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The PoolParty Semantic Suite is commercialising Semantic Web technologies. In 2009, the first release of the PoolParty Semantic Software entered the market. Since then, the product has evolved from a taxonomy management tool to a feature-rich semantic software platform that enables companies to deploy enterprise knowledge graphs to integrate structured and unstructured data. The product is developing fast due to a strong R&D focus and is integral part of multiple EU research projects of the Horizon 2020 initiative ( Reference, Reference).

The PoolParty Semantic Suite is a modular and flexible software package. It differentiates nine modules, which can be individually combined depending on the business challenge: Taxonomy & Thesaurus Management Text Mining & Entity Extraction Ontology Management Concept Tagging Data Integration Linked Data Management Semantic Search Recommender System Analytics & Visualization Content assets get semantically enriched and are put into context by being matched against a knowledge graph. This is the foundation for semantic applications as search or linked data portals.

PoolParty Semantic Suite is deploying Semantic Web technologies as promoted by W3C. The backbone of the information architecture is built by applying SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System), ontologies and Linked Data principles. Any data processed within PoolParty is transformed into RDF graphs and can be queried with SPARQL. An essential advantage of this approach is that taxonomy projects developed in PoolParty can be linked with data from virtually any repository. Companies benefit from an automatic entity linking between resources from the graph-based semantic layer and knowledge assets from data repositories like document management systems. Critics argue that the technology hasn't yet become mainstream as it is relative complex. As the demand and requirements for smarter enterprise applications are undamped, the Semantic Web technology stack becomes continuously more attractive to developers.

MarkLogic has announced Semantic Web Company's PoolParty with Partner Excellence in Technology (Reference) In 2017 KMWorld named Semantic Web Company as 1 of 100 companies that matter in knowledge management (Reference) In 2015 and 2016 KMWorld named PoolParty Semantic Suite as a trend-setting product. In 2016 KMWorld named Semantic Web Company as 1 of 100 companies that matter in knowledge management (Reference) ZDNet writes about "What IBM, the Semantic Web Company, and Siemens are doing with semantic technologies" 2016.SEMANTiCS writes about "How to develop aligned, quality-centric semantic software - Gold Sponsor Aligned Project" Dataversity writes about "PoolParty Releases Enhanced Version of its Semantic Middleware" KMWorld writes about "PoolParty Introduces Machine Learning Capabilities to its Platform" KMWorld writes about "Why Enterprises should embrace Taxonomies and Knowledge Graphs" KMWorld writes about "Knowledge graph management and text analytics from Semantic Web Company" KMWorld writes about "Taxonomy 101: The Basics and Getting Started with Taxonomies"