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 Dieses schne Rehlein Mel

Dieses schne Rehlein Melly-Halsband ist schon ein bisschen lter. Es ging an Denise mit ihrer Mopshndin "Zophie" Borte: Rehlein Melly Gurtband: 25 mm, rosa Unterlegung: Kunstleder, braun || #hoofmade #zauberpony #hundezubehr #halsband #hundehalsband #hund #hunde #hundeaufinstagram #hundemama #hundekind #hundeliebe #hundespaziergang #gassi #hunderunde #hundewiese #vegan # #prinzessin #reh #rehe #rehlein #rehkitz #rehliebe #hundeprinzessin #mdchenkram #mops #mopsliebe #mopsmischling #mopsofinstagram #mpse

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In 2014, Seychelles had the highest incarceration rate in the world of 799 prisoners per 100,000 population, exceeding the United States rate by 15%. However, the country's actual population is less than 100,000; as of September 2014, Seychelles had 735 actual prisoners, 6% of whom were female, incarcerated in three prisons.

From 1996, the first public signs of political discord between parts of Montenegrin leadership and the Serbian leadership began to appear. By 1998, simultaneously with Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo ukanovi coming out on top in the power struggle with Montenegrin President Momir Bulatovi, the republic undertook a different economic policy by adopting the Deutsche Mark as its currency. During autumn 1999, following the Kosovo War and the NATO bombing campaign, ukanovi (who by now firmly held power in Montenegro as Bulatovi was completely squeezed out) drafted a document called Platforma za redefiniciju odnosa Crne Gore i Srbije (A platform for redefinition of relations within the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) calling for major changes in the division of governing responsibilities within FR Yugoslavia though still officially seeing Montenegro within a joint state with Serbia. Miloevi did not respond to the platform, considering it unconstitutional. Political relations within the federal state became more and more strained, especially against the backdrop of the wave of assassinations against top figures from political, criminal, and state business circles in both republics (eljko "Arkan" Ranatovi, Pavle Bulatovi, ika Petrovi, and Goran ugi as well as two attempts on the life of opposition politician Vuk Drakovi). By October 2000 Miloevi had lost power in Serbia. Contrary to expectation, ukanovi's response to the power change in Belgrade was not to further push the agenda outlined in his platform, but instead to suddenly start pushing for full independence, thus completely dropping the platform in the process. Subsequent governments of Montenegro carried out pro-independence policies, and political tensions with Serbia simmered despite political changes in Belgrade.

Serbia, and in particular the valley of the Morava is often described as "the crossroads between the East and the West" one of the primary reasons for its turbulent history. The valley is by far the easiest land route from continental Europe to Greece and Asia Minor. Until the outbreak of the Yugoslav wars, the once named highway "Bratstvo i jedinstvo" (Brotherhood and Unity) running through Croatia, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia was one of Europe's most important transport arteries. It gradually resumed this role as the security situation stabilized. Major international highways going through Serbia are E75 and E70. E763/E761 is the most important route connecting Serbia with Montenegro. The Danube, an important international waterway, flows through Serbia. The Port of Bar was the largest seaport located in Montenegro.