I'm don't have TIME!" I'm ALWAYS busy!" EXCUSESEXCUSES I can PROMISE you, I AM NO DIFFERENT THAN YOU! Between my day job, my coaching business, spending time with my ill mother pretty much almost daily, spending time with my boyfriend, seeing my friends, laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping etc.. I get it!! . My time is stretched VERY thin too! But you can bet your booty I make time for ME!! . It could be very easy for me to make excuse after excuse why I can't workout. But I know without making myself a priority to eat healthy and workout regularly I feel like crap & I can't keep up with all the priorities in my life! . PLUS I'm doing myself a disservice by not being grateful for the healthy body I have been blessed with and taking it for granted!! At any moment, we don't know what tomorrow will bring! After seeing my mom suffer through her early onset dementia diagnosis you can bet any amount of money I am not taking my health for granted and doing everything I possibly can to treat my body ! . . . . . #donutsarelife #longhairdontcare #diyideas #diyhair #diynails #yogavibes #budgettravel #budgeting #furmom #fitfurmom #hikingfun #hikingday #recoveryjourney #selfhelp #empowermentofwomen #wanderluster #poodlemom #tacojunkie #fitdogmom #ketogeniclife #spiritualgangster #gypsysoul #yogapants #tinytattoos #spiritualgangster #hippiegirl #liveyourtruth #freespirit #liveauthentic #meditation

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SS Obersturmfhrer Kurt Gerstein, of the Institute for Hygiene of the Waffen-SS, during the war told a Swedish diplomat of life in a death camp, of how, on 19 August 1942, he arrived at Belzec extermination camp (which was equipped with carbon monoxide gas chambers) and was shown the unloading of 45 train cars filled with 6,700 Jews, many already dead, but the rest were marched naked to the gas chambers, where: Unterscharfhrer Hackenholt was making great efforts to get the engine running. But it doesn't go. Captain Wirth comes up. I can see he is afraid, because I am present at a disaster. Yes, I see it all and I wait. My stopwatch showed it all, 50 minutes, 70 minutes, and the diesel [engine] did not start. The people wait inside the gas chambers. In vain. They can be heard weeping, "like in the synagogue", says Professor Pfannenstiel, his eyes glued to a window in the wooden door. Furious, Captain Wirth lashes the Ukrainian (Trawniki) assisting Hackenholt twelve, thirteen times, in the face. After 2 hours and 49 minutes the stopwatch recorded it all the diesel started. Up to that moment, the people shut up in those four crowded chambers were still alive, four times 750 persons, in four times 45 cubic meters. Another 25 minutes elapsed. Many were already dead, that could be seen through the small window, because an electric lamp inside lit up the chamber for a few moments. After 28 minutes, only a few were still alive. Finally, after 32 minutes, all were dead ... Dentists [then] hammered out gold teeth, bridges, and crowns. In the midst of them stood Captain Wirth. He was in his element, and, showing me a large can full of teeth, he said: "See, for yourself, the weight of that gold! It's only from yesterday, and the day before. You can't imagine what we find every day dollars, diamonds, gold. You'll see for yourself!" Kurt Gerstein Auschwitz Camp Commandant Rudolf Hss reported that the first time Zyklon B gas was used on the Jews, many suspected they were to be killed despite having been deceived into believing they were to be deloused and then returned to the camp. As a result, the Nazis identified and isolated "difficult individuals" who might alert the prisoners, and removed them from the mass lest they incite revolt among the deceived majority of prisoners en route to the gas chambers. The "difficult" prisoners were led to a site out of view to be killed off discreetly. A prisoner Sonderkommando (Special Detachment) effected in the processes of extermination; they encouraged the Jews to undress without a hint of what was about to happen. They accompanied them into the gas chambers outfitted to appear as shower rooms (with nonworking water nozzles, and tile walls); and remained with the victims until just before the chamber door closed. To psychologically maintain the "calming effect" of the delousing deception, an SS man stood at the door until the end. The Sonderkommando talked to the victims about life in the camp to pacify the suspicious ones, and hurried them inside; to that effect, they also assisted the aged and the very young in undressing. To further persuade the prisoners that nothing harmful was happening, the Sonderkommando deceived them with small talk about friends or relations who had arrived in earlier transports. Many young mothers hid their infants beneath their piled clothes fearing that the delousing "disinfectant" might harm them. Camp Commandant Hss reported that the "men of the Special Detachment were particularly on the look-out for this", and encouraged the women to take their children into the "shower room". Likewise, the Sonderkommando comforted older children who might cry "because of the strangeness of being undressed in this fashion". Yet, not every prisoner was deceived by such psychological tactics; Commandant Hss spoke of Jews "who either guessed, or knew, what awaited them, nevertheless ... [they] found the courage to joke with the children, to encourage them, despite the mortal terror visible in their own eyes". Some women would suddenly "give the most terrible shrieks while undressing, or tear their hair, or scream like maniacs"; the Sonderkommando immediately took them away for execution by shooting. In such circumstances, others, meaning to save themselves at the gas chamber's threshold, betrayed the identities and "revealed the addresses of those members of their race still in hiding". Once the door of the filled gas chamber was sealed, pellets of Zyklon B were dropped through special holes in the roof. Regulations required that the Camp Commandant supervise the preparations, the gassing (through a peephole), and the aftermath looting of the corpses. Commandant Hss reported that the gassed victims "showed no signs of convulsion"; the Auschwitz camp physicians attributed that to the "paralyzing effect on the lungs" of the Zyklon-B gas, which killed before the victim began suffering convulsions. As a matter of political training, some high-ranked Nazi Party leaders and SS officers were sent to AuschwitzBirkenau to witness the gassings; Hss reported that "all were deeply impressed by what they saw ... [yet some] ... who had previously spoken most loudly, about the necessity for this extermination, fell silent once they had actually seen the 'final solution of the Jewish problem'." As the Auschwitz Camp Commandant Rudolf Hss justified the extermination by explaining the need for "the iron determination with which we must carry out Hitler's orders"; yet saw that even "[Adolf] Eichmann, who certainly [was] tough enough, had no wish to change places with me."