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In Marvel Zombies, Red Skull is an undead zombie with an unquenchable hunger for the flesh of the living. In issue #5, he finally manages to kill Colonel America, by scooping out the last of the Colonel's exposed brain before being decapitated by a zombified Spider-Man, and his head crushed by Giant Man's boot. His last words were "It was worth it, all of it, just for this", informing that he waited many years to finally kill his long-time enemy, and that even his present zombification could not stop his lust for murder.

Red Skull appeared in several episodes of the Captain America segment of The Marvel Super Heroes 1960s animated series, voiced by Paul Kligman. Red Skull appeared in the 1981 Spider-Man animated series, voiced by Peter Cullen. Red Skull appeared in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "Quest of the Red Skull", voiced again by Peter Cullen. Red Skull appeared in the X-Men animated series, voiced by Cedric Smith. He is seen in a flashback of episode "Old Soldiers". Red Skull appeared in the 1994 Spider-Man animated series, voiced by David Warner (in "The Cat") and by Earl Boen (in the "Six Forgotten Warriors" story arc). He first makes a cameo appearance in the episode "The Cat" before appearing as a central figure in the "Six Forgotten Warriors" story arc. In the 1940s, after a battle with Captain America and his teammates, they both got stuck in suspended animation in an open vortex. When Red Skull's son released his father from the vortex 50 years later, Captain America is inadvertently caused to be released as well, and Red Skull and Captain America fought again. At the end of the episode, after Captain America battles Red Skull to help save the world from his nefarious plans to take it over with his son Electro, Captain America pushes Red Skull into the open vortex and they both get stuck in suspended animation again. Red Skull appears in The Super Hero Squad Show, voiced by Mark Hamill in a German accent. He appears in the episodes "Wrath of the Red Skull" and "World War Witch". Red Skull appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Steven Blum in a German accent for Red Skull and an Americanized-style tone for Dell Rusk's animated debut. During World War II, Red Skull uses Hydra's resources during World War II to abduct Nordic mythological beasts from the Nine Realms and subject them to their control. Although Captain America and Bucky Barnes thwarted his scheme, Red Skull indirectly causes Captain America's suspended animation and Bucky's demise. In the present, he quietly returns as Dell Rusk, the Secretary of Defense and the leader of Code Red with Falcon, Doc Samson, Red Hulk and Winter Soldier. He releases a biological weapon in New York and accuses the Avengers of having released the weapon. He sends the Code Red to arrest them while Winter Soldier captures Captain America for Red Skull. Thanks to Iron Man and Winter Soldier, Captain America was able to defeat Red Skull. With his Dell Rusk alias exposed to the public, Red Skull is remanded to the Hydro Base until his Sleepers spring him out of prison. It is revealed that he turned his nemesis's partner into the Winter Soldier to be his brainwashed assassin that serves him. Using his Sleepers which combine into one equipped with a Nova Cannon, he attacks Washington DC. As the Avengers fought the combined Sleeper, Captain America and Winter Soldier fight Red Skull in the Sleeper's head. Red Skull appears victorious until Winter Soldier damages the Sleeper's computer. The Avengers managed to defeated the Sleeper and captured Red Skull. Red Skull appears in Avengers Assemble, voiced by Liam O'Brien in a German accent. In the first season, he is the leader of the Cabal. In the two-part pilot "The Avengers Protocol", Red Skull appears before Captain America, much to Captain America's surprise. After seemingly vaporizing Captain America with a laser gun, Red Skull is confronted by Iron Man. He escapes, however, thanks to having allied with MODOK. After the Avengers are reassembled to storm Red Skull's base, it is revealed that Cap is alive but is hooked to a machine with Red Skull. Cap subsequently attacks Iron Man, revealing that he's Red Skull having mindswapped himself in order to live longer, while leaving his nemesis to die in his own dying body. But after a battle with the Avengers, the mindswap is reversed, and the two enemies are back in their own bodies. However, MODOK steals Iron Man's armor and arc reactor for Red Skull, rechristening himself the Iron Skull. Throughout the first season, Iron Skull recruits Dracula, Attuma and Hyperion to join him and MODOK in the Cabal to beat the Avengers at their own game while obtaining the Tesseract. But the season finale revealed Iron Skull intended to eliminate his allies under the farce that he was sending them into other dimensions as he takes the Tesseract and becomes the Cosmic Skull. But he is eventually defeated, losing his Iron Skull suit to Iron Man as he retreats into a portal where he presents the Tesseract to Thanos. In the second season, Red Skull returns to Earth, having been tortured by Thanos to the point of being a shell of his former self with the Power Stone as the Avengers place him in their custody. After surviving the Winter Soldier kidnapping attempt, Red Skull gets restored into his former glory and escapes during the chaos caused by the Time Stone's temporal disruptions. He escaped to Monster Island and formed an alliance with Dormammu, gaining control over the Mindless Ones. He wanted to cover the whole island in an impenetrable magic force field to protect himself from Thanos despite the loss of the Infinity Stones. He succeeded but was kicked out from the island when Ant-Man uses Fin Fang Foom and arrested him. Red Skull appears in the summer 2013 Disney/Marvel animated special Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel, voiced again by Liam O'Brien. Red Skull appears in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., reprised by Liam O'Brien. In the episode "Days of Future Smash: Year of the Hydra", when the Hulk followed the Leader to World War II and met Captain America, they come across the Leader's plot to use a replica of Abraham Erskine's lab to use gamma energy to turn Red Skull into the Green Skull. Green Skull manages to overwhelm Hulk and Captain America. While Leader uses his Gamma Siphoner on Hulk, Green Skull frees Captain America in order to force to surrender. This leads to an alternate present where Leader rules HYDRA, uses a wheel-shaped device powered by Green Skull, and fights the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. alongside an older Captain America. Thanks to a tactic from Captain America before the public mention of a surrender over the airwaves, Hulk is freed, turning the Gamma Siphoner onto Green Skull, regressing him back to Red Skull. Hulk then defeats Red Skull and the Leader escapes causing the HYDRA-dominated present to shift back to the real present. Red Skull appears in the Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload mini-series, voiced by Chi McBride. Red Skull appears in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, voiced by Motomu Kiyokawa.