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I decide to post a pictur

I decide to post a picture of Mount Rainier while I'm editing tons of pictures (timelapse) from the eclipse... I took this one two weeks ago. The haze from smoke was kinda bad, however it created nice color tint during the golden hour. Thank you @lenkerbrookphotography for the coffee! * * * #mtrainier #mtrainiernationalpark #morningshot #wanderwashington #washingtonst #washingtonisbeautiful #livewashington #sonyA6500 #sonyalphaclub #sonypic #sunset_sunrise_aroundworld #amazingbeautifulearth #ig_vision #ig_shotz #lovethepnw #staypnw #pnwexplorations #pnwtameless #pnwuncovered #tipsoolake #pnwdiscovered #pnwisbeautiful #pnwcompass #pnwparadise #notbadday #goldenhour #upperleftusa #ig_4every1 #ig_divineshots

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Item Processing platforms (mainly checks) (7780, iTRAN 8000, TS) PCs (System 3000) Point of Sale (POS) for retail and food service POS Displays POS Printers POS Touch Screens POS Terminals NCR Silver, complete point-of-sale that runs on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch device POS Self Checkout (NCR SelfServ Checkout, formerly NCR FastLane) POS Scanners Self-service hardware, ATMs and kiosks (EasyPoint, Personas, SelfServ) Servers (S1600, S2600, System 5000, Tower)

CEO: Bill Nuti (August 8, 2005 present) CEO: Mark Hurd (20032005) CEO: Lars Nyberg (19962003) CEO: Jerre Stead (19931995) company renamed AT&T GIS CEO: Charles E. Exley, Jr. (19831993) CEO: William S. Anderson (19731984) CEO: Robert S. Oelman (19621973) CEO: Stanley C. Allyn (19571962) CEO: Edward A. Deeds (19311957) CEO: Frederick Beck Patterson (19221931) CEO: John H. Patterson (18841922) Interim CEO: Jim Ringler (2005) Interim CEO: Bill O'Shea (1995) Interim CEO: Gil Williamson (1993)

CIDA The Comet Impact Dust Analyzer (CIDA) CRISP The CONTOUR Remote Imager/Spectrograph (CRISP) CAI The CONTOUR Aft Imager (CAI), also known as the CONTOUR Forward Imager (CFI) NGIMS Neutral Gas Ion Mass Spectrometer (NGIMS)

CONTOUR launched on a Delta 7425 (a Delta II Lite launch vehicle with four strap-on solid-rocket boosters and a Star 27 third stage) on July 3, 2002, at 6:47:41 UT (2:47:41 a.m. EDT) from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It was launched into a high-apogee Earth orbit with a period of 5.5 days. Following a series of phasing orbits, the Star 30 solid rocket motor was used to perform an injection maneuver on August 15, 2002, to put CONTOUR in the proper trajectory for an Earth flyby in August 2003 followed by an encounter with comet Encke on November 12, 2003, at a distance of 100 to 160 km and a flyby speed of 28.2 km/s, 1.07 AU from the Sun and 0.27 AU from Earth. During the August 2002 injection maneuver, the probe was lost. Three more Earth flybys would have followed, in August 2004, February 2005, and February 2006. On June 18, 2006, CONTOUR would have encountered comet Schwassmann-Wachmann-3 at 14 km/s, 0.95 AU from the Sun and 0.33 AU from Earth. Two more Earth flybys were scheduled in February 2007 and 2008, and a flyby of comet d'Arrest might have occurred on 16 August 2008 at a relative velocity of 11.8 km/s, 1.35 AU from the Sun and 0.36 AU from Earth. All flybys would have had a closest encounter distance of about 100 km and would have occurred near the period of maximum activity for each comet. After the comet Encke encounter, CONTOUR might have been retargeted towards a new comet if one was discovered with the desired characteristics (e.g. active, brighter than absolute magnitude 10, perihelion within 1.5 AU).