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The band received nationwide notoriety in the Netherlands after lead singer Roger Peterson's participation in the Idols talent show in 2002. Subsequently, Intwine charted the Dutch Top 40 five times, with "Happy?" (#3) and "Cruel Man" (#7) being their major hits. During their nine-year career they released four studio albums: Intwine (2003), Perfect (2004), Pyrrhic Victory (2006) and Kingdom of Contradiction (2009). On October 16, 2010, Intwine revealed their breakup through its website. The group's last line-up consisted of Roger Peterson (vocals), Jacob Streefkerk (guitar), Jon Symons (guitar) and Eric Spring in 't Veld (drums).

Guitarist Jacob Streefkerk and bassist Touch Eusebius were childhood friends at the island of Sint Maarten and played together in several bands before moving to the Netherlands. Both signed in at the Fontys Rockademie of Tilburg in 2001, where they met Aruban vocalist Roger Peterson. These three young musicians, who all crossed the Atlantic, started to play in a roots reggae band, Orange Grove. Beside from their activities in Orange Grove, they also formed their own band "Intwine" in 2001, with fellow students Erwin Gielen (drums) and Kevin Hissink (guitar).

In 2002 lead singer Roger Peterson was a participant in Idols, the Dutch version of Pop Idol, and reached the last ten finalists. Yet he decided to quit the show, after refusing to sign the Idols contract, because it wasn't supposed to allow him to play his own songs and with his own band. For him and Intwine, however, it yielded a lot of publicity and a record deal with Dureco. Regarding Idols, Peterson later said in an interview: "The show has been a friend in court for us (Intwine), but has also been a millstone around our necks. Idols invested a lot in our notoriety and we are grateful for that. However, people relate us with a show that didn't bring any good. Be honest: that show flopped." Their first single "Happy?" was released in February 2003 in the Netherlands and Belgium and hit the third spot in the Dutch Top 40. Their debut self-titled album came out that same year on October 3 and spawned three more singles: "Way Out", "Get Outta My Head" and "Let Me Be". The band was nominated for the TMF Awards and for an Edison Award. In 2004 Intwine released the DVD/live album The P.U.R.E. Session, a registration of one of their live shows, for which the band was joined by percussionist Ferdinand van Duuren. The same year the band composed and recorded the song "Cruel Man" as soundtrack for the Dutch film De Dominee (The Preacher). It was the first single of their second studio album Perfect, released through V2 Records on September 27, 2004. On March 19, 2005, Perfect was awarded with the 3FM Award for best album. "Cruel Man" reached seventh position in the Dutch Top 40 and even became number one in the Turkish charts. Drummer Erwin Gielen left the band in 2004 and was shortly replaced by Jeremy Bonarriba. In December 2004 Rocheteau Mahuwallan became Intwine's drummer. In 2005 Intwine was nominated again for an Edison Award. Intwine played at the Pinkpop festival on May 13 and also performed at Madrid's MetroRock festival on June 25. The same summer guitarist Kevin Hissink left the band and Jon Symons, earlier playing in a heavy metal band called Primal Rage, became his permanent substitute.