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KRIMINALITAS.COM, Jakarta Selama dua bulan terakhir, aparat kepolisian memang sedang gencar menangkap sederet selebriti yang tertangkap tangan mengonsumsi narkoba. . . Nama Junior Rorimpandey atau yang akrab disapa Chef Juna pun ikut terbawa-bawa. Ketika dikonfirmasi, juri program TV Master Chef ini kaget mendengar kabar tersebut. . . Pasalnya saat ini, dirinya sedang berada di rumah dan dalam kondisi sehat walafiat. . . Waduh kacau juga ya gosipnya. Untung tidak benar. Ini bisa-bisa pencemaran nama baik, kata Juna seperti dilansir dari, Rabu (23/8/2017). . . Menurutnya, kabar burung semacam ini bukan kali pertama terjadi. Sebelumnya, Juna pernah dikabarkan sebagai penyuka sesama jenis lantaran masih belum menikah di usianya yang sudah menginjak kepala empat. . . Sama saja kaya dulu gosip saya gay cukup santer. Dirugikan tapi tidak benar, keluhnya. . . Meski merasa nama baiknya dirugikan, Chef Juna ogah memperpanjang kabar burung tersebut. Sebab yang terpenting dirinya sudah klarifikasi ke media massa bahwa dirinya tidak ditangkap polisi karena narkoba. . . Lagipula, pihak keluarga juga tidak terpancing dengan isu miring itu. Mereka semua sudah tutup telinga mendengar gosip tentang Chef Juna. . . Paling pada ketawa, mereka kebal gosip. Dan untungnya mereka tahu saya luar dalam. Thanks God, tutupnya. . . Belakangan ini pihak kepolisian sedang rajin menciduk selebriti yang diduga memakai narkoba. Beberapa artis yang sudah diamankan adalah Ammar Zoni, Pretty Asmara, Marcello Tahitoe, Axel Matthew Thomas dan yang teranyar Rio Reifan. . . #Kricom #KricomID #Kriminalitas #Kriminalitascom #news #celebrity #rumors #ChefJuna #Narkoba #Artisnarkoba

NFL News- According to re

NFL News- According to reports, the Buffalo Bills have placed LB Reggie Ragland on the trade block. Ragland, a former 2016 second-round pick, does not fit HC Sean McDermott's new 4-3 defense. McDermott's scheme calls for three linebackers that can cover the pass well and play sideline to sideline. Ragland is the opposite of that. He is a smash-mouth run stopper that lacks consistency in defending the pass. In result, the Bills are actively fielding trade offers for Ragland. Amidst the trade rumors, Ragland is trying to stay focused on what's out in front of him now: "I'm here where I'm supposed to be right now with the Bills," Ragland said, per The Buffalo News. "I can't worry about no trade talk or none of that. I'm worried about what's going on right now." Stay tuned for more. #nfl #nflnews #nfllive #nflupdates #nflnow #espn #espnnews #espnupdates #espnnow #sports #sportsnation #sportsupdates #sportscenter #football #footballlive #footballnews #footballupdates #footballnews #rumor #rumors #updates #sportsnews #buffalobills #reggieragland

NFL News- According to re

NFL News- According to reports, Raiders LT Donald Penn is expected to end his holdout and report to the team this week. Penn has kept his distance from the team since the start of Training Camp, due to his discontent with his current contract. However, it appears the veteran offensive tackle is close to ending his holdout, and intends to report for the last two weeks of the preseason. #nfl #nflnews #nfllive #nflupdates #nflnow #espn #espnnews #espnupdates #espnnow #sports #sportsnation #sportsupdates #sportscenter #football #footballlive #footballnews #footballupdates #footballnews #rumor #rumors #updates #sportsnews #oaklandraiders #donaldpenn

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In the social sciences, a rumor involves some kind of a statement whose veracity is not quickly or ever confirmed. In addition, some scholars have identified rumor as a subset of propaganda. Sociology, psychology, and communication studies have widely varying definitions of rumor. Rumors are also often discussed with regard to "misinformation" and "disinformation" (the former often seen as simply false and the latter seen as deliberately false, though usually from a government source given to the media or a foreign government). Rumors thus have often been viewed as particular forms of other communication concepts.

French and German social science research on rumor locates the modern scholarly definition of it to the pioneering work of the German William Stern in 1902. Stern experimented on rumor involving a "chain of subjects" who passed a story from "mouth to ear" without the right to repeat or explain it. He found that the story was shortened and changed by the time it reached the end of the chain. His student was another pioneer in the field, Gordon Allport. The experiment is similar to the children's game Chinese whispers.

"A Psychology of Rumor" was published by Robert H. Knapp in 1944, in which he reports on his analysis of over one thousand rumors during World War II that were printed in the Boston Herald's "Rumor Clinic" Column. He defines rumor as a proposition for belief of topical reference disseminated without official verification. So formidably defined, rumor is but a special case of informal social communications, including myth, legend, and current humor. From myth and legend it is distinguished by its emphasis on the topical. Where humor is designed to provoke laughter, rumor begs for belief. Knapp identified three basic characteristics that apply to rumor: they're transmitted by word of mouth; they provide "information" about a "person, happening, or condition"; and they express and gratify "the emotional needs of the community." Crucial to this definition and its characteristics is the emphasis on transmission (word of mouth, which then was heard and reported in the newspaper); on content ("topical" means that it can somehow be distinguished from trivial and private subjectsits domain is public issues); and on reception ("emotional needs of the community" suggests that though it is received by an individual from an individual, it is not comprehended in individual but community or social terms). Based on his study of the newspaper column, Knapp divided those rumors into three types: Pipe dream rumors: reflect public desires and wished-for outcomes.(e.g. Japan's oil reserves were low and thus World War II would soon end.) Bogie or fear rumors reflect feared outcomes.(e.g. An enemy surprise attack is imminent). Wedge-driving rumors intend to undermine group loyalty or interpersonal relations (e.g. American Catholics were seeking to avoid the draft; German-Americans, Italian-Americans, Japanese-Americans were not loyal to the American side). Knapp also found that negative rumors were more likely to be disseminated than positive rumors. These types also differentiate between positive (pipe dream) and negative (bogie and wedge-driving) rumors.