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Kendisinin; fotoraflar konuturmak, onlara sihir katmak gibi bir huyu var Aksi takdirde kesinlikle rahat edemiyor, farkndayz. Sevgili @lightofwonder 'a paylam iin, scack teekkrler. "Today I Choose Happiness" mottolu, Gavia tasarm porselen kahve kupalar ve Gavia tasarm tm mottolar;'de. #porselen #kupa #bardak #kupabardak #hediye #onlinealisveris #kahve #kahvekeyfi #gununkahvesi #gnnkahvesi #gramkahvem #kahvezamani #sabahkahvesi #motto #tasarim #eniyilerikesfet #sunum #sunumgram #sunumnemlidir #sunumonemlidir #mutluyumnk #mutlulukyakalanir #benimicinmutluluk #mutlulukheryerde #mutluysakdemekki #hayatburada #gununkaresi #gnnkaresi #mutluysamdemek #bugununfavorisi

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The Red army was involved in armed conflicts in the Republic of China during the Sino-Soviet conflict (1929), the Soviet Invasion of Xinjiang (1934), when it was assisted by White Russian forces, and the Xinjiang rebellion (1937). The Red Army achieved its objectives; it maintained effective control over the Manchurian Chinese Eastern Railway, and successfully installed a pro-Soviet regime in Xinjiang.

During the Civil War the commander cadres were trained at the Nicholas General Staff Academy of the Russian Empire, which became the Frunze Military Academy in the 1920s. Senior and supreme commanders were trained at the Higher Military Academic Courses, renamed the Advanced Courses for Supreme Command in 1925. The 1931 establishment of an Operations Faculty at the Frunze Military Academy supplemented these courses. The General Staff Academy was reinstated on 2 April 1936, and became the principal military school for the senior and supreme commanders of the Red Army.

An example of a continuous random variable would be one based on a spinner that can choose a horizontal direction. Then the values taken by the random variable are directions. We could represent these directions by North, West, East, South, Southeast, etc. However, it is commonly more convenient to map the sample space to a random variable which takes values which are real numbers. This can be done, for example, by mapping a direction to a bearing in degrees clockwise from North. The random variable then takes values which are real numbers from the interval [0, 360), with all parts of the range being "equally likely". In this case, X = the angle spun. Any real number has probability zero of being selected, but a positive probability can be assigned to any range of values. For example, the probability of choosing a number in [0, 180] is 12. Instead of speaking of a probability mass function, we say that the probability density of X is 1/360. The probability of a subset of [0, 360) can be calculated by multiplying the measure of the set by 1/360. In general, the probability of a set for a given continuous random variable can be calculated by integrating the density over the given set.

Suppose X {\displaystyle X} is a random variable with a cumulative distribution F X ( x ) = P ( X x ) = 1 ( 1 + e x ) {\displaystyle F_{X}(x)=P(X\leq x)={\frac {1}{(1+e^{-x})^{\theta }}}} where > 0 {\displaystyle \theta >0} is a fixed parameter. Consider the random variable Y = l o g ( 1 + e X ) . {\displaystyle Y=\mathrm {log} (1+e^{-X}).} Then, F Y ( y ) = P ( Y y ) = P ( l o g ( 1 + e X ) y ) = P ( X l o g ( e y 1 ) ) . {\displaystyle F_{Y}(y)=P(Y\leq y)=P(\mathrm {log} (1+e^{-X})\leq y)=P(X\geq -\mathrm {log} (e^{y}-1)).\,} The last expression can be calculated in terms of the cumulative distribution of X , {\displaystyle X,} so F Y ( y ) = 1 F X ( l o g ( e y 1 ) ) {\displaystyle F_{Y}(y)=1-F_{X}(-\mathrm {log} (e^{y}-1))\,} = 1 1 ( 1 + e l o g ( e y 1 ) ) {\displaystyle =1-{\frac {1}{(1+e^{\mathrm {log} (e^{y}-1)})^{\theta }}}} = 1 1 ( 1 + e y 1 ) {\displaystyle =1-{\frac {1}{(1+e^{y}-1)^{\theta }}}} = 1 e y . {\displaystyle =1-e^{-y\theta }.\,} which is the cumulative distribution function (cdf) of an exponential distribution.