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Happy #tuesday #fitfam  b

Happy #tuesday #fitfam beautiful morning made even better with some floor training! We hit the #abs #glutes and did #pushup rounds in class ready for a good day, lots of projects nearing completion!! Ive written a few more chapters in my soon to release #ebook and logo samples are underway for another project that @ben1999lee and I will release in about a month SUPER stoked about what we have in store for you guys!!!!! #staytuned

Today's movement was a li

Today's movement was a little bit confused, a little bit crowded. I had so much difficult to concentrate. But anyway I needed to move a little my body , trying to calm down my mind. Sometimes it's so difficult. Maybe I just miss home, maybe that's hormones, maybe that's because I'm worrying too much about decisions to make and life to happen. Anyway, decide to be kind with yourself. Spreading love to you all, and also to me. #yoga #guru #functionaltraining #pushup #fitnesscommunity #coachonline #healthyliving #happymindhappylife #loveyourself #loveyourbody #alleniAMOci #guru #healthy #progressnotperfection #trusttheprocess

Circuit training is a for

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building or muscular endurance. An exercise "circuit" is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. Let's do this : reverse V up / push up with medicine ball / reverse plank x5set x 20rps each x rest 30sec Target : abs / arms / glute Let's go !!!!!!!! @wowfitness_2014 #abs #core #bodyweighttraining #bodybalance #instahealthy #stayhealthy #lifeisbeautiful #gymlife #strengthtraining #hkgym #personaltrainer #acheiveyourgoals #gymtime #homeexercises #trainingprogram #plank #pushup #vup

Youn stek zerine Destekli

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Aujourd'hui  j'ai entrane

Aujourd'hui j'ai entrane avec rage cette warrior en devenir... 10 minutes de run 10 pompes 5 burpees 10 powersquats 10 jumpsquats 20 squats (5 rounds ) killer en 4 rounds ( 30 secondes de travail /15 secondes de repos) Crunch/cyclistes/legslever/planche monte de 36 marches x2 pour elle et x4 pour moi Ce fut un bon entranement il faut croire en vous les loulous #fit #fitfrenchies #fitlife #shape #girlbody #girlshape #girlfit #sport #sportlife #squats #pushup #jumpsquats #powersquat #cardio #motivation #nevergiveup

An extract on #pushup

According to the study published in Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, the test subjects supported with their hands, on average, 69.16% of their body mass in the up position, and 75.04% in the down position during the traditional push-ups. In modified push-ups, where knees are used as the pivot point, subjects supported 53.56% and 61.80% of their body mass in up and down positions, respectively.

The rectus abdominis and transversus abdominis contract continually while performing push-ups to hold the body off the floor and keep the legs and torso aligned. The rectus abdominis spans the front of the abdomen and is the most prominent of the abdominal muscles. The transversus abdominis lies deep within the abdomen, wrapping around the entire abdominal area. Both muscles compress the abdomen, and the rectus abdominis also flexes the spine forward, although it does not execute this function when performing push-ups.

The anterior portion of the deltoid muscle is one of the major shoulder-joint horizontal adductors, moving the upper arms toward the chest during the upward phase of a push-up. It also helps control the speed of movement during the downward phase. The deltoid attaches to parts of the clavicle and scapula, just above the shoulder joint on one end, and to the outside of the humerus bone on the other. Along with horizontal adduction, the anterior deltoid assists with flexion and internal rotation of the humerus within the shoulder socket.

The push up requires the work of many muscle groups, with one of the primary muscle groups being the chest muscles, the pectoralis major and the minor. These are the two large chest muscles and the main pushing muscle group of the upper body. When pushing and lowering the body during a push up, the pectoralis major is doing most of the work. As a result, these muscles become very strong and can become defined lean muscle after doing push-ups regularly.

The push-up depends on stabilizer muscles as you push and lower the body. The erector spinae is the main stabilizer muscle in the back. Made up of 3 muscles including the spinalis, longissmus and iliocostalis. spinalis runs adjacent to the spine, the longissimus runs adjacent to the spinalis and the iliocostalis runs adjacent to the longissimus and over the ribs. 2 muscles called the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus stabilize the upper leg. The medius and minimus sit under the largest butt muscle, the gluteus maximus.