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"Bir mmin iin takvadan sonra, Saliha bir e kadar hayrl ve yararl bir ey olamaz; emrettiinde itaat eder, yzne baktnda sevin duyar, zerine yemin itiinde yeminini boa karmaz ve onun gyabnda gerek nefsi ve gerekse mal konusunda samimiyeti ve ball devam eder" (bn Mace, Nikh, I, 596, 1857) #photographs #photographers_tr #photographyislifee #photoshoot #photographer #vsco #vscocam #kitap #kitaplik #kitapkurdu #kitapsever #kitapsevgisi #huzur #tebessm #mutluluk #okumak #candr #gece #yldzlar #gzel #Rabbim #bolca #dua #bolca #tefekkr #tevekkl #iman #insan #insan #eder

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Before engulfing herself in an acting career, Lange studied art and photography at the University of Minnesota, as well made a few documentary films in Europe in the late 1960s. While at the university, she formed a relationship with photographer Francisco "Paco" Grande. The pair married in 1970 and Lange dropped out of the school in favor of travelling with Grande throughout the United States. Their relationship would eventually end in 1981, however. She returned to photography many years later, when her latter partner Sam Shepard brought home from a movie set a Leica camera. After three decades in front of the cameras, she then rehabilitated her former dream of being on the other side of the lens, initially photographing her children.

Approximately five years before her first set saw its eventual release, Lange showed some of her work to French film photographer Brigitte Lacombe that began her campaign in 1975, as well to Wim Wenders' wife Donata who also became involved in visual arts herself. Encouraged with both fellow artists to "think bigger", she thus started printing at a professional lab and decided to release a book of her own pictures. "When I first showed them to Brigitte Lacombe, she said to me, Oh, Jessie. Why are you still so lonely? And [I] realized that I'm attracted to people in solitary situations that are evocative of lonesomeness." Her collection of fifty black-and-white studies of unknown people and far-away places was published under title 50 Photographs through powerHouse Books on November 18, 2008, and along with a special contribution written by Patti Smith (pictured top right). Titled and signed by the actress au verso in pencil, all the pictures were shot mostly during Lange's considerable travels in such places as Ethiopia, Mexico, Romania and Russia. Some of them though, were also taken in the northern part of her native Minnesota and in New York, respectively.

Lange's first art exhibition took place at Howard Greenberg Gallery, located on the northeast corner at 41-45 East 57th Street and Madison Avenue in a tower block known for housing a number of important galleries in N.Y.C., New York. A member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD), originally known as Photofind (1981), the Midtown's gallery in demonstrates photojournalism and street photography covering a variety of other genres, such as contemporary photography, Photo-Secession (Camera Work), vintage prints (Time, LIFE), in addition to styles spanning from pictorialism to modernism. Her exhibit entitled Jessica Lange: Photographs, introduced twenty-nine black-and-white pictures, all being displayed on the Howard Greenberg Gallery's main space from November 26, 2008 until January 10 the following year. Some of the Paul Strand's work took by himself in the northern region of Africa, served as an instrumental thematic show.