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Siena is a charming medie

Siena is a charming medieval city in Italy. Its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a wonderful place to get lost in its plant filled streets amidst the picturesque architecture. Can you imagine walking around here? . . #italytrip #guardiantravelsnaps #bagpacker #perfectview #solotraveller #medievalcity #wonderfulplace #backstreestofitaly #italy #backpackerstyle #italylovers #bestdestinations #siena #girlswhotravel #cntraveler #beautifuldestination #italiangram #travelforlife #italygram #globelletravels #globe_travel #sharetravelpics #positano #piazzadelduomo #travelcouple #tuscany #discoveritaly #sienaitaly #loveitaly #girlstrip . . Follow @talesfromafork Follow @talesfromafork

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Positano was born in the Southern Italian city of Noicattaro, formerly Noja, Province of Bari, then part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. He enlisted in the kingdom's army and was promoted to the rank of Captain for his participation in the crushing of local brigandage. After his service in the army, he joined the Bari fire brigade. According to some accounts, Positano was a follower of Giuseppe Garibaldi and participated in the Italian unification (Risorgimento). After the establishment of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861, Positano joined the diplomatic branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome in 1863. He was at first a diplomatic agent in Trieste in the Austrian Empire; he later held various posts in Italian consulates, mainly in the Ottoman Empire. He served in Corfu, Malta, Algeria and Constantinople. In 1876, he was appointed Vice Consul in Sofia. As Joseph Gurko's forces approached the Ottoman-controlled city during the Russo-Turkish War, Positano, together with the French Vice Consul Landre Franois Ren le Gay and the AustroHungarian Vice Consul, refused to leave Sofia, thus saving it from the planned burning by the Ottoman defending forces. After the Ottoman retreat, Positano organized armed detachments to protect the population from marauders (regular Ottoman Army deserters, bashi-bazouks and Circassians) and a fire brigade to put out individual fires; this was the first fire brigade in Sofia's history. For his deeds during the war, Positano received an order from the Russian Empire and was made honorary citizen of Sofia, the capital of the newly established autonomous Principality of Bulgaria. He remained Italian Vice Consul in Sofia until 1879. In 1881, Positano was sent to Damascus to serve as Consul; in a few years he was dispatched to Yokohama, Japan, where he died in 1886. Streets in his native town and the Bulgarian capital Sofia have been named after Positano. The one in Sofia is particularly known for the address, 20 Positano Street, headquarters of the Bulgarian Socialist Party.

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The almost immediate popularity of Positano caused the Duttons to create a membership. People could visit only three times before joining. When Positano closed in 1962, the membership totaled over 2500 people. People in the entertainment business particularly those living in the Malibu area frequented the place David and Gloria Stone Martin, John Howard Larson, and John Houseman to name a few. Some people from the European exile community like Aldous Huxley and Christopher Isherwood also visited. Many of the so-called beat poets, like Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso, came down from San Francisco to visit. The policy of the Duttons was to ignore any celebrity who showed up so that they could enjoy themselves without being hassled by their admirers. Soon after Positano closed, Jerry Ziegman, a scriptwriter for the television series Peyton Place, became the resident manager of the property, representing Manocherian Brothers, and established an art community which lasted until 1993 when the buildings were burned down. Anthropologist Jay Ruby has published an enhanced book, Coffee House Positano: Bohemian Oasis in Malibu - 1957-1962. Special Collections at UCLA are in the process of archiving Lorees Yerby Dutton's and Jerry Ziegman's papers.