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Actualit ! M. Gilberto Br

Actualit ! M. Gilberto Briceno le Master Blender des Rhums Diplomatico sera de passage au Qubec le 17 septembre (Montral) et le 19 septembre (Qubec) afin de rencontrez les amateurs des rhums de la gamme Diplomatico du Qubec ! Celui-ci y sera entre autres pour prsenter les deux nouveauts de la gamme, le Planas et le Mantuano ! Il sera aussi bien entendu question des trs apprcis Reserva, Reserva Exclusiva, Single Vintage 2002 et lAmbassador !! #rhum #rum #ron #quebecrhum #rondiplomatico #chartonhobbs #gilbertobriceo #diplomaticorum

Als nchstes kommt Hermine

Als nchstes kommt Hermine ! Ich hab jetzt an den Starterpacks paar Sachen gendert. Ihr knnt mir in den Kommentaren gerne ein Feedback geben! _________________________________ Fr die, die das Starterpack nicht verstehen: - die Haare stehen fr Rons roten Haare - Ron liebt Hermine - Das Spinnen verboten Schild steht fr Rons Spinnenphobie - Das Gryffindorwappen steht dafr, dass Rons Haus Gryffindor ist Hashtags: #harrypotterstarterpack #hp #harrypotter #harrypotterworld #hogwarts #potterworld #hpfacts #always #hpfakten #harrypotterfacts #ron #ronweasley #romione #cool #harrypotterforever #harrypotterforlife # #Potter #Podda #love #hpfaktendeutsch #harrypotterstarterpaket #harrypotterstarterpacks

Luna lovegood aesthetic

Luna lovegood aesthetic . Slide . Awww, they could have had an amazing future together, marauders are the good uncles for lil Harry, n Lily w James are super caring n hilarious parents. Remus is a bit strict but Harry loves when uncle Remus gives him a chocolate bar for a good work or smt else, while Sirius n James are like Harry's best friends w their jokes n other thjngs. While Lily is a strict mother but when she sees how cute all of the marauders n her son look together she thinks that all of them are so native for her. . . Tags: #lily #lilyevans #harrypotter #harry #dracopotter #harrymalfoy #drarry #drarrytrash #drarryforlife #ron #romione #ronweasley #hermoine #hermoinegranger #thegoldentrio #thesilvertrio #gryffindor #sytherin #hufflepuff #ravenclaw #quidditch #houseunity #marauders #nodramoine #nosnily #snapesucks #loveislove #pottah #lunalovegood #aesthetic

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Ron or RON may also refer to: Ron language, spoken in Plateau State, Nigeria Cyclone Ron, a storm of the 1997-98 South Pacific cyclone season Freiberger Ron's 1, an American homebuilt aerobatic aircraft Gyrodyne RON Rotorcycle, an American single-seat helicopter designed in the mid-1950s Re-open Nominations, a ballot option in some jurisdictions Research Octane Number Resilient Overlay Network, an Internet application architecture Rhongomiant, or Ron, King Arthur's lance Rise of Nations, a real-time strategy computer game Romanian leu, currency of Romania Romanian language, after its ISO 639-3 code Rota Osobogo Naznacheniya ( ), a 1940s unit of Russian commando frogmen Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodw - PolishLithuanian Commonwealth An abbreviation for Naval squadron. E.g. DESRON for Destroyer squadron US Navy. Ronrei clan name, among the Tangkhul Naga tribe in the North-Eastern part of India

Dana Ron (born 1964), Israeli computer scientist and professor Emri Ron (born 1936), Israeli politician Ivo Ron (born 1967), Ecuadorian football player Jason De Ron (born 1973), Australian musician Jos Ron (born 1981), Mexican actor Liat Ron, actress, dancer and dance instructor Lior Ron (born 1982), Israeli-American film and trailer composer and musician Michael Rn (born 1984), Danish-born Norwegian footballer Moshe Ron (1925-2001), Israeli materials scientist OG Ron C or Ronald Coleman (born 1973), American record producer, radio personality, DJ, and executive Pan Ron, Cambodian singer and songwriter Ron Ron or Ronald White, American rapper and director Yuval Ron, Israeli musician

Ron Atias, taekwondo athlete who represented Israel at the 2016 Summer Olympics Ron Clinkscale, American football player Ron Darmon, Israeli Olympic triathlete Ron Hopkins, American football player Ron Kaplan, Israeli Olympic gymnast Ron Ng, Hong Kong actor Ron Paul, American politician Ron Reeves, Australian rules footballer Ron Reeves (gridiron football), American football player Ron Torten (born 1966), Israeli Olympic competitive sailor

Big Ron (EastEnders), a TV character Ron (King of Fighters), a video game character Ron Stoppable, character in the Kim Possible cartoon Ron Swanson, character in the Parks and Recreation TV series Ron Weasley, a main character in the Harry Potter book and movie series Ron Wilson, character in the 2005 film Sky High Ron Thompson, character from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Ron Burgundy, protagonist of the film series Anchorman

In 1987, stand-up comedian Ron Bennington joined radio veteran Ron Diaz to create the radio program, The Ron & Ron Show, at Tampa Bay's WYNF-FM, known as 95YNF. The show had huge ratings success and Ron & Ron known as "Radio's Bad Boys" then partnered with their agent Ross Reback to form The Ron & Ron Radio Network to own and syndicate the programming. The show's final broadcast for WYNF was on March 12, 1993. Reback became President and CEO of the newly formed network and quickly negotiated a deal to broadcast the show in Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, and Jacksonville, FL with another dozen markets soon following (including a new more lucrative deal in Tampa, FL). The Ron & Ron Show made national headlines after engaging in a screaming match with apparently inebriated actor Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Nash Bridges, Blood & Oil). The Ron & Ron Show made international headlines once again when cast regular "Flipper" formed a rock band to play at the upcoming Ron & Ron Live Gig in Miami, FL and named his band The Dead German Tourists after two German tourists who had recently been murdered upon leaving the Miami International Airport in a rental car. The band's name caused an uproar and Miami city officials held an emergency meeting and voted to prohibit The Ron & Ron Show from holding their Live Gig within Miami city limits. The Ron & Ron Radio Network considered the city council's vote a form of censorship, and undeterred, Reback moved the Live Gig to neighboring Hallandale, FL at the last minute. An estimated crowd of approximately 10,000 fans attended the show. On December 21, 1994 Ron Diaz announced that his wife Debbie was diagnosed with AIDS and Diaz began periodically missing broadcasts to care for her. Debbie Diaz died on November 13, 1995. Ross Reback successfully negotiated a divestiture of The Ron & Ron Radio Network through a sale to Paxson Communications Corp. Ron Diaz announced his departure on-air from The Ron & Ron Show in early 1997 as Paxson prepared to relocate it from the networks studios in St. Petersburg, FL to one in Hollywood, FL. Without Diaz, and under Paxson, the show soon floundered, and on September 29, 1997 after a successful 11 year run (the last few months of which featured several replacement hosts, all of whom took the name "Ron" in a failed attempted replacement of Diaz). Due to low ratings after Diaz's departure, The Ron & Ron Show was promptly canceled when Clear Channel Radio purchased the radio division of rightsholder, Paxson Communications, and opted not to continue the show.