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See previous post for details! It's time for a giveaway! The rules are simple and the prizes are amazing! We will randomly select TWO WINNERS who can choose to win a Lupine harness or a bandana from Lots of Spots. Contest ends next Wednesday the 30th. Hosts: @mini_chewbarka @dakota_justice #chewbarkasgiveaway #giveaway #10kgiveaway #free #freestuff #bestwoof #miniaussie #australianshepherdsofinstagram #puppy #dogsofinstagram #starwars #dog #wigglebutt #california #aussiepuppy #bestdog #dogsofig #dog_features #dogsofinstaworld #dogsofinstagram #excellent_dogs #weeklyfluff #cutepetclub #dailybarker #ruffpost

Great big thanks and HAPP

Great big thanks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again to @motherboy, who hosted a fundraiser FOR US on her special day (this past Sunday). What a truly meaningful way to celebrate yourself -- inviting your friends, family, and beyond to take part in the cause that matters to you most. We are so grateful that cause is rescuing animals and saving lives!!! Thank you to all the great folks who donated raffle prizes. A few winners left too early to hear the announcement... RAFFLE WINNERS ARE: ticket #507245 won the gift card for @rosiesnyc, the movie tickets, AND the wine package. Raffle ticket #637351 won the @thefarmersdog delivery package, the @thewallstreetwalker 30 min dog walk, the @harpersdoggydonuts pack, AND the @wooftownnyc gift basket. If you are one of these winners, please email asap! You have 24 hours from this post to claim your prize, pickup will be at the Social Tees headquarters. THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone who came!!!! (PS the puppy in this pic is still up for adoption... get more info on Jerry and submit an app at!) #adoptdontshop #puppy #puppylove #celebration #grateful #gratitude #generosity #party #lucky #luckydog #raffle #raisingawareness #savinglives #changetheworld #socialtees #socialteesnyc #straypride

What do you mean you have

What do you mean you have to go to work? I was just getting used to not being in kennel all day! --------------------------- Love Golden Retrievers? Follow @The_Golden_League Follow all my pawsome furriends!!! Use #TheGoldenLeague --------------------------- @heyitskula @golden_retrieverriley @goldengirlmarlin @josie.golden.retriever @wrigley_the_goldey @goldenboybeaux13 @goldenboy.brady @biggieboyho @luluthelondoner @goldncharlie @bentley_bowman @ruby.the.golden.girl @__lolathegolden__ --------------------------- #golden #goldenretriever #goldens #goldenretrievers #goldenretrieverpuppy #goldenpuppy #goldenretrieversofinstagram #goldensofinstagram #goldensofig #goldenfeature #puppy #dog #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #goldensofinstagram #dogoftheday #retriever #cute #ilovegolden_retrievers #goldens_ofinstagram #puppylove #petstagram #instagolden #welovegoldens #retrieversgram #instapup #goldens_ofinstagram #puppylove #petstagram #canadianpuppy #goldenheartsclub #globalgoldenpack

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Born after an average of 63 days of gestation, puppies emerge in an amnion that is bitten off and eaten by the mother dog. Puppies begin to nurse almost immediately. If the litter exceeds six puppies, particularly if one or more are obvious runts, human intervention in hand-feeding the stronger puppies is necessary to ensure that the runts get proper nourishment and attention from the mother. As they reach one month of age, puppies are gradually weaned and begin to eat solid food. The mother may regurgitate partially digested food for the puppies or might let them eat some of her solid food. The mother dog usually refuses to nurse at this stage, though she might let them occasionally nurse for comfort. At first, puppies spend the large majority of their time sleeping and the rest feeding. They instinctively pile together into a heap, and become distressed if separated from physical contact with their littermates, by even a short distance. Puppies are born with a fully functional sense of smell but can't open their eyes. During their first two weeks, a puppy's senses all develop rapidly. During this stage the nose is the primary sense organ used by puppies to find their mother's teats, and to locate their littermates, if they become separated by a short distance. Puppies open their eyes about nine to eleven days following birth. At first, their retinas are poorly developed and their vision is poor. Puppies are not able to see as well as adult dogs. In addition, puppies' ears remain sealed until about thirteen to seventeen days after birth, after which they respond more actively to sounds. Between two and four weeks old, puppies usually begin to growl, bite, wag their tails, and bark. Puppies develop very quickly during their first three months, particularly after their eyes and ears open and they are no longer completely dependent on their mother. Their coordination and strength improve, they spar with their littermates, and begin to explore the world outside the nest. They play wrestling, chase, dominance, and tug-of-war games.

Puppies are highly social animals and spend most of their waking hours interacting with either their mother or littermates. When puppies are socialized with humans, particularly between the ages of eight and twelve weeks, they develop social skills around people. Those that do not receive adequate socialization during this period may display fearful behavior around humans or other dogs as adults. The optimum period for socialisation is between eight and twelve weeks; professional animal trainers and the American Kennel Club advise puppies should be introduced to "100 People by 12 Weeks" and have encountered a wide and varied selection of people and environments.