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8.18.17-1813: OMG! Just c

8.18.17-1813: OMG! Just came back from Korea and moved back into the dorms and found this gem all moved into halsey st!!! GUYS! I have never had such an amazing bowl before with such good customer service, amazing quantity with AMAZING quality !! Cheaper than most places and soo much more aesthetically pleasing! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! #pitaya #bowl #sogood #flower #aesthetics #sweetandgreen #cafe #new #go #sueshieats #summer

Come on Chili's!!!!!! The

Come on Chili's!!!!!! These Buffalo Cauliflower nuggets make you wanna slap somebody! Lol hahahaha can you believe its not meat?? Thats crazy? It taste so good!!!! Like O.M to da GGGGGG!!! . . Im trying hard to do the no meat life but i cant give up on the chicken and seafood:( At least not right now. But these Cauliflower nuggets can fool you! They are so good. Better than a chicken nugget!! Dont take my word for it. Go out to Chili's and get them yourself :) #veggie #vegan #buffalocauliflower #sogood #goodfood #chili's #bluecheese #streetcorn #veganish

Frozen mango pure and coc

Frozen mango pure and coconut milk.. homemade desserts the right way #sogood

Often clients ask if they

Often clients ask if they can keep-update their existing cabinets. In some cases, like this project, we say yes and then focus on the best design for the space. We are fans of transforming rather awkward kitchen islands into functional (and good looking!) elements in a kitchen design. Swipe to see the before. Keeping the existing cabinets we created a beautiful centerpiece for chopping, serving meals, chatting with the family, etc. The first step was to relocate the cooktop to a side wall, giving the client a large open counter top. Then we added our favorite millwork -- new applied panels, baseboard, and custom legs. A microwave drawer was retro-fitted in an existing cabinet. Brilliant blue and a soft-curved white counter top are the finishing touches. #styleconstructed .. .. .. #interiordesign #smartdesign #kitchendesign #kitchenremodel #kitcheninspo #remodel #kitchenisland #flashesofdelight #beforeandafter #transformation #design #sogood #home #tuscanbluekitchens #frederickmd #blueandwhite #mddesigner

Quark protein muffins!

Quark protein muffins! . So simple, a treat and full of protein and goodness. Yum! . For around 5 muffins you'll need: -170 gr quark -10 gr chia seeds -15 gr ground almonds -15 gr coconut flour -vanilla -1 teaspoon honey (level of sweetness is up to you) -1 egg -(optional) two teaspoons beetroot powder if you want that pinkish touch . How: Mix all the ingredients together, let it sit for 10 minutes. Bake at 180 degrees celcius for 20-25 minutes. . Guten Appetit! . #quark #muffin #london #uk #protein #coconut #food #foodporn #instafood #yum #yummy #yumyumyum #good #sogood #amazing #foodyum #followforfollow #delicious #healthy #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #foodie #gesund #gesundessen #gesundeernhrung #kokos #lowcarb

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The album was written by Ai, collaborating with American and Japanese producers. Ai collaborated with four singers: American R&B singers Jeremih, Lloyd and Bridget Kelly, as well as Malaysian Australian R&B singer Che'Nelle, who has based her career in Japan since 2011. Five of the songs are sung in Japanese, and three entirely in English. "Moriagaro," "Don't Turn Me Off" and "Gotta Get Mine" are sung in a mix of English and Japanese. Album recording took place mostly in Tokyo, as well as in West Hollywood, Atlanta and New York City. Ai worked mostly with Japanese producer Uta (who she has worked with since Viva Ai (2009)) on the songs "Hanabi," "My Place," "Sogood" and "Voice." This is the first time that Ai only worked with a single Japanese producer on an album. Ai worked with five American producers on the remaining songs. Fifty 1 Fifty produced three songs, "For You," "Top of the World" and "After the Storm." De-Capo Music Group worked on "Moriagaro," C3prod on "Mama e" and Wonda Music on "Gotta Get Mine." Ai worked together with producer D.Clax and The Exclusives on the song "My Baby."

The first single released from the album was "Voice" in February 2013. The song was used as the theme song for the drama Yak Kanransha, starring Kyka Suzuki and Yuriko Ishida. The single became a big hit, being certified by the RIAJ as a gold single a month after release. It is currently her fourth most sold physical single since her debut. It is also her last release under the then-independent EMI Music Japan. Ai followed up the single with two digital singles. The first was "Mama e," used in a Lotte chocolate commercial campaign for Mother's Day, and "After the Storm," used as the theme for the Japanese release of the Hong Kong martial arts film The Grandmaster. Three other songs were used for TV commercials. "Sogood" was used for KFC Japan commercials, "For You" for Kubota commercials, and "My Place" for Japan Rail in promotion of the Kyushu Shinkansen. "Gotta Get Mine" was also used as the July opening theme for the TV Tokyo R&B/dance program Chryha. "Top of the World" was later used as the opening theme for the TBS drama Higanjima in October 2013. Music videos were produced for the album songs "Gotta Get Mine," "Hanabi," "My Place," and "Sogood." The album was re-released on November 20, 2013, as Motto Moriagaro, featuring five additional tracks and a DJ mix CD by DJ Hirakatsu. Two of the five tracks are unpublished songs that received TV commercial tie-ups. "Get Your Hands Up" was used as the Ya-man Dancing EMS CM song and "Run Free" was used as a song promoting Reebok Reebok Classic.