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This week marks 3 years s

This week marks 3 years since Ferdinand joined our family. It blows my mind he was this tiny. I may be biased, but he was the CUTEST puppy ever. He's still a mess, but he's our mess that I love so stinking much. He's a great pup, and about 70 lbs heavier than when we got him! #Ferdi #dogsofinstgram #puppiesofinstagram #mypuppy

#Repost @dave_cigar_daddy

#Repost @dave_cigar_daddy_davari A lazy afternoon spent with the pup, ok maybe he's not a pup any more... but he will always be a puppy to me. The stick of choice is the #Monte from Montecristo, blended by @aj_fernandez_cigars. This med-full smoke is awesome, coffee and dark chocolate with a nice creamy almost nutty flavor is awesome. @ajfcigars #kingsofsmoke #KingsOfSmokeCigarHolder #cigar #cigarpic #cigarporn #cigaraficionado #cigarsofinstagram #cigarsnob #cigardad #cigardaddy #nowsmoking #cigarart #cigarpapa #whatareyousmoking #stickpix #colibriusa #herfador #stogie #greatdane #mypuppy @kingsofsmoke @colibriusa @stick_pix @worldcigaraficionados @fatashcigargroup

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Edward Snowden revealed in June 2013 that between February 8 and March 8, 2013, the NSA collected about 124.8 billion telephone data items and 97.1 billion computer data items throughout the world, as was displayed in charts from an internal NSA tool codenamed Boundless Informant. It was reported that some of these data reflected eavesdropping on citizens in countries like Germany, Spain and France. BoundlessInformant employs big data databases, cloud computing technology, and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to analyze data collected worldwide by the NSA.

Under the PRISM program, which started in 2007, NSA gathers Internet communications from foreign targets from nine major U.S. Internet-based communication service providers: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple. Data gathered include email, video and voice chat, videos, photos, VoIP chats such as Skype, and file transfers.

The number of NSA employees is officially classified but there are several sources providing estimates. In 1961, NSA had 59,000 military and civilian employees, which grew to 93,067 in 1969, of which 19,300 worked at the headquarters at Fort Meade. In the early 1980s NSA had roughly 50,000 military and civilian personnel. By 1989 this number had grown again to 75,000, of which 25,000 worked at the NSA headquarters. Between 1990 and 1995 the NSA's budget and workforce were cut by one third, which led to a substantial loss of experience. In 2012, the NSA said more than 30,000 employees worked at Fort Meade and other facilities. In 2012, John C. Inglis, the deputy director, said that the total number of NSA employees is "somewhere between 37,000 and one billion" as a joke, and stated that the agency is "probably the biggest employer of introverts." In 2013 Der Spiegel stated that the NSA had 40,000 employees. More widely, it has been described as the world's largest single employer of mathematicians. Some NSA employees form part of the workforce of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the agency that provides the NSA with satellite signals intelligence. As of 2013 about 1,000 system administrators work for the NSA.

In 1995, The Baltimore Sun reported that the NSA is the owner of the single largest group of supercomputers. NSA held a groundbreaking ceremony at Ft. Meade in May 2013 for its High Performance Computing Center 2, expected to open in 2016. Called Site M, the center has a 150 megawatt power substation, 14 administrative buildings and 10 parking garages. It cost $3.2 billion and covers 227 acres (92 ha; 0.355 sq mi). The center is 1,800,000 square feet (17 ha; 0.065 sq mi) and initially uses 60 megawatts of electricity. Increments II and III are expected to be completed by 2030, and would quadruple the space, covering 5,800,000 square feet (54 ha; 0.21 sq mi) with 60 buildings and 40 parking garages. Defense contractors are also establishing or expanding cybersecurity facilities near the NSA and around the Washington metropolitan area.