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I absolutely love what I

I absolutely love what I do! Soccer is life and to be able to help others gain the confidence, and skill on the field as well as off the field just makes my heart so full. ............................................ BOOK YOUR SESSIONS NOW through @strikerelitesoccer website . . . . #soccer #soccerislife #soccergirl #soccerislove #chaseyourpassion #showyourscars #shareyourstrength #kneesurgery #inspire #soccerinjury #shatteredpatella #fracturedpatella #brokenkneecap #kneerehab #kneetherapy #joinmyjourney #choosegreatness #fearthereturn #finishthisfight #physicaltherapy #returntoplay #soccertraining #strikerelite #strikerelitesoccer #smallgrouptraining #privatetraining #teamtraining

@cucho_fm "A future champ

@cucho_fm "A future champion is one who works to improve every day, especially when no one is watching you" almost a year later... #returntoplay #rugby #lca

The issue with modern str

The issue with modern strength and conditioning is that it has a tool for everything, all in arms reach and in the perfect conditions to facilitate maximum strength and conditioning... Only issue is, when do we play that way? Athletes are coming out faster and stronger and more fragile than ever!! . . Environmental conditioning builds better, stronger, more resilient athletes than a state of the art S&C gym ever will. It just needs more stronger, more resilient coaches that want to work in this environment. . #sustainablehumanmovement #environmentalconditioning #strengthsndconditioning #returntoplay

Helemaal kapot gaan en da

Helemaal kapot gaan en daarna nog fijn een spiegeloefening eruit moeten persen tijdens de revalidatie na een #voorstekruisbandreconstructie De kruisband scheuren komt helaas regelmatig voor bij contactsporten zoals #voetbal #hockey #rugby #handbal #basketbal Een goede #revalidatie op maat is van groot belang. Ook de #returntoplay moet in goede banen worden geleid. Bij @fysiodomstad hebben onze #sportfysiotherapeuten veel ervaring bij de #revalidatie van #patienten na een #voorstekruisbandreconstructie

On continue la rathltisat

On continue la rathltisation du capitaine du club de foot Les Herbiers (National). Hier, 4,5 mois post-operation KJ : touch de ballon, reprise des sauts sur box 2 jambes, des sauts en contre bas en unipodale pour contrle valgus, des sauts de haies @4trainer_officiel de 30 cm en unipodale avec blocage la rception, du gainage dynamique avec plateau et du renforcement des ischio-jambiers, toujours. Bientt des vidos complte en ligne de sa rathltisation qui a commenc ds 2 mois post-operation. #reeducation #tennis #reathltisation #prophylaxie #preparationphysique #prvention #athltisme #football #rugby #basket #handball #sport #injury #blessure #rupturelca #entorse #ballon #fitness #workout #force #strenght #musculation #prepaphysique #Nantes #rehabilitation #returntoplay #haltrophilie #seminar #acl @sciencesofsport @perform_better @dr.jacob.harden @rehabscience

Anterior cruciatum ligame

Anterior cruciatum ligament rupturen (ACL) oftewel een voorste kruisband ruptuur is een bekend letsel van de knie bij amateursporters. Vooral bij pivoterende sporten is dit het geval, denk aan basketbal, voetbal, skin en handbal. Per jaar loopt meer dan 3% van de amateursporters een ACL ruptuur op. Bij topsporters is dit 15%. Dit komt het meeste voor bij jonge mensen (15-40jaar). Het revalidatietraject bij een ACL rupture is tussen de 9 en 12 maanden. De behandeling is van begin tot het einde van de voorste kruisband revalidatie topsport. Voor zowel de specialisten als de patint. Door een optimale samenwerking tussen beide halen we het maximale eruit om uiteindelijk de patint weer terug op het oude niveau te brengen. Vragen over de revalidatie? Stel ze gerust aan de fysiotherapeut!!! #acl #operative #soccer #aclproblems #rehabilitation #9months #12months #fysioholland #stwillebrord #physicaltherapy #returntoplay : Fysioholland St. Willebrord / Floran van Gastel, fysiotherapeut. : 0165-820040 : :

I'M BACK! It felt so nice

I'M BACK! It felt so nice to be back in the gym today. I ran for 10 minutes only, oh my gosh I'm out of shape. Then I did some good ankle mobility and rolled out my left side upper back because I pulled a muscle last week moving gatorade cases #ATprobs and that was it. Can't push it too hard the first day back. Anyway I've learned a few things on this concussion journey/today. 1. Woke up at 6:47 without any assistance today...on my sleep-in day. At least my internal alarm is working well 2. I like coffee for my's not going to give me bigger muscles lol but it gives me energy/efficiency and I know what everything I'm putting in my body so that's good! 3. Haven't really lost much of my muscle's probably not as strong but my shape hasn't really changed much and I'm glad. Truthfully, a big fear of mine of not being able to workout was getting fat, but it was very easy for me to choose getting a healthy brain over looking "bad", and I think having my priorities in order really helped. I haven't gained any weight either so at least I know I'm eating well 4. LOOK how big this gym is! I definitely don't miss the university gym hahaha. 5. I was terrified of losing progress but the cool thing is - I can work on myself again! I get to watch myself set goals, hopefully achieve them, and simply feel good again. 6. I hate making a whole plan and trying to follow it for 4 weeks. It puts so much pressure on me to do it. Instead, I've realized I work best by planning the day of - with general goals of hitting my compound lifts/movements, then areas to target (ex. Posterior delt) along with goals of strength/hypertrophy (so I can pick sets/reps/number of exercises) - so I can be more creative. 7. Instead of calling it rehab, I'll call it...something else that makes me feel less "OH MY IM SO DYSFUNCTIONAL" but I'm really not, I'm strong/could stand to improve my mobility/muscle activation. - - Anyway, I've got a very important game to work tonight, I'm having bacon for lunch because I can, and it's gonna be a good day. - - #girlswholift #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gymselfie #mobility #returntoplay #concussions #progress

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Pre-20th century Juan Alejo de Arizmendi, first Puerto Rican Roman Catholic bishop Francisco Ayerra de Santa Mara, priest and poet Diego de Torres Vargas, first priest to write about the history of Puerto Rico 20th century David Andrs lvarez Velzquez, second native Puerto Rican to serve as bishop of the Diocese of Puerto Rico of the Episcopal Church Luis Aponte Martnez, Cardinal Archbishop Emeritus of San Juan; the only Puerto Rican cleric to date to be named cardinal Yiye vila, Pentecostal leader Nicky Cruz, former gangster turned minister Sor Isolina Ferr Aguayo, Roman Catholic nun awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom; sister of former governor Luis Ferr Aguayo Juanita Garca Peraza, founder of the "Mita" religion Roberto Gonzlez Nieves, Archbishop of San Juan Jorge Raschke, outspoken Pentecostal pastor Francisco Reus Froyln, first native Puerto Rican bishop of the Episcopal Church Carlos Manuel Rodrguez Santiago, beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2001; first Puerto Rican and first Caribbean-born lay person to be beatified 21st century Jos Luis de Jess Miranda, controversial religious leader Bavi Edna Rivera, 12th woman and first Hispanic woman to become a bishop of the Episcopal Church

A Mary Ann Acevedo Rivera, singer, songwriter Juan F. Acosta, danza composer Agallah, rapper and producer Johnny Albino, singer Natalie and Nicole Albino, members of R&B duo Nina Sky Rafael Alers, danza composer; first Puerto Rican to compose a Hollywood musical score Carlos Alomar, guitarist, composer, arranger, producer Marc Anthony, singer Henry Arana, composer Chucho Avellanet, singer Corina, singer, actress B Manolo Badrena, percussionist Adrienne Bailon, singer, actress, songwriter; part of the former girl group trio 3LW, and of The Cheetah Girls Puchi Balseiro, composer Lloyd Banks, rapper (Puerto Rican mother) Ray Barretto, percussionist, jazz and salsa leader Eddie Benitez, guitarist John Benitez, a.k.a. "Jellybean Bentez", music producer and remixer Lucecita Bentez, a.k.a. "Lucecita", singer Samuel Beniquez, music producer, composer and musician Obie Bermdez, singer and composer Big Pun, rapper Angela Bofill, singer Americo Boschetti, singer and composer Roy Brown, folklore singer, composer C Antonio Cabn Vale, a.k.a. "El Topo", folklore singer, composer Tego Caldern, rapper, reggaeton artist Juan Morel Campos, composer of danzas Hctor Campos-Parsi, singer, composer Bobby Cap, singer, composer Nydia Caro, singer Vicente Carattini, singer and composer; composed many of Puerto Rico's Christmas themes Joseph Cartagena, a.k.a. "Fat Joe", rapper Marta Casals Istomin, cellist; former President of Manhattan School of Music Pablo Casals, cellist (Puerto Rican mother), classical musician Kevin Ceballo, salsa music singer Rafael Cepeda, composer; "patriarch of the bomba and plena" Iris Chacn, singer and vedette Keshia Chant, R&B and pop singer-songwriter Arstides Chavier Arvalo, pianist and composer Chelo, singer Choco Orta, salsa singer Jos Miguel Class, a.k.a. "El Gallito de Manat", singer Angel Clivills, singer, member of The Cover Girls Robert Clivills, freestyle producer; founder and member of C + C Music Factory Javier Colon, singer and winner of the first season of U.S. reality series The Voice Willie Coln, salsa composer Csar Concepcin, orchestra leader Ernesto Cordero, composer and classical guitarist Federico A. Cordero, composer and classical guitarist Millie Corretjer, singer Rafael Cortijo, salsa band leader Jos Cosculluela, hip hop and reggaeton artist Elvis Crespo, merengue singer Tony Croatto, singer/composer of Puerto Rican folk songs Bobby Cruz, salsa singer, bandleader Joe Cuba, bandleader, considered "the father of the boogaloo" Tite Curet Alonso, ballad and salsa composer D Hctor Delgado, a.k.a. "El Father", reggaeton singer Rafael Jos Daz, a.k.a. "Rafael Jos", singer and television host Carmen Delia Dipini, bolero singer Edgardo Daz, founder of the boy band Menudo Braulio Dueo Coln, composer of "Canciones Escolares" Huey Dunbar, singer, member of DLG (Puerto Rican mother) E Rafi Escudero, musician, singer, composer Many Espinal, known as "Tego Caldern", reggaeton singer Noel Estrada, composer of "En Mi Viejo San Juan" Cano Estremera, singer, composer and poet F Lucy Fabery, singer Rene Farrait, singer; former member of Menudo Cheo Feliciano, salsa singer; singer for Joe Cuba Sextet Jos Feliciano, singer, composed "Feliz Navidad" Ruth Fernndez, singer Elmer Figueroa, known as "Chayanne", singer Narciso Figueroa, composer Pedro Flores, composer Hector Fonseca, producer, musician Luis Fonsi, singer G Angelo Garcia, singer; former member of Menudo Kany Garca, singer-songwriter Jenilca Giusti, singer, songwriter, actress, model Eddie Gmez, jazz musician and composer Tito Gmez, composer Kenny "Dope" Gonzales, producer, musician; member of Masters At Work Odilio Gonzlez, singer H Jazz Hamilton, recording artist, arranger, composer, saxophonist, producer Hex Hector, Grammy Award-winning remixer and producer Cruz Manuel Hernndez, a.k.a. "Manny Manuel", singer Oscar Hernndez, salsa musician; composed the musical theme for the television series Sex and the City Rafael Hernndez Marn, composer Giovanni Hidalgo, percussionist Lee Holdridge, television and film score composer I Rafael Ithier, musician; founder of El Gran Combo orchestra J Janid, singer, songwriter, reality TV personality Orlando Javier Valle Vega, a.k.a. "Chencho", singer, producer Carmita Jimnez, a.k.a. "La Dama de la Cancin", singer Jim Jones, rapper K Kane & Abel, rap duo Kaydean, record and TV producer, composer Kurious Jorge, rapper L La India, salsa singer George Lamond, pop/salsa singer William Landrn, a.k.a. "Don Omar", reggaeton singer Tito Lara, singer Hctor Lavoe, salsa singer Raphy Leavitt, composer, musical director Manny Lehman, music producer, DJ Lisa M, rapper David "Cheka" Lozada, reggaeton artist Johnny Lozada, singer Luis Lozada, rapper Papo Lucca, pianist Lunna, singer M Vctor Manuelle, singer Bruno Mars, singer and songwriter (father is half Puerto Rican) Ricky Martin, singer; former member of Menudo Angie Martnez, singer, actress, radio personality Ladislao Martnez, cuatro player Melanie Martinez, Puerto Rican-Dominican singer-songwriter Carolyne Mas, singer-songwriter, musician, and performer Charlie Masso, singer; former member of Menudo Paul Masvidal, guitarist, singer, and songwriter with international recording artists Cynic Maxwell, R&B and neo-soul singer (Puerto Rican father) Lisette Melendez, freestyle/Latin-pop singer Ricky Melndez, singer; former member of "Menudo Syesha Mercado, singer and finalist on American Idol (Puerto Rican father) Ismael Miranda, "El Nio Bonito de la Salsa", singer and composer, Fania All-Star Lin-Manuel Miranda, Grammy-, Tony-, and MacArthur "Genius" Award-winning composer, lyricist, and actor, known for his Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton ngel Mislan, composer of danzas Jos Luis Moner, composer and band leader Yolandita Monge, singer, television host and theatrical actress Gilberto Monroig, bolero singer Glenn Monroig, composer, singer; sang the first rap song in Spanish Andy Montaez, salsa singer David Morales, deejay, composer, and music producer Florencio Morales Ramos, a.k.a. "Ramito", bolero and plena composer and singer; composed "Que Bonita Bandera", which, on March 19, 2009, served as the wake-up call for Puerto Rican astronaut Joseph M. Acaba and the crew aboard the Discovery Space Shuttle Mark Morales, a.k.a. "Prince Markie Dee", rapper, and producer Noro Morales, pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader Carli Muoz, pianist, composer, arranger, bandleader, and producer Rafael Muoz, orchestra leader Luis Miguel, a.k.a. "sol de Mexico", singer and songwriter N N.O.R.E., rapper Ednita Nazario, singer Chuck Negron, singer Joe Negroni, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, member of The Teenagers Tito Nieves, salsa singer; his version of "I Like it Like That" was part of a national Burger King commercial Noelia, singer, songwriter and actress Nova y Jory, reggaeton duo O Tommy Olivencia, salsa bandleader, trumpet player, singer Tony Orlando, singer (Puerto Rican mother) Jeannie Ortega, R&B and reggaeton singer Claudette Ortiz, singer, R&B group City High Joell Ortiz, rapper Luis "Perico" Ortiz, salsa singer, musician, composer, musical arranger and producer Shalim Ortiz, a.k.a. "Shalim", singer, actor Pedro Ortiz Davila, a.k.a. "Davilita", bolero singer P Charlie Palmieri, pianist, bandleader Eddie Palmieri, pianist, composer, bandleader; 2013 National Endowment of Arts Jazz Master; nine-time Grammy Award winner Jos Enrique Pedreira, danza composer ngel "Cuco" Pea, musician, composer and producer Ren Prez, singer, member of Calle 13 Lourdes Prez, singer, songwriter; folk, nueva cancin, and nueva trova singer Martha Pesante, a.k.a. "Ivy Queen" and "The Queen of Reggaeton", reggaeton singer Plan B, reggaeton duo Carlos Ponce, singer Rebeca Pous Del Toro, Spanish pop singer; cousin of Benicio del Toro Miguel Poventud, a.k.a. "El Nino Prodigio de Guayama" and "Miguelito"; musician, singer and composer of boleros Tito Puente, musician, composer and producer, called the "King of Latin Music" or "the Mambo King" Q Domingo Quiones, singer, actor Luciano Quiones, danza composer Ismael Quintana, salsa singer, member of the Eddie Palmeri Band Jos Ignacio Quintn, pianist and composer of danzas R Chamaco Ramirez, salsa singer Val Ramos, international flamenco guitarist Richie Ray, a.k.a. "The King of Salsa", singer, composer Sylvia Rexach, singer, composer Ray Reyes, singer, former member of Menudo Ron Reyes, singer for Black Flag, 19791980 Gabriel Ros, musician Danny Rivera, singer, an icon in Puerto Rico Ismael Rivera, "El Sonero Mayor", salsa singer Jerry Rivera, salsa singer; first salsa artist to perform on The Tonight Show Mon Rivera, trombonist and singer Toms Rivera Morales a.k.a. "Maso" Rivera, composer; child music prodigy who composed over 1,000 instrumental compositions for the cuatro, among which he treasured the waltz Augusto Rodrguez, composer and chorus director; founder of the choir of the University of Puerto Rico Chino Rodriguez, salsa musician, trombonist, composer, artist manager, producer, talent agent; founder of Oriente Music Group and Latin Music Booking (Puerto Rican mother, Chinese father) Daniel Rodrguez, former police officer turned operatic tenor Felipe Rodrguez, a.k.a. "La Voz", singer of boleros Julito Rodrguez, singer Lalo Rodrguez, salsa singer; was part of the first two records to win the first two Latin Grammy Awards; first artist to sell over one million salsa records in Spain Pellin Rodrguez, salsa singer; member of the musical group El Gran Combo; toured with the group all over Europe and Latin America Tito Rodrguez, singer and bandleader Pete "El Conde" Rodrguez, salsa singer, Fania All-Star Omar Rodrguez-Lpez, composer and guitarist Roberto Roena, percussionist and band leader Kelis Rogers, singer and television host (Chinese-Puerto Rican mother) Tito Rojas, salsa singer Marta Romero, singer and actress Draco Rosa, singer, composer Ralphi Rosario, producer, DJ, musician Willie Rosario, composer, timbalero, bandleader Felipe Rose, singer Roy Rossell, singer Julita Ross, singer of danzas Frankie Ruiz, salsa singer Hilton Ruiz, jazz composer/musician S Jimmy Sabater, Sr., musician; three-time winner of the ACE Awards Sa-Fire, singer Fernando and Nefty Sallaberry, singers; former members of Menudo Bobby Sanabria, Latin jazz musician, drummer, percussionist, composer, arranger, 7X Grammy nominee as a leader, educator, documentary film producer Claudio Sanchez, singer; lead singer, lyricist and guitarist of Coheed and Cambria Jess Mara Sanrom, composer; first person ever to be named official pianist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra Gilberto Santa Rosa, salsa singer Daniel Santos, composer, singer of boleros and Cuban guarachas Ray Santos, arranger and composer, saxophonist, Grammy winner, The Mambo Kings Romeo Santos, bachata singer; former member of Aventura (Puerto Rican mother) Adalberto Santiago, salsa singer Eddie Santiago, salsa singer Herman Santiago, rock n roll singer; composed song "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" Marvin Santiago, salsa singer Dr. Zoraida Santiago, singer and composer Nino Segarra, salsa singer Ray Seplveda, salsa singer Xavier Serbi, singer; former member of "Menudo Myrta Silva, or "La Gorda de Oro" and "Madame Chencha", singer, composer Arturo Somohano, composer; symphony orchestra conductor Sophy, singer Ivette Sosa, singer; member of Eden's Crush Brenda K. Starr, salsa singer (Puerto Rican mother) Michael Stuart, salsa singer Sweet Sensation, freestyle trio T Olga Tan, singer, composer Manuel Gregorio Tavrez, composer; "the father of the Puerto Rican danzas Gerardo Teissonniere, classical pianist and teacher Daniel Ticotin, singer and musician Juan Tizol, jazz musician and composer TKA, freestyle trio Ray Toro, lead guitarist (My Chemical Romance) Yomo Toro, musician, guitarist, and "cuatrista" Manoella Torres, singer Eladio Torres, musician, singer and composer Nstor Torres, musician; Latin Grammy Award-winning preeminent flautist in the Latin jazz genre Tommy Torres, singer, composer, musician Tony Touch, singer V Yolanda Vadiz, gospel singer Gary Valenciano, Filipino musician (Puerto Rican mother) Bobby Valentn, musician, bandleader Mario Vzquez, pop and R&B singer; 2005 American Idol contestant Alan Vega, rock singer Little Louie Vega, producer, musician; member of Masters At Work Tony Vega, salsa singer Lisa Velez, singer of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam Wilkins Vlez, known as "Wilkins", singer and composer Veronica, dance singer and actress W Wisin & Yandel, reggaeton duo, known as "El Duo de la Historia" Y Yaga y Mackie, reggaeton duo Daddy Yankee (born Raymond Ayala), reggaeton singer Yomo, reggaeton artist Z Zabdiel de Jesus, Singer Miguel Zenn, jazz saxophonist Zion y Lennox, reggaeton duo