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www.venditapianteonline.i - La comodit di comprare piante e fiori direttamente da casa tua. . . . Siamo stati ad Arte Sella, in Trentino Alto Adige. Un posto magico in cui artisti provenienti da tutto il mondo realizzano opere che traggono nutrimento dalla storia e dalla natura uniche del luogo. Nulla di pi bello del vedere la natura che tanto ci sta a cuore, incontrare l'arte. . . . . #legeorgiche #negozio #online #landscape #paesaggio #meraviglia #trentino #natura #arte #bellezza #montagna #mountains #cielo #estate #fiori #flowers #art #moments #verde

Le nuvole nere minacciose

Le nuvole nere minacciose. Il cielo azzurro che sa di essere pi forte. Le nuvole bianche, soffici, all'orizzonte. La montagna, potente ed eterna. L'acqua, che tutto pu. Tutto insieme, a creare ci che siamo. #coaching #mental #coach #coachee #mentalcoach #mentalcoaching #andreaenergy #allenamentomentale #allenalamente #mente #mind #mindtraining #motivazione #motivation #natura #nature #ambiente #ambient #paesaggio #landscape #nuvole #nuvolenere #nuvolebianche #cloud #cielo #sky #mare #sea #montagna #mountain

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Paolo Baldeschi (University of Florence, Architecture) Lorenzo Berna (University of Perugia, Engineering) Marco Bini (University of Florence, Architecture) Ricky Burdett (London School of Economics) Giovanni Carbonara (University Valle Giulia, Rome, Architecture) Manuel Gausa (University of Genova, Architecture) Pierluigi Giordani (University of Padova, Engineering) Giuseppe Guerrera (University of Palermo, Architecture) Thomas Herzog (Technische Universitt Mnchen) Winy Maas (Technische Universiteit Delft) Francesco Moschini (Polytechnic University of Bari) Attilio Petruccioli (Polytechnic University of Bari) Franco Purini (University Valle Giulia, Rome, Architecture) Carlo Quintelli (University of Parma, Architecture) Alfred Rtten (Friedrich Alexander Universitt Erlangen-Nrnberg) Livio Sacchi (University of Chieti-Pescara, Architecture) Pino Scaglione (University of Trento, Engineering) Giuseppe Strappa (University Valle Giulia, Rome, Architecture) Kimmo Suomi (University of Jyvskyl) Francesco Taormina (University Tor Vergata, Rome, Engineering)

The magazine went online and created a web site to make its archive available to a wider audience. The website is constantly updated with the latest issues. Issues released before 2010 present magazines' covers and the complete table of contents. Issues published from 2011 presents English abstracts of all articles and an English version of the main articles. Since 2012 the magazine launched a Vimeo channel offering a number of videos and documentaries which complete the rinted articles and provide more insights on the leading topics.

Brascassat was born in Bordeaux and studied art in Paris under Louis Hersent at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He won second place in the Prix de Rome of 1825 with a picture of the Hunt of Meleager. He went to Italy and painted a number of landscapes which were exhibited between 1827 and 1835, but subsequently he devoted himself mainly to animal-painting, in which his reputation as an artist was made. His Bulls fighting (1837) and his Cow attacked by Wolfs (1845) are considered some of the best of his pictures. He was known for the accuracy of his observation and his correct drawing. He was elected a member of the Acadmie franaise in 1846. He died in Paris in 1867.

He was born in Siena, moved as a young man to Milan to study at the Brera Academy. In 1894, his painting, Conigli, won him the prestigious Mylius Prize. He was influenced by Filippo Carcano and later by the Divisionism of Giovanni Segantini. He died in Milan. The Museo del Paesaggio at Verbania has two landscapes, titled Nevicata and Marina, by the artist. An exhibition of Cinotti paintings took place in 1934 at the Galleria Pesaro of Milan. An image of Study of Pigs (1896) is available online.