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Mirtha Legrand Francisco Barletta Hctor Calcao Alberto de Mendoza Carlos Enrquez Mario Faig Aurelia Ferrer Alberto Bello Osvaldo Miranda Horacio O'Connor Sara Olmos Santiago Rebull Mara Santos Alberto Terrones Juan Carlos Thorry

Enrique lvarez Flix as Dorian Gray Carlos Bracho as Lord Henry Carmen Montejo as Lady Wooton Blanca Snchez as Vernica Nelly Meden as Elizabeth Silvia Pasquel as Sybil Vane Alicia Montoya Claudia Islas Anita Blanch as Lady Agatha Hctor Sez as James Vane

Andrea Moncayo has been overcome with sadness over the death of her boyfriend on her wedding day. She begins dating and later marries Miguel Moncayo, a noble man with two daughters from his first marriage, but they are not in love. Andrea meets Gabriel Serrano, a frivolous man with whom she falls in love.

Helena Rojo and Alfredo Adame starred as protagonists, while Diana Bracho, Yolanda Andrade and Alejandro Tommasi starred as antagonists. Ral Araiza starred as stellar performance. Julin Pastor starred as special participation.

In the city of Guadalajara living Pilar Olivares, widow de Mariscal, and two daughters, Cecilia and Irene. Cecilia is married to Agustn Preciado, who has three children: Elvira, Octavio and Cristina. Despite the bad relationship between Cecilia and Agustn, she always tries to ensure the welfare of their children. However, Elvira has always despised her mother and idolized his father and change his aunt Irene.