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blue goo!
if you aren'

blue goo! __ if you aren't aware blue goo is an ice cream flavor. it's one of my fav flavors so i had to make a blue goo inspired slime! This slime is a mixture of a white and blue non-deflatable fluffy/butter slime. it's so soft and creamy once fully mixed together. it comes with a small plastic spoon (not the spoon featured in this vid but one like it). this is def one of my fav slimes atm and will be in our next restock!! (non-scented) __ want to purchase our slime? click the link in our bio or search!! __ first liker: @slimeclouud thank you __ only other accounts backup: @decorslimesshop collab: @beenislimers me n lias acc: @liannaandangela __ hashtags: #crunch #crunchy #crunches #crunchyslime #slimecrunches #bubbly #crunchh #crunch #crunchasmr #asmr #asmrcommunity #slime #slimeasmr #asmrslime #slimeusa #slimey #slimeshop #slimer #slimevid #slimevideo #slimebakery #slimeamerica #slimeindonesia #slimediy #diyslime #pleasing #satisfying #oddlysatisfying



PURPLE ICEBERG SWIRL okay so a little change of plans, I'm going to do a huge restock with a BUNCH of scents and butter slimes, slushy and microfoam! I can't wait! I might also add 6oz containers to some! riddle: what travels around the world but stays in one spot? yesterday: small wanna buy some slime? Link in bio! fc: [24.6k] main: @swirled_slime backup: @swirled_sliime tags because why not: #slimetutorial #aqreport #slime #slimelover #slime #slimeusa #jigglyslime #purpleslime #slime #slimevid #slimelove #asmr #relaxing #talisatossell #crazyslimerepost #creamcheeseslime #slimeyypearlrepost #slimeofcolornotice #ftmetallicslime #micpokeslimenotice #tsjnotice #sleepaid #calmdown #anxietyhelp #slimevideo #asmrvideo #asmrtingles #asmrsounds #satisfyingvideo #slimecow


PIXIE DESSERT FLOSS Cotton candy scented. THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE RESTOCK. [x] There is very limited stock of this slime because I ran out of materials. [x] Use #luminatislimereview if you review if my slimes . I would love to see what u guys think. ---- #butterslime #slime #slimetutorials #slimereview #slimeusa #slimepressing #slimedaily #slimerecipe #slimetutorial #slimemixing #slimegiveaway #slimediy #slimefun #slimevid #oddlysatisfying #asmrslime #slimeshop #slimevideo #slimesmoothie #slimesquad #fluffyslime #pokingslime #satisfyingsounds #floam #floamslime #asmr #asmrvideos #kineticsand #snowslime

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