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On a tous une histoire  c

On a tous une histoire certains ont dcids de raconter la leur, sur instagram . Je trouve que c'est courageux de leur part, et instructif pour nous . Non nous ne sommes pas les seuls avoir souffert, avoir t trahi, s'tre tromp, se sentir parfois perdu . Je vous invite dcouvrir les posts STORY de @withpain_comes_strength et de @superstreetsp . Et si vous connaissez d'autres comptes qui partagent leurs histoires, identifiez les en commentaire pour que je puisse les dcouvrir . Je vois et je lis tellement de choses encourageantes sur instagram nous sommes dtermins tre heureux et je crois que chacun de notre ct, on se dbrouille pas trop mal . #muscu #vegetarian #everybodyisbeautiful #newlife #bopo #eatclean #bodychange #selfesteem #liftlikeagirl #girlsgains #selfcare #strongissexy #selfconfidence #selflove #musculation #onlacherien #girlgang #healthylifestyle #loveyourselffirst #bodypositivity #curvy #curvyfit #Bodyconfidence #beyou #beyoutiful

De l'endurance, de l'endu

De l'endurance, de l'endurance et de l'endurance. Patience, persvrance et dtermination seront les matres mots des prochaines semaines. Ps : Tu noteras que le soleil n'est pas rest trs longtemps dans le nord aprs tre sorti de ma valise. _____________________________________ Du sport , de L'EF et du kiff' . . . #activre #dubndiducrew #sjptp #togethermotivated #toutesenbasket #motivation #efisthenewsexy #instarunfrance #instarunners #runnerscommunity #runningtime #runningaddict #prepasemi #semimarathon #kalenjirunning #kalenji #newstart #newlife #fitfrenchies #challenge #bougetesfesses

My dearest and best frien

My dearest and best friend. You already became a student. congratulations. You made your dream come true. Will I miss you? maybe yes. Sometimes I annoyed you ... okay, okay I did it ALWAYS ^^ but it was all loving. We will definitely see each other again and of course we will continue to communicate ... and yes all that I have written sounds like pink snot . do you remember? I called you differently: an interpreter, Oxford and my most beloved Old Woman #friend #bestfriend #student #newlife #newtown #iwillmissyou

Art in a hospital hallway

Art in a hospital hallway. I must've passed this picture close to ten times or so, while awaiting my nephews arrival into the world. It wasn't until he was born, walking back down this hallway that I noticed this art and had to stop. Something about this painting stopped me, new life had just entered the world, and it was as if I woke up from a midday daze. (Thank you hospital curator)? #getinspired #lookup #art #findingart #hospitalart #feelalive #newlife

And at 8 am yesterday I r

And at 8 am yesterday I rolled my battered suit cases over the streets of Limoux and arrived at my new home........Exciting and freaky at the same time! @limoux, #arriving, #newlife, #settledown

S kom Mama i kkkenet og f

S kom Mama i kkkenet og fik prvet noget nyt. Fik en eller anden ide om at lave nogle grntsagskroketter og noget kylling med lakrids pulver- og HOLD NU OP hvor var det lkkert!! Jeg overvejer hermed en karriere som professionel kok Jeg har selvflgelig skrevet ned hvordan jeg har lavet det, og opskriften er p bloggen s i selv kan prve! Link i bio #newchefintown #MamaAnn #betterlife #sense #weightlossjourney #sensestyle # #sensefood #wayoflife #workhard #dreams #passion #nevergivingup #motivation #hardwork #gettingstrong #gettinghealthy #bingeeater #dedication #lifestyle #findinghappiness #BED #foodaddict #livingmylife #newlife #betterchoices #doingitforME #inspiration #appetizemagasin #blogger

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The Perry house has also been known, at various times in its history, as Riverview and The Three Islands. The Swezey house has been known as the Green Tea Cup Inn and Villa Newlife. The two houses were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.

Since becoming a Member of Parliament, Milling has served on the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee, the Committee for Arms Export Controls and the Education, Skills and Economy Sub-Committee until October 2016, following government departmental changes. As part of her work on these committees, Milling has taken part in some high-profile parliamentary enquiries, including the collapse of BHS and the working practices at Sports Direct. Following the Government Departmental changes she served on the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee. Milling has also served on several Bill Committees including the Welfare Reform and Policing and Crime Bill Committees until the 2017 General Election. In the Cannock Chase constituency Milling has been an active campaigner relating to all the issues that have come about from the closure of the Rugeley B Power Station and the delivery of the Chase Line electrification project, overcrowding on the Chase Line and supporting young people into work. Milling supports a wide variety of local groups, organisations and local charities including the Royal British Legion, the Rotary Clubs, the Lions Clubs and Soroptimists, Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children and the Hibbs Lupus Trust. Milling was opposed to Brexit prior to the 2016 referendum, although she did not campaign for the remain side during the referendum. She has since supported the triggering of Article 50 in all Parliamentary votes. In the 2017 General Election, she was re-elected with an increased majority of 8,391. She received 55% of the vote, compared to 44.2% in 2015.

The 1884 founders of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) included some of the most prominent inventors and innovators in the then new field of electrical engineering, among them Nikola Tesla, Thomas Alva Edison, Elihu Thomson, Edwin J. Houston, and Edward Weston. The purpose of the AIEE was stated "to promote the Arts and Sciences connected with the production and utilization of electricity and the welfare of those employed in these Industries: by means of social intercourse, the reading and discussion of professional papers and the circulation by means of publication among members and associates of information thus obtained." The first president of AIEE was Norvin Green, president of the Western Union Telegraph Company. Other notable AIEE presidents were Alexander Graham Bell (18911892), Charles Proteus Steinmetz (19011902), Bion J. Arnold (1903-1904), Schuyler S. Wheeler (19051906), Dugald C. Jackson (19101911), Ralph D. Mershon (19121913), Michael I. Pupin (19251926), and Titus G. LeClair (19501951). The first technical meeting of the AIEE was held during the International Electrical Exhibition of 1884, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (October 78, at the Franklin Institute). After several years of operating primarily in New York City, the AIEE authorized local sections in 1902. These were formed first in the United States (Chicago and Ithaca, 1902) and then in other countries (the first section outside the US being Toronto, Ontario, Canada, established in 1903). The AIEE's regional structure was soon complemented by a technical structure the first technical committee of AIEE (the High Voltage Transmission Committee) being formed in 1903. Standardization work started in 1891 with the formation of a committee on units and standards, followed by a committee on standard wiring. The formation of the AIEE Subcommittee on Large-Scale Computing in 1946 was considered a key milestone in the history of computer engineering. It was the first time that a professional association recognized the significance of computers and computing in electro-technology. The early technical areas of interest of AIEE were electric power, lighting, and wired communications. Radio and wireless communications became the major focus of a rival organization, the Institute of Radio Engineers (the IRE, established 1912). The dynamic growth of radio technology and the emergence of the new discipline of electronics in the 1940s led to stiff competition between AIEE and IRE, with IRE showing faster growth in the 1950s and early 1960s, and attracting more students. In 1957, the IRE, with approximately 55,500 members, surpassed the AIEE in membership size; by 1962 the IRE had 96,500 members to the AIEEs 57,000.