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Today is a blessed day I'

Today is a blessed day I've never imagined that I'm gonna see Ney with the boys again in this short time after he left barca, so I'm really glad even tho it was because of davi's birthday(also it's on August 24th) but still it made my day - #neymarzetesday#neymarzete#neymarzetes#barca#fcbarcelona#viscabarca#barcelona#vamos#messi#neymar#suarez#marcterstegen#pique#rafinha#sergiroberto#denissuarez#pacoalcacer#iniesta#busquets#mascherano#jordialba#ivanrakitic#rakitic#andregomes#blaugrana#danialves#tb#neyssi#elclasico#bartomeudimiteya

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Piqu (weaving), a cloth weaving style Pique (river), Haute-Garonne, southern France Tungiasis, a skin parasite known as "pique" in much of South America Pique Newsmagazine, a Canadian magazine Pique, the 1986 FIFA World Cup mascot Piqu, a type of shot in artistic billiards Pique (abstract algebra), a quasigroup with an idempotent element

HMS Pique (1795) was formerly the French ship Pique, a 38-gun fifth rate captured by HMS Blanche (1786) in 1795. HMS Pique was wrecked in action with the French ship Seine in 1798. HMS Pique was formerly the French ship Pallas, a 36-gun fifth rate, captured in 1800 by a squadron off the coast of France. She was initially named HMS Aeolus but renamed to Pique in 1801. Because Pique served in the navy's Egyptian campaign (2 March to 8 September 1801), her officers and crew qualified for the clasp "Egypt" to the Naval General Service Medal, which the Admiralty issued in 1847 to all surviving claimants. She was sold for breaking up in 1819. HMS Pique was a 46-gun fifth rate ordered in 1825, but cancelled in 1832. HMS Pique (1834) was a 36-gun fifth rate launched in 1834, and sent to the eastern Mediterranean in 1840 as part of a squadron under HMS Cambridge (1815). She was converted to a receiving ship in 1872, lent as a hospital hulk in 1882 and sold in 1910. HMS Pique (1890) was an Aeolus-class second-class cruiser, launched in 1890 and sold to the breakers in 1911. HMS Pique was a C-class destroyer ordered in April 1942, but cancelled in November, and reordered as HMS Carysfort (R25). HMS Pique (J23) was a Catherine-class minesweeper, previously planned to be named HMS Celerity, but renamed in 1942. She was transferred to the Royal Navy under the terms of Lend Lease in 1942 and returned to the US Navy in 1946. She was transferred to Turkey in March 1947 and renamed Ereli. She was stricken in 1973.

Pique criollo, also known as Pique boricua de botella or Puerto Rican Tabasco is a hot condiment used in Puerto Rican cooking. It is made of caballero hot peppers and/or habanero peppers, pineapple (skin or small pieces), vinegar, oregano, peppercorns, garlic and/or onions. Some people also add citrus fruit, cilantro, culantro, sugar, cumin, rum or chocolate.

Pique was built at Rochefort as the Fleur-de-Lys, one of the six-ship Galate class designed by Raymond-Antoine Haran. She was launched on 2 December 1785. The French Revolution led to her being renamed Pique in June 1792. Between 25 May and 23 December 1792 Pique was under the command of lieutenant de vaisseau d'Ancausse de Labatut. She cruised the environs of Belle le and le d'Yeu before returning to le-d'Aix roads. She then sailed to observe the entrance to the Channel. From 9 January 1793 Pique was under the command of capitaine de vaisseau d'Ancausse de Labatut in the le-d'Aix roads. Then under the command of capitaine de vaisseau de Leissgues, between 7 March and 23 November 1793 she carried troops and passengers to the Windward Islands. On 9 January 1794 Pique was at Rochefort before Leissgues again carried troops and passengers to the Windward Islands.