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Coping with a challenging

Coping with a challenging new way of painting! Instead of starting from the center and slowly progressing to the periphery as I usually do, I find myself painting in a continuous, sometimes difficult, pendular motion from the center to the outskirts and vice versa, a back and forth movement, expanding details or contracting them (this reminds me of the two phases of a heartbeat, a slow one! ) . . . #artwork #artoftheday #oilpainting #artgallery #mandala #mandalaart #zenart #zentangleart #creativeart #sacredgeometry #spiral #wip #process #inprogress #mandalaplanet #arttherapy #mandalas #arts_help #mandaladesign #mandalamaze #instaartwork #dotwork #dotpainting #intricate #ofelia_art

Let kids explore their im

Let kids explore their imagination in the world of arts. Painting and drawing lesson for all ages. Lessons offered: Basic Drawing and Acrylic Painting for kids and adults. Individual lesson Php.(1on1) 1000/session. Group discounts. 2 student artists Php.1800/session 3 student artists Php.2000/session 4 or more student artists Php.600 each/ session two-hours/ session, basic materials and handouts FREE for the first five sessions. Intermediate lessons: Charcoal portrait, Oil painting and Water color painting. Php.1200 / 2.hrs. One on one lesson. Materials not included! FREE handouts. Like us on facebook #watercolor #acrylicpainting #paintfofkids #paint #kidsexplore #basicpainting #studentartist #kidsarts #Monochromatic #artclass #arthelp #kidspainting #figures #manilabased #studentpainting #philippines #art #artsforkids #enigmaarttutorial #artlesson #blending #painting #acrylicpainting #oilpainting #drawing #instagood #insatart #sketch #contemporaryart #stilllife

5 days on a #portrait , w

5 days on a #portrait , whilst teaching a full class. The process here begins on day 2, with raw umber covering the preliminary charcoal drawing. From day 3 onwards, painting with a #limitedpalette of white/yellow ochre/ vermilion red/ ivory black. Medium: linseed oil. Next workshop in Florence at #florenceacademyofart , alla prima portraits: September 18-22. Sign up if there's still space. #workshop #theprocess #portraitpainter #oilpainting #traditional #classicalrevival #fromlife #sightsize #education #artschool #stoweschool #instartist #contemporaryartist #instaart #art #naturallight #leportrait #peinturealhuile #ecoledart

Hey guys.
After the succe

Hey guys. After the success of my first seminar at Tatcon I decided to do one more. This time it will be in my shop. I will be going through: Colour theory Different paints Mediums Boards, canvas etc Tools: brushes, knifes I will be doing alla prima painting from start to finish, talking through the process. Everyone will be painting with me so you'll get to practice painting as well as listening about it:) Anyone interested please let me know and then I will announce the date. Most probably going to be Sunday:) Thank you #painting #paintingsession #paint #oil #oilpainting #oilpaint #rosemarybrushes @rosemarybrushes #opiumtattoogallery

Gonna get acquainted with

Gonna get acquainted with this little treasure box today. It's like digging through Grandma's cedar chest....filled with art supplies. Look at the beautiful woodwork, hardware and leather handle. I'm smitten with all the old stuff. #pochade #easel #goodjunk #oilpainting #pleinair

Manzara resimlerinde gene

Manzara resimlerinde genel olarak ufuk ve gkyz neredeyse tmyle kaybolmu ve hi insana yer verilmemiti. zellikle manzara resimlerinde sk sk kare biimli tuvaller semesi rastlant deil kendisi yle olmasn istedii iindi. Kayn Orman I, 1902 dolaylar Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) #ressam #resim #sanat #sanat #sanattarihi #sanateseri #sanatsal #sanatseverler #sanatgalerisi #tablo #painter #painting #picture #art #artist #arthistory #artwork #artlovers #artgallery #oilpainting #artlife #artoftheday #artstagram #artofinstagram #artsy #arts #fineart #instaart #museum #pivada

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Svante Kede studied in Paris from 1904 to 1908. Some of his artist friends while studying in Paris were Erik Tryggelin, David Wallin, Otto Strandman, Svante Nilsson and Fritz Lindstrm. Fritz Lindstrm was already then a member of Rackstad colony artists, Rackengruppen, in Vrmland in Sweden, where Gustaf Fjaestad was the leading artist. He also spent some time in Tahiti in the 1920s. He made trips to Spain, Morocco and the Pacific Islands. Svante Kede has painted landscapes and figure motifs from Spain and Northern Africa, the mountains of Lapland and landscapes, and figure motifs from Tahiti. Svante Kede is represented in Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Moderna Museet i Stockholm and the art museums in Norrkping, Norrkpings Konstmuseum, Vsters, Vsters Konstmuseum and Karlskrona, Karlskrona Konstmuseum.

George Cherepov was born in Lithuania in 1909. He studied painting with Konstantin Wisotsky in Riga and Alexis Hansen in Dubrovnik. Thereafter, he travelled and exhibited in many galleries and museums of central Europe. In 1952 he emigrated to the United States. He established himself through numerous shows in the New York area, including ten one-man shows at Grand Central Art Galleries. He conducted courses on oil painting and published books on the techniques of oil painting. Cherepov died in Pennsylvania in 1987. He was married to Klara Cherepov, an artistic weaver. The character of Nicoli Seroff (played by Armin Mueller-Stahl) in the 2006 film Local Color was based on Cherepov and his relationship with the film's writer and director George Gallo. Gallo had been an apprentice to Cherepov in the 1970s.

Hubertine Heijermans was born in Amsterdam. on 8 January 1936. She was educated at the Barlaeus Gymnasium, took painting lessons from 1954-1957 with Jos Rovers, and then studied for 2 years at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam with professor G Rling (19041981). In 1958 she met Nils Tellander, born in the Netherlands, but a volunteer and an officer in the British Army during the second world war. They got married and settled in Lausanne, where in 1960 their son Anian was born. From 1968 until 1972 Heijermans studied etching technics at the American highschool Villa Schifanoia, of the European Section of Rosary College of Arts and Sciences, Illinois USA, now Dominican University, and in Fiesole, Italy. The school was run by Dominican Sisters. In order for her to not remain all day in the convent, her etching teacher Swietlan Kraczyna found a studio in a palazzo overlooking Florence and the river Arno. In 1972 Heijermans won the Premio Brunellesco (a Florentine prize for painters and sculptors) with a series of seven oilpaintings of a young Haitian woman, honored by Piero Bargellini the Mayor of Florence. Then she returned to Villars in Switzerland with her heavy etching press Bendini-Bologna, who is not electrically driven, but has to be turned by hand. The couple Tellander divorced in 1973. Nils Tellander died in 2001 in the South of France. Hubertine Heijermans still lives and works in Switzerland as an artist-painter and graveur Suisse since 1958. She now, in 2015 has her own artist Studio, Atelier 'Hubertine', situated in Saint-Triphon, Canton de Vaud since 1981. She has been painting in Spain at the Costa Blanca since 1996 until 2006, because she would drive her car from Switzerland through France and Spain during 2 days, as hibernating in the Province of Alicante had become possible, financially and having the freedom to leave for 3 months in the winter. She also still paints in Saint-Triphon, but graphic artwork like etching has become too heavy. Yet, paint and a canvas are never far away, as painting is possible up to an advanced age. And as long as one is healthy a painter also collects a lot of experience and uses his capabilities to the maximum. Her paint got more substantial depth and she is obviously now mentioned more frequently, therefore people can find more about her work and person, since she also published a book about her life and art work, which one can read in the BCUL in Lausanne, the Bibiliothque Cantonale Universitaire de Lausanne, since 2009. Her painting technics are definitely impressionistic, but her material is perfected with underlying coats of mixed white and lead white, which adds and enriches the oil paint and allows the material to become more alive and expressive. She remembers also the valuable but rare lessons of the famous Florentine painter, Pietro Annigoni who showed her to make paint herself with tempera technics. At the age of 80 she now prepares oil paintings about musicians playing the flute or she paints a series of nudes - models one can today find even on TV or Youtube. This artist-painter indeed lives with her time. She is also present on Flickr since april 2016.