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And finally after months

And finally after months of work, the ENGLISH version of our website is ready:¤cy=EUR Order from any corner of the world and choose among a wide variety of carefully selected 913 products (including vegan food, drinks and cosmetics). We are always here in case you have any questions, suggestions or if you just want to say hi :)) Enjoy :)) #revolucia #bulgaria #cosmetics #eco #ecofriendly #nature #environment #zerowaste #together #saynotoplastic #sustainable #reusable #vegan #vegetarian #food #drinks #ecocosmetics #ecomakeup #yummy #delicious #outdoor #shop #ecoshop #zerowasteshop #love #lovefortheenvironment


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Adobe Photoshop Corel Paint Shop Pro SHoP Architects, a New York-based architectural firm SHOP.CA, a Canadian online e-commerce website The Shopping Channel, a Canadian home shopping channel that uses the word "Shop" in its logo

The idea of a .shop generic top-level domain was around since at least 1999, when an attempt to register it with IAHC was made. Its proposed usage is similar to current endeavors: to provide a dedicated space for ecommerce on the Internet. In 2000, Commercial Connect, LLC requested to operate a .shop registry from ICANN . Commercial Connect's application from 2000 was well-received, but other domains were prioritized. Japan's GMO Registry also expressed interest in the top level domain name space in late 2009, though Commercial Connect was the most vested candidate that had taken prior steps towards attaining delegation. In 2011, Commercial Connect was reported to have the support of ecommerce companies, with its completed application awaiting final approval as of June 2010. To further this support, Richard E. Last of the National Retail Federation and joined the board in late 2011. When the next application process was opened in early 2012, Commercial Connect founder Jeffrey Smith described his .shop as a "hybrid between general public and specific use" designed to make a "more secure, stable, and intuitive" Internet. He sees the domain as a way to easily indicate sites that use online sales, with the application supported by a community defined by entities that use credit card transactions to sell products. In May 2012, nine applicants including Google, Amazon and Famous Four Media applied to ICANN to operate the .shop registry. Commercial Connect was the only applicant who also applied for the .shop string in ICANN's year 2000 new-TLD round. Applications were also received for the extensions .shopping, .store, .buy, and names with similar meanings in non-Latin languages, and ICANN indicated that they would not create extensions that will confuse users. This so-called "string similarity" is an unresolved issue in the new gTLD process, and is to complement dispute resolution. in January, 2016 GMO Registry of Japan prevailed with a winning bid of 41.5 million (USD)

There are many mainstream shop businesses that target gift-buyers as their primary customer base. These retailers can vary in size from small independent boutiques, to chain stores, to large department stores. Each will have different business strategies however will typically sell various product ranges that appeal to different customer groups, with gender, age, celebration or personal interest differentiation. Many shops that are not primarily gift shops become gift shops during typical gift-giving periods such as Christmas and Valentine's Day, offering ranges of gift products for a limited time period in the build-up to these celebrations.