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Eric Renner has been draw

Eric Renner has been drawing and painting his whole life and has studied all kinds of techniques and styles. He prefers realism because he enjoys the challenge, seeking bring the painting to what can be called photo-realistic. Eric enjoys cigars and drinks with friends and family. He started to notice the interesting colors and abstract reflections in the glasses when wine or drinks were resting on a table, in addition to the warm colors and creative bands around the cigars being enjoyed. He decided to try to capture those elements in paintings. Check out his website at or his Instagram account @ericrennerfineart. stogie_steve is pleased to add Eric to my Saturday posts of artists with a series of Cigar Art. #fineart #oilpaintings #contemporaryartist #instart #artistofinstagram #wip #art #artsy #artwork #cigarart #artwork #drawing #artdealer #artist #painting #painter #paintingart #paintingoftheday #artcollector #menwithstyle #mancave #cigarlounge #cigarbar #cigar #cigars #cubancigars #drewestate #cigarcity #cigartime #habano

Feeling so low, caught up

Feeling so low, caught up in the undertow. Can I be brave and strong on another day? - Low by Andrea Marie . . . . . . I honestly would like to go on vacation, maybe that's why I paint water so often #low #burntout #art #instaart #instaartist #instagood #painting #painter #acrylicpainting #acrylicpaint #artistsoninstagram #water #beach #ocean #sea #mountains #struggles #love #bible #medicine #medicalschool #medschool #minimalism #minimalist #photography #etsy #california #aov #tlpicks #MelJoyExhibit

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The application offers a wide range of traditional artists' materials and tools. With the aid of a graphics tablet or computer mouse, the user is able to reproduce the effect of physical painting and drawing media such as watercolor, oil, chalk, charcoal and color pencil. There are also a few non-traditional items, such as the Image Hose, pattern pens, F/X, Distortion and Artist tools for allowing artists to apply less conventional elements on an image. Painter emulates the visual characteristics of traditional media, such as oil paint, pastel sticks, air brush, charcoal, felt pens, and other traditional artists' materials on various textured surfaces. Many of these emulated media types work with the advanced features of Wacom tablets. For instance, the airbrush tool in Painter responds to pressure as well as tilt, velocity and rotation. Painter and Photoshop have many similarities, such as layered editing. The two products have developed as contemporaries, introducing innovations that are now considered standard in bitmap image editing software. For example, "Floaters" were released with Painter 2.5, around the time that Photoshop released "composite elements". Over time, Painter's user interface has been transformed to match Photoshop's UI.

Painter was initially developed for the Macintosh system by Mark Zimmer and Tom Hedges, founders of the Fractal Design Corporation. Zimmer and Hedges had previously developed ImageStudio and ColorStudio, both image-editing applications, for Letraset. John Derry joined Zimmer and Hedges during the release cycle of Painter 1.2. Derry had gained previous paint software expertise at Time Arts, a developer of the early desktop-based paint applications Lumena and Oasis. Fractal Design later merged with RayDream, then with MetaTools to become MetaCreations. Metacreations sold off all their creative interests and Painter was acquired by Corel Corporation where it was temporarily rebranded "Procreate" Painter during its transition into the Corel Suite of graphic applications. Painter is now wholly owned and marketed by Corel.

Fractal Design Painter Version 1.2 (1991-92) Fractal Design Painter Version 2.0 (1991-93) Fractal Design Painter Version 3.1 (1991-94) Fractal Design Painter Version 4.0 (1991-95) Fractal Design Painter Version 5.0 (1991-97) MetaCreations Painter 5.5 (1990-98) MetaCreations Painter Classic (1990-98) MetaCreations Painter 6.0 (1990-99) Corel Painter Classic (2000) Corel Painter 6.1 (2000) Corel Painter 7 (2001) Corel Painter 8 (2003) Corel Painter IX (2004) Corel Painter X (2006) Corel Painter 11 (2009) Corel Painter 12 (2011) Corel Painter X3 (2013) Corel Painter 2015 (2014) Corel Painter 2016 (2015) Corel Painter 2017 (2016) Corel Painter 2018 (2017)